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Cassie's Comedy Corner VII

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

Chile (Child), trust me when I tell ya:

This page here AIN'T HARDLY for the faint of heart.


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Confessing on da FB 05/23/11:

Since everyone is coming out the closet these days, I've decided to come out too...just want everyone to know that I'm a nerd...yep...been hiding it for years! If you give me a room full of books, a coffee pot, blanket and room service...and I promise you I will not leave the room for a solid 30 days! :)

"Lady Lynette Phinisee-Freeman":

I finally hinted to my husband what I wanted for my birthday...A NOOK.

I think I shocked him. I am a book worm...and love it.

"Lady Phebe":

High-five, Lynette!!! Book worms rock!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

"Lady Rochelle Heslip":

I too am a book worm. lol! Knowledge is power!

Sir Julian Williams:

I always thought you were a nerd. LoL

"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOL Julian...did it show that much? LOL

Sir Joshua Thuma:

I am a nerd too! :)

"Lady Barbie Woodfill Piccolo":

I want to be a nerd. One hour to read would be super nice.

I'm not complaining too much. I am blessed. :-)

"Lady Phebe":

Awww, Barbie...your nerd days will return soon...don't worry! :)

"Lady Delbert Scott":

I certainly agree, knowledge is airheads allowed!

"Lady Angela Hines": too, Phebe!!

"Lady Suzanne Butler Baron":

I am shocked!

"Lady Phebe":

LOL Suzanne!


Yep...BW's (Book Worms) in da flesh, baby! Mess wit' us, and we might just read-n-chew a hole straight through you to the next book on da list. Hmph. DON'T play! READ! Shoot! **smh**

One o' dem ROCKIN' BW's like PMS n'em (lol),


"Lady Linda L. Ransom":

**raising hand**...straightening my glasses...

Uhm my name is Linda L. Ransom, and I am a nerd

"Lady Phebe":

Yes indeed, Lady's are lean, mean reading machines!

Don't mess with us! LOL can see you straightening your glasses, too! You're probably clearing your throat as you proudly raise your hand, huh? LOL

"Lady Linda": know me and my "animated"

"Lady Elaine Reed Washington":

I confess...I'm a tad bit of a nerd too!

"Lady Phebe":

Oh no, fence you are or you're not! LOL

"Lady Elaine":

Ok you broke me...I'M A NERD AND PROUD OF IT!!!!

"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOL, Elaine! I'm hollering over here! Too funny!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

So, it's my live-in lover's birthday today **it was 05/24/11 at the time**...and I'm so excited about his gift this's one of a kind...can't be purchased...can't be duplicated, replicated, or's the only one of its kind in the whole tonight, I will put a bow on myself once

Happy Birthday, Mr. Simmons! :)


Congrats to Sir Carl Simmons! You iz...I mean, "are" ONE of the luckiest...I mean, "most blessed-n-fortunate" men in da 'tire wuhl (the entire world) right about now! Have fun wrapping yo' OWNself around your precious, one-of-a-kind "gift" (that would be Dr. PMS), and uhm...if at all possible, try t' "hang tight" w/o waking up wit' a "hangover" after y'all "hangout"-n-stuff! Of course, ya know da keyword here is: "try." HOWEVA, if ya just so happen t' fail at it, I sure as heck won't condemn ya for it! Hear? Well, alrighty then. LOL Enjerrrr...I mean, "Enjoy!" ;) **wink**

Ain't mad at NOWN ONE (neither one) o' ya 'bout ANY of it,


"Lady Phebe":


I'm hollering over here, Lady Cassie...oh my goodness!! :)

Sir Julian Williams:

I didn't think nerds had live-in-lovers! LoL

"Lady Phebe":

Oh yes, my dear Julian...nerds are full of surprises...

they're the best lovers, too!! LOLOLOLOLOL


@ Sir Julian: Ya might wanna turn yo' hearing aid up just a li'l...

so you can hear "Lady Phebe" VERY well. Hehehehe! :)

"Lady Phebe":

Tell him, Lady Cassie! Who you think WRITE the books that people READ about love, Julian? LOLOLOLOL...come on now...better ask somebody!!


"Lady Carolyn Harris":

Gone on, Phebe!!!!

"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOL Sis. Harris...

you know me...ain't no time like the present for loving your man!! :)

"Lady Carolyn":

Pastor and I gonna celebrate at our address with y'all!! Lol lol lol

"Lady Phebe":

And the church says, Amen!!! :)

"Lady Carolyn":

Amen!!!! Hallelurrrrjahs!!!!


**part of "the church"** AAAAMEN!!! **passes SLAP OUT

(slain by the very thought of the glorious celebration service!)**

Sir Pastor Derrick Robinson:

Take care of Mr. Simmons. LOL

"Lady Phebe":

LOL Pastor...I got this! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

(but just to be on the safe side, keep him in your prayers!)

Sir Kenny Wade:

Ahhh...the gift that keeps on giving! Can't go wrong with that!

"Lady Phebe":

Amen, Kenny...when his gift stops giving,

he better be resting in the arms of Jesus! LOL


My "Surprise Visit" To "Lady Evangelist Teshania Blackwell"

On Her FB Wall 05/26/11:

PEEK-A-BOO! ICU!, no, no! I am NOT in ICU!

No cause for any alarm here, Sis. Wheeeew! **smh**

HOWEVA, I do "see" you in the Spirit realm and,

in spite of life's heartaches and pain,

ALL is yet WELL in JESUS' name.

;) **wink**

Just CHECKING IN...until we "meet" again,



Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

**"Ackin'" (Acting) up on da FB on da 1st o' June, 2011! Wheeeew!**

Have you ever encountered people who considered you a nobody, going nowhere and doing nothing on yesterday...But God shifted HIS hand between your THEN and your NOW and allowed them to see it?! THEN they wrote you off, tore you down and threw you away, but NOW they are on your heels, on your tracks, in your face and in your space! God knew that your NOW would be LATER but GREATER!!!


Can SOMEBODY...ANYBODY be so kind as to

"hold my mule" whilst I shout-n-dance up in here, down da virtual aisles of "FaceBook Cathedral"? PLEASE, and THANK YOU! :)

Thoroughly enjoying the "taste" of

God's NOW & LATERS (lol),


Fondly Remembering the COGIC Women's International Convention In Dallas, TX May 30-June 3, 2011 on da FB:

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

For those of you C.O.G.I.C. Saints & Friends that were not at the Women's Convention last night (Tuesday, 05/31/11)...Our Girl "Cassie" to me My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S....WRECKED the Church last night with her LOVELY, "Slay the folks voice." She sung so good, they gave her the mic to sing it one more again! ("For the Rest Of My Life, I'll Serve the Lord" Timothy Wright) My...My...Cassie blessed us last night.


Uhm...WHAT iz you talkin' 'bout ova here on da FB?! That was NOT me!

It was H.G. (Holy Ghost) workin' THROUGH me!

Other than that...I plead "The Fifth..."

Thank ya, tho, my precious S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S 4EVA!

;) **wink**

An "earthen vessel of clay" in the hands of "God The Potter,"


Sir Robert J. Queen, Re: Wednesday Night 06/01/11:

Mother Whittley (former National Choir president of COGIC) spoke to us!

The prophetic word came, "We don't have much STAY FOCUSED"!!


BABIEEEES...Mother LuVonia Whittley knows GOOD-n-WELL that she laid us OUT wit' da gospel TRUTH! Thank You, HOLY GHOST, for showing Yourself MIGHTY in the MATCHLESS name of JESUS! I am determined to "STAY FOCUSED!" Amen...and it IS so. Be blessed, Sir Robert! :)

Encouraged-n-Empowered right about now,


Sir Robert:

Thank you, Lady Kelley. God bless you!!

My FB (I)nspirational (S)idekicks...

(I)ntelligent (S)isters-in-Christ & (I)ron (S)harpeners (I)n the (S)pirit! Hey..."It 'IS' What It 'IS'!" :)

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My "S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S."

& "Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis"


You two (2) represent:

"Absolute Perfection at the Women's International Convention"!

I give you an A+ & Five (5) Gold Stars. Congratulations! :)

Cherishing you both (because I can),


Re: Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White's "Live" Recording

Friday Night 06/03/11

"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell" & Sir Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White

At The Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas..."It was a wonderful production!!" -WB

"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

I enjoyed the recording last night (06/03/11)...Richard "Mr. Clean" White, Myron Williams, Demarcus Williams, Dorinda Clark Cole, etc. Mr. Clean has still got it! LOL! Had a chance to talk with him and took a pic with him. Thanks to Dawn County-Brinkley, Cameshia Beaner Phillips, and Cassandra Bering for helping me help the awesome FLOW team with hospitality. You rock!! Of course, it was great seeing some friends, including Cassandra Roberson-Kelley and her sweet parents, Clark Joseph, Pastor Benjamin Garrett and First Lady Garrett, Missionary Jean Middlebrooks, Chanique Chaffin, and Kevin Sharpe, just to name a few. St. John's Choir (Dr. Denny Davis) did an excellent job!! They sho'nuff sang along with Myron's singers!! We had a great time! The CD is gonna be awesome...

May I add...let's keep all who was part of this great production COVERED IN PRAYER. May God bless us all to continue doing great exploits for the Kingdom!

-Elder WB


Bless God, and hallelujah to The Lamb! It was so nice to see you again, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"! **I needed that** Also, a gazillion kudos to Sir Myron Williams and ALL who played a part in the production of Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White's recording last night/this morning! **yawns** The song selections were DYNAMIC and are certain to be LIFE-CHANGING. I love each of you, and pray God's BEST for your continued SUCCESS! :)

From MY heart to YOURS,


"Lady Wanda":

**yawns**...right...I'm resting in this morning/!

Sir Min. Myron Williams:

Elder Bell, thanks for helping me pull this successful event off. We ALL made Bishop White feel SOOOOO Special last night. Every detail mattered and I'm so glad to have AOW in my corner. Love all of you.

From Me To "Lady Evangelist Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole":

GET 'EM, SIS! the way, that was ME sittin' directly behind you at Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White's "live" recording in Dallas, TX last Friday night/Saturday "mornTing" (from 11 P.M. to PAST Midnight)! LOL I didn't want ya to faint or nothin' like that. You deserve to enjoy a worship experience like anybody else, without folks like ME messin' wit' ya and carryin' on (even tho I did tell ya that was yo' style o' song that Sir Myron Williams called ya to come adlib on!) You KNOW I'm RIGHT, too! WHAT?! ;) **wink**

Just DOIN'-n-BEIN' ME & Lovin' It,



Sir Kelvin Sharpe On My FB Wall 06/04/11:

GM (Good Morning) to one of the baddest, coldest,

most anointed POWER HOUSE WOMEN I know.


Cut it out, Sir Kelvin!

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout maaaan! LOL

Sir Kelvin:

Ahhh, just take it. LOL


A'ight then. God bless ya, Sir. ;) **wink**


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" on da FB 06/04/11:

Good morning, all you beautiful people!!

It's a great day to be alive, don't you think?!

Off to a late breakfast with a married man! :)


Oooooo! I'm gon' tell it! LOL

Naw...if it's alright with Mr. Simmons,

it's alright with me, honey!

Have lots o' marital fun, you two (2) lovebirds!

;) **wink**

"Lady Phebe":

LOL Lady Cassie...tell him...he's right here beside me!

We're spending the ENTIRE day together! Whoo-hoo!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" & Her Favorite Day of the Week:

Any Monday lovers in the house? Represent! :)


\0/<--(Cheerin'-n-wavin' imaginary Pom-Pom's-n-carryin' on):



"Lady Sandra Boone McKever":

Sandra in The House! LOL

"Lady Veronica Jackson":

Happy Monday. I'm enjoying it to the fullest.

Think I'll go to the movies. Enjoy your Monday, Dr.

"Lady Phebe":

High-five, Ladies!!! That's what I'm talking about!!

I love you like a hot cup of coffee on a Monday morning!!! LOL

"Lady Delores Franklin":

It's a beautiful day of the week.


"Lady Elaine Reed Washington":

Still trying to find my Monday groove.

I'll get back with you later...

"Lady Kathryn Shankles-Walterscheid":

Still needing an extra Saturday and Sunday.

Wishing Monday would get here on Wednesday!

"Lady Miriam Shepard Alderete":

Not lovin' it today, Phebes! :/

Sir Titus Smith:

I'm a everyday lover. lol

"Lady Phebe":

Aw naw, need a REAL vacation, Girl... :)

Pastor Titus...I love it! LOL

"Lady Miriam":

OOOHHH, Phebe!!!

You don't EVEN know HOW BAD I need a REAL vacation!

"Lady Phebe":

I have a pretty good idea, Miriam! :)


From Me To "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" On da FB 06/06/11:

Greetings, Your Royal Highness of Praise & Worship! When I say, "I Luv U," just know that your "ver, ver" brilliant-yet-finite mind "cain't" wrap around what all that entails. HOWEVA, seek God for revelation to finally "get an understanding in all your gettin'"! In other news: The Sound of the Trumpet is blasting LOUD & CLEAR, SHAKING & AWAKENING them that "have an ear to hear"! :)


"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" on da FB 06/08/11:




I am "ver, ver" FORTUNATE enough to have a "Praise Button" that's PERMANENTLY STUCK...but I ain't "tryna" get it repaired or nothin', so DON'T ask me to! LOL Let's GO, "Kingdom Kinfolks"! :)

Offering unto GOD what's RIGHTFULLY due HIM,



"Lady Lexi Allen" Cuttin' Up on da FB 06/14/11:

At lunch my co-workers and I looked around and saw that we could all slim down. So we found a scale in the back, and weighed in, and put $50 in the pot each. By August 1st whoever loses the most weight, wins the pot. NOW YOU KNOW WHO HAS THE POT RIGHT? Imma eat nuthin' but dehydrated celery and pine cones. LOL! Pine cones will give me that fiber that I need.


DON'T do it, "Miss Celie"! It ain't "worf" (worth) DISAPPEARING into thin air (unless it's "The Rapture," of course)! Eat whatcha want, then make like "Forrest Gump" and RUUUUNNNN it off, honey! ;) **wink**

Just kiddin' wit' ya...but WHATEVA, tho (lol),


Sir Linwood Carlyle Payne, Jr.:

Go, Lexi, go!

Shake a little cinnamon on those pine cones and keep it moving!!!

Sir Stephen Hurd:

Ugh...I know that's right, Lexi, but you better grab you a piece of Chicken.

"Lady Lexi":

How about chicken flavored pine cones?

Sir Linwood:

*Falls out @ the image of chicken broth soaked pine cones...lmfo!!!!*

"Lady Lexi":

That's it!! THAT IS IT! Pine cone soup in chicken broth!

"Cassie" NOTE:

Attention ALL Prayer Warriors: Please "Get in Position" STAT! :)


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" aka "Fruitful Poet:

We wanna be God's mouthpiece, but do our mouths know peace? We don't cease like a tire with a slow leak. Please speak, but stay meek. Ones who stay hidden are the ones who seek. See, the tongue is a bad boy, playful like a child's toy, but in the same breath give orders to destroy. Watch your words like reading the dictionary. We all have assignments: Mine is lyrical missionary. LOL!

Sir Jarae Marqui:


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Speak on, "lyrical missionary"!

**Starts rocking back-n-forth, while moaning, "Oooo-oooo. Mmm-hmmm. Uh-huh. Mmmmm."** :)

Acting "Mother" of FaceBook Cathedral (lol),

"Mama Cassie"


Friday 06/17/11:

Celebrating the Birthdays of Two (2) "Sangin' Thangs Fo' Jesus"!

**With all due respect, of course. I'm just sayin'.**

From Me To:

"Lady Keosha Peyton Middleton"

You MADE it, you "Preachin' Psalmist"...I mean, "Lady Keosha" wit' da "Key-to-da-right Key" (Ke-Ke)! LOL Okay, okay. **Sigh**

"Happy Birthday, Boo!"

How'z that?! MUAH!

;) **wink**

Wit' lots o' love-n-BEST wishes-n-stuff,

"Mama Cassie"

"Lady Keosha":

Lol, Mama Cassie, thank you!!! Love you. =)

From Me To:

"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson"

(C)assie (A)lways (S)ings & (S)hares (A)nointed (N)uggets that (D)eliver (R)ight (A)way!

It's a SUPERnatural GIFT from GOD that KEEPS on GIVING! Hey...what else can I say? I love "The Gift of Cassie" & wish the VERY BEST for her!


that's destined to SOAR even higher! :)

Her Namesake & Friend Forever,

"Cassie" (too)

"Lady Cassandra":

**After receiving countless birthday greetings on da FB**

Deeply grateful for life, the valleys that almost conquered me this year, the mountains from which I now stand victorious, and every trial in between. I am certain of this one thing - GOD is for me!! My sincere thanks to my friends and family for a fabulous celebration last night! Thanks to each of you for the wonderful birthday wishes. What are you grateful for?


From Me To "Lady Kathy Bowman" On da FB 06/17/11:

Greetings, "Lady Kathy"!

Will I see you at AIM in a few days?

Please say, "Yes" or "Yep"


Not accepting "No" or "Nope,"


"Lady Kathy":

Lol! Girl, don't start. I reluctantly cancelled. My daughter is getting married before AIM. We spent way over our budget. Then I have my Family Reunion two (2) weeks later in San Antonio (TX). Can't do both.

;-( **sad face** Are you going to St. Louis?


**Wiping tears o' sadness away-n-carryin' on**

Uhm...Yes, I plan to go to St. Louis, MO and attend the COGIC International Holy Convocation.


"Lady Kathy":

Then I'll see you there, God

You are too much, sis. Love ya. ;-) **happy face**


Sir Shawn McLemore on da FB 06/18/11:

When you run out of you,

You will run into Him




Wheeeew! **smh**

>->0 "Cassie" on da FLO' from ANOTHA TKO

(in da Spirit)!

Give it up fo' da reigning CHAMPION: SHAWN MAC LeMO'! lol


"Lady Vickie Yohe" on da FB 06/18/11:

Ok...yesterday I checked into my hotel.

I was trying to put key in 618, but it didn't work. room was 503....

618 was my check out date.

Getting old!



"Turch" (touch) da MIND, Lord. Then "turch" da BODY, Lord, and let "bof" (both) of 'em get enough RELAXATION & RESTORATION to function properly wit' a more balanced REGULATION fo' da next "sitchashun" (situation). Thank You & Amen. :)

Standing FOXY in PROXY fo' a sista,



Takin' a "Sneak Peek" Into...

"The Wonderful & Wacky World of Our Girl Vickie Winans"!

"Cassie" NOTE:

I absolutely REFUSE to divulge ALL o' what she said;

HOWEVA, here's just enough to give you an idea of how "THO'd Off"

(Yep, that there stands for: "THROWED OFF") this woman REALLY is!

I ain't exaggerating NEITHA, 'cause I gotz "hidden" witnesses! lol

"Lady Vickie Winans" on da FB 06/18/11:

**MUCH o' da "convo" has been omitted to protect da innocent, as well as da NOT-so-innocent!** I'm getting to the hotel on three (3) hours of sleep, been to battle with "Habib" ("Cassie" NOTE: See? That's a whole NOTHA episode! lol), and now the lady at the front desk just told me my suite won't be ready till 3:00! R U SERIOUS? I'm 'bout to pull my polka dot flannel PJ's out and lay right across all 9 of these computers!


DON'T do it, "Miss Celie"...I mean, "Lady Vickie"!

PLEASE DON'T do it! **smh**

Asking, "Why, Lord," when I ALREADY KNOW da answer (lol),


"Lady Vickie" (Cont'd):

Imma put my wig on HER till I wake up!

Now I bet they'll produce a room! I am rolling!

Whew! Zzzzzzz

Which motel leaves the light on for you? Even though I can't see it!


"Cassie" NOTE:

Once again...I gotz to "protect da innocent n'em"!

Sorry, folks! I love ya, tho. :)

"Lady Vickie" (Cont'd):


Whew...I'm so tickled!!!!!


It's YO' fault, Sis...geez!

What MO' do you want from us OVA HERE, huh?! Shoot! :)

Crackin' up my OWNself-n-gotta go "pee" (lol),



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons": in a cup!!



Yeah...and "happiness in a BIG ol' mug" too! LOL

"Lady Phebe":

Yes indeed, Lady Cassie!!


Re: Apostle Cedric Adams' Birthday, 06/18/11:

Happy FANTABULOUS Birthday to ya, "Mighty Man of God,"

during this FUNtastic Weekend of FATHER'S DAY-n-stuff!

Be Blessed, Be Safe & Behave, Sir! LOL

Givin' ya da "proper props" that's beFITTING fo' this hour,

"Cassie da Cowtown Christian Cowgirl"


Hey, thanks so much. You always send the greatest stuff. LOL

Luv u.


I try...ya know?

**blushin'-n-carryin' on**




To The Fathers & Father-Figures:

I figured we'd betta Face da Fact that without you there'd be no Mothers. So, it's only beFitting, First & Foremost, to salute The Heavenly Father For Forming you and Furnishing you with the "necessary Fixin's" to Find a Fabulous wife, make a Fine Family, and Finish First Class.

Enjoy your Fatherhood, Fellas.

It looks good on ya. ;) **wink**

"Lady Chiquita Tate":



According To MY Precise Calculations From 06/19/11:

BLUE skies + RED (L)obster + PINK (L)emonade + GREEN (L)antern the Movie + BLACK (L)ingerie **or** = a SILVER (L)ining in the "marital cloud" of (L)avishing (L)ove that (L)asts a (L)ifetime! Early this morning "Hubby" whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry for (L)oving you SO MUCH." The End :)

MAKE your marriage WORK, people!

;) **wink**

"Lady Lisa Brown":

Girl - I still put Lemon in my Sprite...


0/<--CHEERS, Sis! :)

"Lady Lisa":

Learned that one from Mr. Walter (Kelley) years and years and years ago!!


My "hubby" is "somethin' else," too!

What that "else" iz...God knows, and I'm gon' leave it alone! LOL

"Lady Jan Bennett-Birks":

Smmmoooooth Bro. Kelley.


Ya KNOW it...don'tcha?

**Just pray fo' a sista...will ya? lol**

"Lady LaShonda Gipson":

Well alright, Sis. Cassandra!!!!! Lol

Ain't nuttin' wrong wit' it!!!! lol


I'm "tryna" tell 'em, Sis...but iz they listenin'?!

THAT's da question fo' da day! lol

"Lady Toni Busby Peters":

Love it!!!


Thanks, Sis! "Somebody" has gotta do it...might as well be me!

I'm just sayin'. ;) **wink**

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

'Bout fainted, Girl!! Shut the front door!!! What the what?! High-five on all of that!!! this post!!! I'm hollering though...lolololololol


Holler as LOUD as you wanna, Sis. Then touch yo' neighbor and tell 'em,

"Evidently it's still ALL GOOD in da KELLEYHOOD!"

Come on outta here! WHAT?! lol

"Lady Phebe":

Oh my!!! Yes indeed (still hollering)!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :)

"Cassie" NOTE:

**A li'l friendly reminder**

May all married folks and those who desire to be married make the most out of it and be sure that you mean it! Money is secondary, but true love is primary. When all else fails, love still prevails. No matter the situation, stand firm on the Rock of our salvation. Live and abide by the Word of God. Then you'll have nothing to be sorry for. :)


"Lady Pastor Sheryl Brady":

Right "NOW" is the youngest you will ever be! Whatever you're doing with your "NOW"...

make sure it matters!


0/<--(Saluting-n-shouting-n-carryin' on)



Enjoying my YOUTH right "NOW"

with the GREAT "I AM" (lol),



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

**Celebrating her parents on da FB 06/22/11**

Shout Out to my parents on 26 years of marriage!

That's what I'm talking about! :)

Me/"Mama Cassie":

Whoo-hoo! Thank you, "Boo"! :)

Missin', Lovin' & Appreciatin' You,


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Yest! I know it's your week, but you need to come back home! lol #spoiled

"Mama Cassie":

Touch yo' neighbor and say,

"In due time...due time. Wait 'til it's DUE! J/k LOL

"Lady Crystal Renee'":



"Cassie the 'Not-So-Bashful' June Bride":

**Special Announcement made on da FB 06/22/11**


Today, 06/22/11, is my 26th Wedding Anniversary. Needless to say, tho I'll say it anyway, there will be LOTS o' "touchin'-n-agreein'" and "goin' behind da veil," of which NO ONE is allowed except "Hubby" & "The Blessed Trinity" for "Show-n-Tell."


Thanks, y'all. Take care now...ya heard? LOL

Sir Robert Harris:

Happy Anniversary.


Thank you "ver, ver" kindly! :)

Sir Ron Cross:


"Lady Everlyn Taylor Harris":

LOL. Happy Anniversary.

"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall":




@ "Lady Everlyn" & "Lady Alana"

BABIEEEES, trust me...I WILL be "makin' it do what it do"! LOL

"Lady Melissa Harden":


Pack'em in, as many as you can!

I heard a song a long time ago that says,

"Love is a many splendored thing. Hum-um-mmmm."

That's all I can remember. Lol! Anyway!

SHUT-DA-DOH, and hang Da-doh-tag!

As Moma told us and showed us,

marriage is an AGREEMENT!!!

Carry-on! Lol!


"Lady Melissa": DON'T worry, Sis...'cause I GOTZ this! LOL

"Lady Melissa":

Enjoy! You made your contributions to society and the church,

so git going!


Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. God bless yerrrr. LOL

Sir Pastor Waylon Sias, Sr.:




0/<--(Saluting-n-carryin' on) SIR! YES, SIR! :)

Sir Waylon:


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Oooooo weeeee!!!

Happy Anniversary to you two love birds!!

What a blessing it is to be together all these years...with a determination to continually please one another!

Yes, indeed!! Do Not Disturb is right!

Don't text, don't e-mail, don't call...

and don't be stopping by the house! Shoot! LOL


Okay...Y'all heard "Lady Phebe"! LOL

Thanks, Sis. I'm leaving shortly! Whoo-hoo! :)

"Lady Pytrice Williams":

Happy Anniversary. May God continue to bless your love.


I receive that, Sis. Thank you! :)

"Lady Felicia Morgan":

Happy Anniversary, Lady Cassandra!!!

I pray God's blessings continually over your marriage!

This is truly AWESOME!


Truly "It's ALL GOD & It's ALL GOOD!" ;) **wink**

"Cassie" NOTE: Or "It's ALL GOOD & It's ALL GOD!" Same "thang"! LOL

"Lady Evangelist Dr. Mary White":

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near for real,

because I know about the noise and excitement after 27 years.

Girl, you have to celebrate at least a good week. LOL

Enjoy your day, and congratulations!

"Lady Camelia Burns":





"Lady LaKreiasha Wright":

Sha da ba shondo hiyyyyyaaaaa! Cassie, I guess you told us! Lol.


May God continue to bless your ordained marriage.

It's truly a blessing to see such a couple stay strong and hold it down. :)

Love y'all...

"Lady Cassandra Jones Adger":

Happy, Happy Anniversary Tooo You!!!!

Have a Blast!!!!

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! ;-)

"Lady Andrea Thomas":

Congratulations! =))

"Lady Patricia Smith":

Happy Anniversary!!!!

"Lady LaShonda Gipson":

Happy Anniversary, Bro. and Sis. Kelley!!!!!

Ark Covenant Ministries:

Grats. Be BLESSED.

"Lady Deidre Proctor":


"Lady Nedra Hardin":

My ears are too innocent to hear about this kinda stuff!!!

Lalalala...I'm not listening.

Happy Anniversary!

"Lady Crystal Webb":

Happy Anniversary!!!!

"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!! May you have 26 more plus some!! Thanks for being a Christian example and a source of hope and encouragement to all of us. AOW loves the both of you, and we appreciate you being an example among us. Enjoy and celebrate to the max!!!


Indeed, God has "Blessed & Highly Favored" Me within the "sacred walls" of Holy Matrimony. Continue daily to pray for "Hubby" & Me "to Have and to Hold" indefinitely. :)

From here to eternity,


"Lady Felecia Long-Russell":

Hey, NOW!! You go on 'head, Sis. Kelley!

G'wone and "minister" to yo' husband! Amen! ;o)

CONGRATS, by the way!

What a blessing!

"Lady Robin Gray":

Happy Anniversary!

Sir Daryl Randle Davis:

Happy Anniversary...How time flies by...I can remember when you lived next door to me on Farrell Lane and you were still in school...

Have a Blessed Day...

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

As your daughter, first off...let me say TMI!!!!! HAHAHA

2nd, thank you for being an example of long-lasting marriages!

Can't NOBODY tell me my Daddy don't love you!

I see it er'day! haha

"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis":

Happy Anniversary, lady.

Do ministry in the strength of the Lord!

"Lady Evangelist Sarah F. Netter":

Happy "26th," youngsters! lol

What can I say? Where did the years go?

I guess, behind "da veil." lol

Sir Rishon Thompson:

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

"Lady Jacqueline Wilson":

Congratulations, and after 26 years, you deserve it.

"Lady Lisa Brown":

Awwwwh...Shucky...Ducky...Nah...(in my New Orleans voice)...!!

"Lady Andrea Lewis Williams":

Congratulations!! LOL

"Lady Tracy 'TeeRenee' Thompson Curtis:

Woo hoo! CONGRATS, CASS!!!

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":


I was laughing so hard that I forgot to say, "Congrats to you and yours!"

That's a long time to be with somebody. Happy for you.

"Lady Delaina Washington":

Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, and I wish you many more to come!!!

"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

Happy Anniversary, and let the "FUN" begin.

"Lady Cassandra Thompson":

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on such a wonderful milestone.

"Lady Carla Gardner":

Happy Anniversary!!!

"Lady Cindy Lopez":

Blessings to you on your special day. Congratulations to you and your man for keeping the love affair alive after all these years!

"Lady Evangelist Psalmist Sue Roseberry":

Congratulations on your anniversary.

May God continue to bless you and keep your relationship strong.


**Comin' UP fo' air**

WOW! Deez here comments are SO "Hill Airious"! What is da BIG DEAL? I'm just BEIN' REAL by simply "expressing" da WAY I BASICALLY FEEL! Indeed, if Jesus is da WAY, da TRUTH & da LIFE, then how He chooses to use me MUST be ALRIGHT! ;) **wink** if you'll excuse me, a "sista" gotz to go back and "minista"! LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! Oops! Sorry. I know: "TMI" (T)oo (M)uch (I)nformation, but WHATEVA, tho. I still love y'all ANYWAY! \0/<--(wavin'-n-carryin' on) Heyyyyy, "Lady Crystal Renee'" (my beloved daughter) n'em! Ttyl. MUAH! :)

"Lady Felecia Long-Russell": are a nut, girl! LOL...Proceed, doll. ;o)

"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

Belated Happy you lots.

Sir Deon Fingers:

Happy Anniversary, Sis...God Bless you.

"Lady Tammie Williams":

Happy Anniversary, to Mr. and Mrs. Kelley...gurl, God is still able...

have fun!!! 26 years woo hoo!!!!


"Lady Melissa Harden" On Monday, 06/27/11:

Just got home from a very long vacation. I needed it and God blessed me with it. It was wonderful!! Now, as my little sister, Cassandra Kelley, would say, "BACK TO THE BOARD TO DRAW."

"Cassie" NOTE:

Ya, "Back to the drawing board"? lol

Monday morning, 8:00 am., here I come!

It's time to log on and answer the phone.

Serve the public and get it organized.

Oh my goodness! I'll just wait until tomorrow to think like that. Whew!!

"Lady Bennie Brown":

You look rested! Vacation is always WONDERFUL.

"Lady Melissa":

Hello, Bennie! I had a wonderful time. No roller coasters. No tours. No beaches. No schedules on somebody else's time. Just me. I was pampered and treated so sweetly. Family and friends gave me wonderful. It's sad to say, but I haven't had it like this in too many years. So refreshing. I think the Lord is telling me something wonderful! :)

"Lady Bennie":

I like that! Just stay in praise and let HIM work.

"Lady Melissa":

Yes, ma'am! He is definitely doing something! God's got a way of doing things, and I like the way He do it. lol! Gonna have another chapter to this book in no time. :)


Welcome Back & WAY T' GO, Sis!

You deserved er' bit o' that there vacation, girlie girl!

I'm so "ver, ver" proud o' ya, too!

Smooches-n-stuff! ;) **wink**

Yo' "little sister,"


"Lady Melissa":

Thanks, Li'l Sis! I had a world-size good time. Absolutely no stress! Stressed people don't understand, but it's all right. They need to get the tape. LOL! The question was asked (in the Bible), "CAN THESE BONES LIVE AGAIN?" I'm here to tell ya that the army is alive and well!! I can go another fun-thuh!!! Be blessed!!!


ANOTHA "fun-thuh!!!" Loooove it! LOL

"Lady Melissa":

So much FUN!

My short hair was down to my elbows! Lol!


>->0 **On da flo'!** LOL

"Lady Melissa":



"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" on da FB 07/02/11:

WOW, 30 years ago today, I was in 39 hrs. of labor and 3 hrs. of delivery! THERE IS A GOD... and gave birth to one of the sweetest, happiest, most beautiful baby girls a mom could desire!!! Happy Birthday, Toye (Shatoyia Hill Nicholson)

"Lady Hartford White":

Whoa!!! 39 hours????

I thought 45 minutes was too long!

"Lady Amanda Littrell": sooo could be my mom...haha...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.


"Lady J," please be SURE that "Lady Shatoyia" gets THIS message from her "Auntie-in-Christ": **Clearin' my "throak"-n-singin' the LAST line of...** "Haaaapy birrrrfday, dear precious woman, born of one of the most POW'ful women of God ANYWHERE in da WIDE wuhl (the wide world), drippin' wit' SO MUCH grace, favor, and anointing 'til it's utterly RIDICULOUS (in a good way, of course)...but to GOD be the glory ANYHOW, 'Lady Shatoyiaaaa'!" Wheeeew! **"breave"** (breathe) "Haaaapy birrrrfday toooo a-youuuu! (endin' on a note SO high, ya gotz t' catch it in da Spirit realm t' hear it!)" LOL

One of MANY "Spiritual Aunties"-n-LOVIN' it (lol),


"Lady J":

@ Sissy Cassie...let me practice first! Lol

Love you, Thank you!!!

"Lady Amanda":

Love it! Cassie, that waz aaaaawwwsome! Lol!


Re: My "Big Sista" Melissa C. Harden's July 4th Birthday...


"Birthday Girl"!

Rejoice in the Lord on this WONDERMOUS "Day of Independence" like you done LOST yo' MIND! **Notice I said, "like"...but DON'T do it literally, since ya gon' NEED it to THINK-n-BEHAVE wisely throughout da REST o' da BEST days ya got left to rejoice in!** Got it? GOOD. Smooches-n-stuff! ;) **wink**

Yo' CraZy li'l sis...but WHATEVA, tho (lol),


"Lady Melissa Harden":

Lord! My Lord! Did You hear all of that "Sandra" just said?

Thank ya, "Sand"!!! I receive all of it in the name of Jesus!



Today's Song Dedication To My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. (07/15/11):

Ahem **clearing my "throak"-n-carryin' on**

"You are my sunshine, my only (well, I wouldn't say "ONLY"...but ya know) sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never (well, I wouldn't say "NEVER"...but ya know) know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away." :)

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

LOL...LOL...LOL You are toooooo funny. I'm at work really laughing, but that is sooooooo sweet of you to think of me and to sing to me, even though you had to change the song in the middle of your rendition. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE TOO, MISSEY. FOR REAL!


Overseer Dr. Sylvia Washington Cunningham On da FB 07/15/11:

**Can yo' "funny-bone" withstand this next zone? Do a quick-check! lol**







So, uhm...lemme get this Straight:

Are you Saying that because I am "BLACK,"

I can't attend "the WHITE party"?

Is THAT what you're "tryna" Say to me up in here, on da FB, Sis?

Huh? I "cain't" hear ya! Come again?!

Oops! Uh-oh! Sorry...I couldn't resist all o' da FUN in that.

I just couldn't. Forgive me, hear? PLEASE?

Do you forgive me, "Lady Sylvia"?

I REALLY am "cassited" to have my VERY OWN personally autographed book from you, tho! Is that alright?

I know I'll miss "the WHITE party," but at least I have "the WHITE pages" with "the BLACK printing"! Now, WHAT?!

Okay, okay. I'll Stop. Hehehehe! :)

"Lady Sylvia":

Cassie...ONLY YOU!!! You are toooo funny!

If you were close by I'd tell you to come and give us the comedy for tomorrow!!! hehehehe!


Honey, you'd have to CANCEL "the WHITE party" altogether!

FORGET about it! LOL

"Cassie" NOTE:

Picture of Dr. Cunningham in her white attire on 07/16/11. :)

If you didn't laugh at THIS joke, what's REALLY WRONG with you? LOL


From Me/"Cassie" To "Lady Psalmist Felecia Long-Russell":

**Screamin' at da TOP o' my lungs-n-carryin' on**

FELEEEEEECIAAAAAA!!! Thump! (Oops! ANOTHA TKO in da Spirit, while hearing that indescribable-yet-anointed "Sunday's Best" audition AGAIN!)

To be continued...(I think),


"Lady Felecia":

Cassie! Hey, mama! LOL...

You are a mess! Thanks so much :o)


Sir Min. Kirk Franklin on da FB 07/15/11:

I'm at the barber shop...

dude is selling bootleg CD's in front of me!

I asked him if he had that new "Hello, Fear"...

he said he can get it! Wow.


**Amongst 2,500+ comments, of**

I'm SPEECHLESS (can ya believe that?)!

Lord, WORD my mouth with da kind that's SEASONED with SALT (Colossians 4:6), 'cause after reading this here post by Sir Kirk, I'm "fresh out" of it! LOL

\0/<--Stretching my hands to Thee,