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Cassie's Comedy Corner XVI

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)


**Y'all Know How iDo. Hehehehe! :)**

From Me To My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On Her FB Wall 09/01/12:


Question: How Long Is FOREVER? Answer: Do Da MATH. lol

Okay, Okay. GRAND Total: Me & My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"!

Ya Got It? GOOD, And Please DON'T EVA Forget It! :) xoxoxo

Meaning It With EVERY Fiber of My Being,


"Sweet Lady Candy":

OMG...Tears...OMG!!!!! I'm so lost for words!

I so thank God for you, Sis. You got it! Friends for LIFE and FOREVER!


"C" There? iLove You SO MUCH 'Til iKNOW What To Do! ;) **wink**

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Smiles!!!!!! You are alright with me!

Yes, you do know what to do.

"Lady Lureda Brackens":

Aaawww, lol, pass me the tissue, please.

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Lol..."Reda," you a mess, girl.

Girl, if you were with me, I would

share mine with you, 'cause

she sho' made me cry!

She's my girl!


"Lady Missionary Su-San Cannon-Spain"

On da FB 09/02/12:

I really enjoyed myself at Abundant Life COGIC

today, during the Saintsville District musical. Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, Tommye Young-West,

the Andrews Brothers, and the choir

were off the chain.

Thanks for having me (as the Guest Mistress of Ceremony), Elder Chad McCree! Also, a shout out

to Evangelist/Elder John Delley.

It was good to see you.

I couldn't "tag" the people I wanted via my phone, but I want you all to

know I truly enjoyed you all. Cassandra Roberson-Kelley,

Tommye Young-West, Sheree Andrews, Chad McCree,

John Delley, Candy Clinkscale Morton,

it was good to see you as well.

Sir John Delley:

Thanks, Su-San...You did an excellent job...Bblessed!


God To Bless Ya,

"Lady Su-San Cannon Spain"!

SO Sorry iHad To Rush Out To Be Back At

My Church @ 6 P.M., In Fort Worth, TX.

NEVAtheless, It Was An Honor To Be In The

Midst of My "Peeps"...Even Tho, iDid

Find Out That My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

Was In The Audience UNbeknowing ( To Me!

Help Me, Holy Ghost!


HOWEVA, She & iTalked Just a Few Moments Ago.

Touch Yo' Neighbor & Say, "All Is Well." \0/<--(Wit' UPlifted Hands)


You ROCK, "Lady Su" & iLove You!

To Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley, You ROCK Too!

DON'T Fool Yo' "Comedic Preachin' Self"!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Looking Forward To Fellowshipping With You Again Soon,


Sir "Rev.":

From Delley to Kelley...

God bless you and the anointing that HE HIMSELF has placed on served us well on that afternoon...I love to hear you do whatcha do...

and God has given you to do it well...and then

I saw my peeps, Mom & Dad Roberson...

you already know that made my day...

May God continue to bless them...also enjoyed

the duo with yo' sister (Melissa Harden)...

that's my girl too...much love!


**A Teardrop**

Thank You EVA So Kindly, Sir "Rev."

iAppreciate You Wit' All iGot! ;) **wink**

From a KELLEY To a DELLEY (Da Wuhl **World* Ain't,


Sir "Rev.":

Check your calendar for Sept. 19 @ Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church.

The Bishop J. Bervin Ransom is the servant there. I will be speaking @

his convention on that evening...I really would love to have all of you

there as my guest...if your calendar both are the 1st

persons I have invited on! Much Love!


HUP! Look At God! U C Him?

Lemme Check On It & Get Back Wit' Ya On It! :)

Sir "Rev.":

Hey, Su-San, if you can...

I would love to see you there...bblessed!

"Lady Su-San":

Well, bless God! I will check my calendar and

will definitely do my bestest to be there to

support you. Thanks for the invite.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Hold up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 1st? What???????? Say What?????

What did you say? Huh? Did I read right?

Somebody come and help me!!!!!

Nobody told me nothing!!!!!!!

And I would have come to hear The Rev. John Delley speak! Wow!!!!!

Going to take my medicine.

"Lady Su-San":

Uh-oh! You done it now, John Delley!

"Lady Su-San" To "Lady Stacy Foreman-Ross":

Stacy Foreman-Ross, thanks for going with me and please forgive me

for not including you (in da "tag"), lil Sis!

"Lady Stacy":

Big Sis, you're welcome...It's ok.

"Sweet Lady Candy":

LOL Sis...yes, he has!

Now I got to pray to see if I can make it.

"Lady Su-San":


"Sweet Lady Candy":

And BTW (By The Way) was good to see you.

You did an awesome job!

"Lady Su-San":

Thank you so much.

John Delley, what time does the service start on that evening?

Sir "Rev.":

Loooorrrrrrdddddddd, have mercy. Why is my sister on here acting out?

She already know that I would have to do something special for her...

can't just leave her a posting on have to send her a certified

letter with an invitation in the letter...gets on my nerves!

My sister makes me sick! Laawwwwd, help!

Now where are my meds?

Su-San...Service will begin @ will hear more about it later.


"Lady Su-San":

Oh, WOW!!! LMBO at u 2!!!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Late Night/Early Morning

On da FB 09/03/12:

Sweet dreams to ya!

I'm off for Labor Day, so I'll be up a

little while longer...Happy Monday!! :)

"Lady Ingrid Bisor Anderson":

Nite, Nite, Phebe.

Roses on your pillow!


"Happy Cease From Your Labor Day," ALL Ye That Labor & Are HEAVY Laden! This Might As Well Include The "Task" of Making Coffee,

Since "HE BREWS"! I'm Just Sayin'. lol

0/<--(Wit' Mug Held HIGH In Great Anticipation),


"Lady Phebe":

LOL, Lady Cassie...leave it to you to come up with that name for

Labor Day! :)


"FB Chatting" With Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham



**In da "FB Chat Room"**

As LONG (or As Far Back) As You Can REMEMBA,

"Dr. SWC," Have iEVA Told Ya That iLOVE Ya?

Think REAL Hard Now. ;) **wink**

"Dr. SWC":

Hey, Sweetie! Yes, you have!

I love you more!


Well...iAIN'T "Finna" Get Into NO Argument

'Bout Who LOVES Who More; But Allz iKNOW iz iGotcha BEAT! lol The End

"Dr. SWC":



LOL #HelpMeLawd4Real

**Later, iCommented On Her FB Wall 'Bout This Here**


Now...THIS Is ENTIRELY In (Complete) Violation of da


Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham!

You Gon' Get a Ticket From "Kingdom of God Headquarters"!

J/k (Just kidding) #PleaseSTOPDoc!

Feelin' a Li'l Dizzy Right About Now...Smh,



"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill"

On da FB 09/03/12:

Prison Ministry...Let's do this!!!


**Speaking of Prison**

\0/<--(Wit' UPlifted Hands) GET 'EM, "Paulina"...iMean, "Lady J"!

Sorry iCain't Be Right Beside Ya, Serving As "Silasia" (Da Female

Version of "Paul & Silas" Praising God In da Prison...Hello!)

But We'll See What da Future Holds.

A'ight? "Kewl!" ;) **wink**

In Kingdom Covenant Wit' Ya Here, There & Everywhere,


"Lady J":

Awesome time! Glory to God!


Sir Min. Myron Williams On da FB 09/03/12:

Enjoy this clip of Flow Records Artist Bishop White's Single...

Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White (I'm Glad I Don't Look Like What I Been Through)

**ATTENTION** 2nd Sunday Night Flow Continues This Sunday 9/9/12 @7pm SHARP! (4900 Wichita St., Ft. Worth, Tx. Faith Word Bible Fellowship.) THIS WILL BE THE ONLY FLOW THIS MONTH! So Don't Miss it! It...


\0/<--Loooooooonnnnnnnng Live

Sir Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White & Sir Min. Myron Williams!

OMGlasses! **Tears of Joy ALL UP ON My Lenseses!**


Giving "God The Gift-Giver" His Props: Glory & Whatnot,

"Cassie" aka "A HUGE Fan of REAL Gospel Music"

Sir Myron:

Thanks, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley.


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"

On da FB 09/04/12:

I woke up this morning excited!! Whoo-hoo!!

Breathing just does that to me!

Happy Tuesday to all who are breathing

this morning! :)


**Inhales...Exhales** 0/<--YEP,

I'm Still "Breaving"...iMean, Breathing, "Doc"!


ALL da Citizens of "Phebe Island," Centrally

Located In "The Wonderful World of FB"!

Be Blessed, "Peeps"! :)

"Finna" Gulp Down da Last Few Drops o' Java & Go Conquer,


"Dr. PMS":

Love it, Lady Cassie! Go forth and conquer the world!! :)


"Lady Psalmist Jermia Cannon" Sharing On da FB 09/05/12:

Gospel music, that is...

Sir Gerwin Holland:

If this doesn't explain my love for music, nothing will.

"Lady Jermia":

I hear you, Man!!


Mines Too, Sis. Then, iWashes It Down

Wit' a Tall Glass o' Laughter

(da BEST "Per Scripture" Medicine On da Market)!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

Y'all DON'T Hear Me, Tho. But It's ALL RIGHT, Tho. :)

"Finna" Check On My Stash...iMean, "Inventory" & Stuff,



From Me To My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On Her FB Wall 09/05/12:

So, Uhm...As Yo'







(E)ncourage &


iWanted To Share Somethin' Wit' Ya ("Sweet Jesus" Knew iCouldn't Resist It! lol): Since September Is My "Birfday Monff" & "Erthang," iWas Sorta Thinkin' That Maybe...Just Maybe My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. (That Would Be YOU, "Boo"!) Can Check Into These Here Sneakers Fo' a Sista (That Would Be ME..."C"?). Notice da MAIN Color (Red)! **My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite), Of Course** Cool, Huh? Well, It DON'T Hurt None To "Make a Wish"...Right? Hehehehe! iLove You, Sista-Friend. MUAH! ;) **wink**

Sending ANOTHA Smile Yo' Way,

Sprinkled Wit' a Burst o' My Sunshine To Brighten Yo' Day,


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

Haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaa. Ok, too cute.

I want these too...ok, ima see what I can do.

OMG! I love it! And you too.

Thank you, Friend, for always looking out for me.

You are so special to me. I'm smiling!!!!!


That's Whatchoo GET Too! It's Yo' OWN Fault. So, There! :) xoxoxo


From Me To Sir Rev. Willie L. Stewart, Jr. 09/06/12:

Pianist, Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer, Minister of Music & Gospel Preacha aka Maestro & Professa Rev. Willie L. Stewart, Jr. of The Lone Star State of Texas:

We, The "Left-Ova" Members of The "Tryna Get To Your Musical Status At Some Point Before We Die Society" (TGTYMSASPBWDS For Short... What?! lol) Salute You On This Special Day & Hope That The Remainder of Your Dreams Will Come True, In The Preeminent & Promising Name of Jesus Christ Our King. Be Blessed, Be Wise, Behave & DON'T Take NO Jive. Ya Got It? GOOD. :)

Celebrating God's "Gift of You,"


Sir "Rev.":

Man, oh man! You just keep on making my day.

I must confess, you have the heart of a champion.

I am so proud of you! Let's talk, love u.


FYI: iAm ALSO a Member of The MTC (More Than Conquerors) Society.

;) **wink**


A "Ver, Ver" SPECIAL B-DAY GREETING By "Lady Sue Webb"

To Sir Rev. Willie L. Stewart, Jr. On His FB Wall 09/06/12:



Uhm...Got Milk? :) xoxoxo

An AVID Lover of TEXAS & Chocolate



Sir Rev. Willie L. Stewart, Jr.:

Sue, where's my cake? You just cannot put such a beautiful cake out

there and it not be real and ready to eat! Anyway,

thank you for the birthday wishes. Blessings.

Lady Sue:

Glad you like it.


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

On da FB 09/06/12:


I know I tell them all the time, but I really do appreciate my Mama & my Pastor (Spiritual Mother). I know I can't walk in their shoes, but I pray one day I can at least shop in the same store!


#yallbetternotmesswiththem lol!

Me/"Mama Cassie":

\0/<--(Screamin' At The TOP o' My Lungs & Carryin' On)


**Cheezin' "As All Get Out"**

Feelin' Somethin' "Swellin'" (Wellin') Up In My Eyes,

"Mama Cassie"

"Lady Priscilla McKnight Randle":

I feel you, Crystal! Love me some Pastor!!!!!

"Lady Evangelist/Pastor

Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":

Oh, "Ree"...Love you, and Mama Cassie,

thank you for sharing "Ree" with us!

Lol! "Prissy"! Love You!

**After iREPOSTED On My OWN Page...**

Me/"Mama Cassie":

If iSHOW & iTELL You That "Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

aka "Crystal Re-Re" Is My "Boo"... BELIEVE Me, Hear?

"iAin't Lyin'!" **In My BEST "Madea"**

& "Lady Evangelist/Pastor Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson" Is

"What That Is" Too! & AGAIN, "iAin't Lyin'!" :) The End

Just RUNNIN' "OVA" Wit' God's DIVINE "FAVA" (lol),

"Mama Cassie"

"Lady Pastor Shawn":

Love it.

"Lady Patsy Menefee":

Like. Be blessed.


"To Succeed In Life,

You Need Three Things:

A wishbone, a backbone,

and a funnybone."

-Reba McEntire


Hello! My Name Is

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley & iAPPROVE

This Message, Because iAM

This Message.

Thanks, Reba! lol

ALWAYS "Keepin' It Kingdom," While Truth Manifests My Freedom

(See St. John 8:32),



NON-Productivity "Sucks"...Literally!

**Draws da Life SLAP OUTTA Ya!**

iWanna Know iz You Yet "Breavin'"

(Breathing)? If So, Then Let's GO, People!

What ELSE iz You Waitin' On?

A "Certified Invitation"?

(Thanks For That One, Sir "Rev. Dr."

John Delley, In Reference To

My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da OTHA Day...

That's Why iLove Y'

'Cause iGot "Thangs" To Do & Stuff,



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On My FB Wall 09/07/12:

Elated to have you as my FRIEND.

You Rock! Have a Blessed day.

NEWS UPDATE: **Due To Some


Difficulties, "Cassie" Is TOTALLY SPEECHLESS


Her S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton."

Please Be Patient & Prayerful, As JESUS The CHRIST Performs "SUPERnatural HEART SURGERY" On a Sista.

She SHALL RETURN Momentarily.

Thanks & God Bless! :)**

"Lady Patsy Menefee":

Enjoy your day, Lady Cassie.


AFTERNOON PRAISE REPORT: Ladies & Gentlemen, By The SAVING GRACE of The ALMIGHTY GOD, Through The HEALING VIRTUE of JESUS The "GREAT PHYSICIAN," iAm Pleased To Announce That iCassie Am Doing Quite WELL, After Almost Experiencing a MAJOR "Cadillac" (Cardiac) Arrest From An OVERDOSE of "True Love & Friendship"! Thanks For Your Prayers & Concern & May You Have a WONDER-Filled Weekend, Without OVER Doing It...Like My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" "Accidentally" Did To Li'l Ol' Me. ;) **wink** #I'mJustWarnin'Ya

**Then...Later On...**

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Lol! Wow! Just now seeing this! Awwww, come are too funny. Just showing true love and friendship to a wonderful friend. Well let me hush...cause I don't want you to have any more physical difficulties! Lol.


THAT's Right...Learn Yo' LESSON, Sista-Friend. :)



iPosted This "KaPOW'ful" Quote On My FB Wall 09/10/12:

Well, Folks, 'Tis Another NEW Day That Is NOW On Display For Us To Enjoy NEW Mercies In a Fresh, NEW Way! While Giving "God The Creator" His DUE Praise, Stay Focused & Determined To Have a "HAPPY MONDAY"! :)

Yet Walking In The NEWness of Life Today & Always,


"Realddradio Monton":

That would be me. lol. And if my head looks big, that's because

I got hit a couple of times (wit' dem and it's knotted up.


LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!


Commenting On This Here Facebook Profile Pic 09/14/12:


You iz (S)MOOTH.

You iz (K)EWL &


So, You Like To "SKI," Huh? ;) **wink**


Just FUN'n Wit' My AMAZING

"Kingdom Brotha Bo" (lol),



Kingdom Sista"

Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

Cassie, hey, sis!!! "LONG-LOST" is right...been too long, sis. But just like you, I peek "erry" now and again to find you still shining brighter than ever. Proud to call you my friend. Still ya bruh, lbG. **littleman**


From My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. To Me

On My FB Wall 09/14/12:

"My Friend For Life!"

A friend loves at all times...

Proverbs 17:17

"Lady Lureda Brackens":

Where's my love? lol

"Sweet Lady Candy":

On the way....


My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.!!! THUMP! **Code Red! Code Red!

"Cassie" Is SLAP OUT Fo' Da Count! Callin' Fo' Da Intercessors

To Call On JESUS Wit' Da Quickness...

Please & Thank You!**


ANOTHA "Pop-Up" Surprise Post

From "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" On My FB Wall 09/16/12:

Friendship Rose Quote:




"Sweet Lady Candy":

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed you, your company and your friendship this weekend. We had a blast. Looking to the next time we share and break bread together. Have a wonderful Sunday. Talk to you soon.


Indeed, Indeed, "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka

My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. iTold You We're STUCK, Didn't I?

Permanent Answer: "Yep!"

iKNOW da "Thangs" That iKNOW & Won't NOTHIN' & NOBODY

Change That NEITHA! Subsequently, As With OTHA Truth In Life,

"If Ya DIDN'T Know...NOW Ya Know." ;) **wink**

Your "Friendly & Joyful Rose,"

"Cassie aka "Yo' S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Too"


Memorable Comments From My FB Friends N'em...After iPosted

This Profile Pic On My FB Wall 09/17/12:

It's ME: Plain As "Black & White"!

TAKE It or LEAVE It, Honey!

;) **wink**

Here's LOOK'n Atcha & COMIN' Right Atcha,


Sir Barten Nartey:

Hey, Cassie! This is lovely! :)


Thank You, Sir Barten Nartey! :)

**Blushin'-n-Carryin' On**

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Hey, Pretty Lady!! Love the pic! :)


Now, "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" aka "Dr. PMS" aka

"(P)retty (M)rs. (S)immons" What iz YOU Talkin' 'Bout, Knowin'

RIGHT GOOD That YOU Put da "P" In "Pretty"?

Come On Outta Here! lol


"Lady Pam Wilson":

Very pretty pic.

"Lady Patsy Menefee":

Nice. Be blessed.


Thanks For The "Pretty Nice" Compliments,

"Lady Pam Wilson" & "Lady Patsy Menefee"! Did Ya Catch That?

**One Said "Pretty" & The Other "Nice."**

Oh...NEVA Mind. lol

"Lady Pamela Lansden":


"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

This is a beautiful pic. Just lovely.


Thank You SO Much, "Lady Pamela Lansden" & "Lady Lynda Burrell

Hickman"! **Cheezin' "As All Get Out" By**

"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman":

The One & Only, Beautiful, talented, gifted and Blessed Cassie!

Happy to call you friend... ;-)


Ya Got THAT Right, "Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman"!

Calling YOU Friend Makes My Cheeks Hurt...From SHOWING Just How

"Happy" iAm. :) #OuchAhhhOuchLol

Sir Bert Cross, II:

Be Blessed, Cassandra! God is Good!


Yes Indeed, Sir Bert Cross, II! Thank You EVA (Ever) So Kindly, Sir. :)

"Lady Paula Bibbs":

I know you are beautiful on the outside, but your inner beauty shines through each and every time I see you. You are an example of God's love and grace. I am honored to know you.


Uh-Oh...DON'T Do Me, "Lady Paula Bibbs"!

I'm Gon' Have To Call da "Divine Plumber" To Do Somethin' 'Bout This

"Water Leak" In The Area of My Eyes! **Smh**

"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

You are the bomb...I think so much of you and your

beautiful glow in God.


"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson," Did You NOT Read What iJust Told

"Lady Paula"?! Now You're COMPOUNDING da Issue! lol

Thank You, Tho, Sis. ;) **wink**

Sir Michael Moore:

You look a lot like your Mother on this picture!


So I've Been Told, Sir Michael Moore. Thanks For ANOTHA

"Word of Confirmation" & May God Bless You, Sir! :)

"Lady Vickie Harden Battle":

Great picture, Cassandra. I was gonna say the same as Michael...

Carrie Jr!


iHear Ya, "Lady Vickie Harden Battle" & You KNOW iCain't Deny It!

So, "Carrie, Jr." It IS "Up In This Piece"! lol


From Me To My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On Her FB Wall 09/17/12:

Soooo, My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. aka "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton,"

Who Do You S'pose This "Sassy & Saved Gospel Sanga" Is,

Chillin' & Shoppin' At This Super-Humongous Conglomeration of a Store

("New"...In Particular) On Last Saturday Afternoon, September 15th,

That iSaid She'd Be Surprised or Shocked To Know That iShared

The Same Sentiments - Enough To Treat Her To a Gift of Her Choice,

In Advance of Her 78th Birthday, Which Is September 18th (Tomorrow)?

Here's a Hint:

She Is Responsible For Birthing Li'l Ol' Me, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley,

Into da Wuhl (World) On da 26th Day of September

Several "Suns & Moons" (Years) Ago! **Smh**


"Tryna" Soak It All In & Stuff My OWNself (lol),


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Omg!!! Lol! She look like..."Where do I start?"

This is funny 'cause we knew this is what she was gonna do!

Well, tell me what she ended up with! Lol. And how in the world did you

get such a good picture of her wondering and thinking?

Love to ya.


Hehehehe! iGave Mom Your "Birthday Greeting," Sis. & She Sincerely Thanks You. :) She "Ended Up With" Two (2) Sets of Necklaces & Earrings & Was Satisfied! **But She Gon' Get Some Mo' Stuff Later...Trust Me On That. lol** Oh & BTW (By The Way), It Was iCassie Who Took This Here "Good Picture" With My Mobile Phone. How 'Bout That? Smooches & Stuff! Hope To See You This Wednesday Night, In Support of Our "Kingdom Brotha" Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley! iLove "Bof" (Both) of Ya 4REAL & 4EVA. Ya Heard Me? Ya Betta! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Sir "Rev.":

Happy Natal Day to my big sis - Carrie! I wish you many more....


From a KELLEY To a DELLEY: Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley,

iWill Be SURE To Relay Your "Birthday Greeting" To Mom As Well &

THANK YOU In Advance. ;) **wink**

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Yes, Sis. I will see you Wednesday Night to support my big bro.

Wow! All this love going around and "thangs".

**Message Shared On da FB Re: "Rev.'s" Speaking Engagement...**

Sir "Rev.":


See below for nightly speakers of Convention.

Theme: "Breaking Forth"...the work has already begun...

BE There and BE BLESSED!!!!

Click On Image To Enlarge.


FYI: iCassie Will "BE IN DA HOUSE" Supporting You, My

"Kingdom Brotha," On Wednesday Night...After iHit da "HOME CHURCH"

Fo' a Minute First. If It DON'T Be NO Seats Left, iGuess a Sista

(That Would Be Will Just Have To Sit On da Altar. WHAT?!

But It's ALL GOOD & It's ALL GOD!"

Be Blessed, Sir! :) xoxoxo



Sir "Rev.":

Please tell your mom and dad...I wud love for them to be there,

if possible...Thanks, Cassie...much love!


Mom Plans To Be There As Well, Sir.


Sir "Rev.":

Waterontheface...Thank u, Lord.


My Birthday Greeting To "Cuz'n Cheryl (Murphy) Thomas,"

Who Shares The Same Month & Day As My Mom:

You iz (S)mart. You iz (K)raZy. You iz (I)nsane.

**But It AIN'T NOTHIN' That God

CAIN'T FIX! lol**

"SKI" On, "Cuz'n Cheryl 'PoeticOne' Thomas"!

You KNOW You'z My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Cousin. Did iEVA Tell You That...EVA? Shhhh! DON'T Tell NOBODY Else! :)


"Cuz'n Cheryl":

We won't tell anyone, cuz!! you all!


"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Cook" On da FB 09/18/12:


Don't sound very intimidating, huh?

I know; but don't let the gentle name

fool ya. They were some BEASTS

on the field! ~Lady Alana~


\0/<--(Wavin' Imaginary Pom-Poms...

Way AFTER da Game)


Basking IN "The Glory AFTER This" (Catch da Vision, Alana),


"Lady Alana":

ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) @ you, Cassie...

I caught the vision. LOL...a cheer delayed is encouragement

ON-TIME! Luv it!!!!!


"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" Sharing a Tune

On da FB 09/19/12:

♫❤♫ I feel better, SO much better, since I laid my burdens down! His yoke is easy (His yoke is easy), burdens are light (burdens are light), walk where He leads me (walk where He leads me), I'll always be right (always be rightttt)..I'll cherish the race, Keep running with haste, And by His grace, I know I'll make it, I'll make it home someday!!!! ♫❤♫ HALLELUJAH!!!

Now this was the Mt. Carmel MBC (Missionary Baptist Church),

Dickinson, Tx version! Love & smiles!

Have a favorable day!!!

"Lady Arnee' 'Classy' Johnson":

I love that song!!

"Lady Martha Douglas":

Memory lane. I can hear the voices in my head when we sung this song.

His yoke is easy. Thank you, Jesus.


You Betta SANG Up In Here, On da FB, "Lady J"!

WHAT?! \0/<--HA-GLORY! I'm "Finna" Fire Up da PRAISE, Honey!

DON'T Play; But You CAN Pray! **Like You Did Today** :)

SO Happy In Jesus & Absorbing EVERY Minute,


"Lady J":


Arnee Classy Johnson, ditto! Martha Douglas, yes, Lord! It sho was good too!! Cassandra Roberson-Kelley - you're too much! Glory to God!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 09/19/12: here's the deal...

I can love you the easy way or the hard way...

you choose! Either way, I'm gonna love you...

so there! How ya like those apples?! :)

"Lady Ingrid Bisor Andrews":

I love those apples!


**Crunch! Crunch!** Mm-Mm...GOOD Apples!

"Brang" It On, PMS...iMean, Doc! :)

Soaked In LOVE & AIN'T Shame About It (lol),



Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley, I

Giving SHOUT-OUTS On da FB 09/19/12:

I would like to thank ALL MY FRIENDS that graced me with their presence tonite @ Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church...You made my heart so glad...Candy (Clinkscale Morton), Pat Malone, Queeny, Cass Kelly (Cassandra Roberson-Kelley) & her Mom Carrie Robinson (Roberson), Carlos & Samantha Bell, The Fam blessed our hearts (in song), Tisha & her husband & kids, Emerald, Arial, Cory Lewis (organist), Omar Griffin & his wife...Thanks, Omar Griffin, for the show of servitude...and to anyone else I may have missed...and those that prayed for me this night...Thanks to all...I love you all. Your support overwhelmed me...Bblessed!


Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley, YOU & H. G. (The Holy Ghost) Really Blessed My Li'l Sanctified Soul On Last Night, Sir! SUBJECT: "Get RID of The CONFUSION...It's NOT What It LOOKS Like" (For Scripture Reference, Check Out St. Mark 5:22-36) \0/<--(Wit' UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY! Let da "Kingdom Record" Show That iAm An AVID Lover & Supporter of da Truth, da WHOLE Truth & NOTHIN' BUT da Truth! Those Who AIN'T, Perhaps That Means That They Just "CAIN'T" Handle da Truth! Wheeeew! **Smh** The End



"Lady Norma Spells":

Sounds like you did what you do,

and that's preach that real word!!

Thank God it's not what it Look Like!!!

Preach, Delley.

"Lady Tonya Delley":

(His Daughter)


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

I second that with my niece. You were awesome, John.

The message was me, as I know others were blessed by it.

Was tired, but so glad I came. I had to support you...

No question about it. Much love to you.

"Lady Dana Breann-Mont":


Sir "Rev.":

(In a Separate Post On His FB Wall)

I want to give a big hug to my beautiful

daughter, Tonya Delley, for supporting her

father last nite... you made my evening by

being by your father's side...I love you

so much!...smooches!


iGave Her ((((HUGS)))) Last Evening As Well, Sir "Rev. Dr."

John Delley! She's Blessed To Have You As a Loving

"Comedic-Preachin'" Father, Sir!

BEST Wishes To "Bof" (Both) of Ya! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Your "Kingdom Sista-Friend Cassie"


Leaving a Li'l Somethin'-Somethin'

For My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On da FB


Hey There, Sweet "CANDY GIRL"! Thanks

For Lighting Up MY LIFE & MY WORLD!

Bona Fide S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. We Are 2DAY &

4EVA. If Anybody Got a PROBLEM Wit' It,

Tell 'em iSaid, "WHATEVA!" lol

Grateful To GOD For "The Gift of YOU"

(A Merry CHRISTmas On da Daily...'Tis TRUE),


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Awwwwww. Watch out now! Make my day!!! To my SKITTLES,

I thank you for thinking of me! Now you know izzzz (I's) liking this here

picture with my name on it! You will see it again.*

It was, as always, great to see you last night. Love ya much!

*A "Cassie" NOTE/UPDATE:

Just As She Said, My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Used The Above Image For Her

FB Timeline Cover On 10/04/12. Below Is My


Theme: "PERFECTED In CHRIST" aka "Candy Girl"...PERFECT!

The End :) xoxoxo

'Bout To Fall SLAP OUT From Too Much Sweets,


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

Too cute!!!

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa I love this girl!

Yes, Wanda, too Cute!


TRUTH Be Told..."Bof" (Both) o' You Ladies Are "Too Cute"

(In My OWNself's Opinion)! So, To Kinda HELP a Sista (Me, That Is...)

Out, "Cain't" Y'all Sorta Tone It Down Just a Li'l Bit?!

K...Thanks. #I'mJustAskin'Lol


Immediately After Seeing THIS Pic of My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

In Her FB Photo Album On 09/20/12:

**Your ATTENTION PLEASE: "Cassie" Has JUST Been RUSHED To "ER" (E)lohim's (R)espirator, Due To Recurring FAINTING SPELLS Happening FREQUENTLY Whenever She Has PROBLEMS BREATHING, As a Result of BEHOLDING The BEAUTY of GOD'S UNIQUE CREATION! She'll Be Fine...Give or Take 30 Minutes To 48 Hours. In The MEANTIME, Pray! lol**

A "S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Alert" Broadcast Announcement


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Haaaaaaa haaaaaa. You are so funny, friend!!

OMG...where do you get this stuff you say?

Y'all, I know I got one friend who loves me unconditionally.

Friend, you can make a dead man smile!

I love you for keeping me smiling.

"Cassie" NOTE:

iKeepz "Tryna" Tell a Sista That a Sista Got a Sista...Comin' & Goin'! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" On da FB 09/23/12:


"Cassie's 24-Hour Classified Ad": FREE RENT For My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

Since She Is NOT Spreading NEGATIVITY & TOXINS Inside The "Gated

Community of My COMPLEX HEAD"...iMean, "APARTment Complex of

365 Units," Representing 365 Days of Being "SET APART" As My

(S)ister (K)eeping (I)n (T)ouch (T)o (L)ove, (E)ncourage & (S)upport.


(Galatians 5:22) & All Outstanding DEBTS (Bills) Are Pre-Paid

By The BLOOD of JESUS (St. John 3:16).

Welcome & Enjoy Your STAY!

;) **wink**

Assistant Manager At "Mind Over Matter Apts.,"



The Magnificent Significance of September 24, 2012



iSalute Them On This 24th Day of SEPTEMBER, As They CELEBRATE Each Other For "51 YEARS" of HOLY MATRIMONY! **View Their 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo From Last Year, On "The Photo Gallery" Page of My Personal Website!** iAin't Mad At EITHA One of 'em NEITHA! lol To GOD Be The GLORY For The GREAT & MARVELOUS Things HE Has Done. Amen & It IS So. :) xoxoxo




(Side Note) Pssst...Guess Where They're Dining At This Evening?

Come 'ere & Lemme Whisper It To Ya. Are Ya Ready? Okay:

"Red Lobster"...Yep. But Shhhh! That's Betwixt You & Me Now.

Ya Got It? GOOD. Ttyl. ;) **wink**



Strolling & Scrolling Down da FB On The Majestic Morning AFTER

My Blesséd Birthday

**Gasps!** HOLD UP! \0/<--(Wit' Hands All Up In da Air-n-Carryin' On) WAIT Just a Cotton-Pickin', Pea-Snappin', Hog-Tyin', Chicken-Chasin', Cow-Milkin', Rabbit-Huntin' Minute! YOU Mean To Tell ME That After Leavin' da FB Fo' Just ONE Day (My Birthday…On Yesterday 09/26/12), iComes Back To "The Wonderful World of FB" To Find a WHOLE HEAPIN’ HELPIN' o' "Birthday Wishes" To Downright SMOTHER a Sista?! WHAT?! It's Gon' Take a "Few Days SHORT o' FOREVA" To Reply To ALL o' Deez Here Comments! LOL Wheeeew! **Smh** HOWEVA, In da MEANTIME (Since iWILL Be Awhile), G'won Ova Yonda & View da NEW "Cassie's Comedy Corner XVI" Page iAdded On My Personal Website! Special Thanks To Candy, John, Phebe, Sylvia, Jackie, Jermia, Crystal, Cheryl, Alana, Willie & OTHA Folks Fo' Supplyin' Some GREAT "Per Scripture" (Prescription) Medicine, According To Proverbs 17:22. HOLLA! ;) **wink**

"Lady Velma Alexander Franklin":

LOL!!! That's Love!


\0/<--HELLO HERE! :)


"Lady Velma":

LOL...I know that's right! This may go on for some time. lol

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes indeed! I love you, Lady Cassie!! You're just awesome, Girl!


Seriously, "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"?

Okay...I'll Receive That As Meaning That iAm, At Least,

a Couple o' Steps BEHIND You!

WHAT?! ;) **wink**

"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Cook":

You are SUper DuPer AWESOME, Cassie!!!

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!!!


Awww...Shucks, "Lady Alana L. Carriere-Cook,"

You Make It EASY To Be Me, Honey. Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout Up In Here,

On da FB? ;) **wink**

"Lady Alana":


"Lady Psalmist Jermia Cannon":

Yep, you are just that and a Whoooole lot more!!

Love you much and Happy Belated Birthday!!

U r the absolute bestis!! LOL


Thank You, "Lady Jermia Cannon" & That's ONLY Because YOU Left a Li'l Available Space Fo' a Sista (That Would Be To "Get In Edge Wise." OTHAwise, The "Bestis" Spot Woulda Been Taken Up By YOU! lol #KaPOW!

"Lady Jermia":

LOL...I just love you so much!!

I knew you held the "BombDOTcom" position for a reason!!


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Hey, SKITTLES...I know you had a great time and glad to be a part.

Hope you got all my messages. Love ya.


SHO' iGot ALL o' Yo' Messages, "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. & On TOP o' That, iReplied To ALL of 'em As Well! Do You HONESTLY Think I'd Let "ANYthang" From YOU Escape MY Eyes...

Except When iCain't See Through da Tears That "Swell" (Well) Up In 'em Sometimes? **Smh** NO, Ma'am! "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!" **In My BEST "Sweet Brown"** #LoveMakesYaDoRightBoo!

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Got it! Smiles. Talk to you soon.


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 09/26/12:


On this day, in the year of our Lord, 19 and *cough, cough*

(excuse me, had something in my throat... anyway),

my Mama (Cassandra Roberson-Kelley) came into this world.

So to my original BFF, the greatest SANGer (EVER), my "Sis. Kettles," HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mother!!

Please note:

As her assistant/mgr/agent I will accept ALL seeds on her behalf.

Thank you.

"Lady Ashley West":


You are a phenomenal woman and I'm wishing you a very blessed day.

Love you!

"Lady Laurette Bray Lewis":

Happy Born day, Sis. Kelley!

"Lady Jan Bennett Birks":


"Lady Zsaquelyn Rene Davenport-Scott":

Happy Birthday...keep working toward that million!

I still gots my check!!!

"Cassie" NOTE:

"Lady Z" is referring to a "fake"-but-meaningful check that iGave to her, tucked inside of a wallet, as a "gift" that signified my GOOD INTENTIONS

to one day make "millions" o' dollars, so iCan bless her wit' a million! lol


\0/<--(Wit' UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY!

Come On Here & Let's Finish Out da STORY!

Shall We, Ladies? YES, We Shall!

**Takes Off Runnin' Down da Virtual Aisles of "Facebook Cathedral"!

LOL** #SomebodyHoldThatMule!

Hollerin'-n-Screamin' "GET READY! GET READY!"

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"...Again On da FB 09/26/12:

Treating my mom for her birthday! :)

**Legacy Salons & Day Spa**

"Lady Melissa Harden":

**My Big**

Oh! Here I come, Crystal!! :)

"Lady Priscilla McKnight Randle":

Happy Birthday, Mama Cassie!

Me/"Mama Cassie":


Yo' Mama is YET Cheezin' From Ear-To-Ear, Honey!

**Or Should iSay "Toe-To-Toe"? lol**

Thanks Again...MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Love, "Mama Cassie"


Having a "Hallmark Moment"

On da FB 09/27/12:

Soooo...Lemme Share This, Whilst iBreak From "Tryna" Reply To ALL o' da Deez OTHA "Birthday Greetings" From YESTERDAY. My "Hubby" Presented These WONDERFUL Words To Me On a LOVELY "Hallmark" Card To Speak The SENTIMENTS of What Is YET Written "On The Table of His BIG-Li'l Heart" (Some Words iCAPITALIZE To RE-EMPHASIZE):

"My Wife, My Partner, My Love...The BEST Love Is a LIFELONG Love That SWEETENS The Joys, SOFTENS The Hurts, And STRENGTHENS 'Two Hearts' As It GROWS. We've Been Together a LONG Time Now. We've LAUGHED And CRIED And Seen Each Other Through Our BEST And WORST And EVERYTHING In Between. And Today, When I Look At You, I Feel Even MORE Love Than I've EVER Felt Before. We Have a HISTORY Together Full of SHARED Memories That KEEP Us Close. You Are SO MUCH a Part of Me And a Part of My HAPPINESS That It's 'Impossible To Imagine' What Life Would Have Been Like WITHOUT You. You Are My Partner And My Love, And I Ask Nothing MORE Than To Spend ALL The REST of My Life WITH You. Happy Birthday." ~Love Walter

**Result: "Cassie" Is An "OFFICIAL BASKET CASE" Right About Now!**



0/<--(Wit' MUG Held HIGH)

Cheers, EVERYONE! :) xoxoxo

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Love it!!!!!!!!! :)


"Dr. PMS," iKnow That's Right Up Yo' Alley,

Honey! LOL

"Dr. PMS":

Yes indeed! LOL


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 10/01/12:

Oh my...who is the guy on the M&Ms commercial who talks to the "female" chocolate M&M?? He just might take Anderson Cooper's

M&M'S "One Track Mind" Commercial featuring Ms. Brown

Watch the latest M&M'S commercial, featuring one very talented and sophisticated performer (Ms. Brown). Latin heartthrob, William Levy, also makes an appearance.

**Amongst OTHA "Sensitive-Natured"**

"Lady Angela Hines":

He is one fine specimen of a man...if I may say so myself! :-)

"Lady Phebe" aka "Dr. PMS":

LOL Angela...looks like I'm the last to know about this guy! LOL

"Lady Angela":

LOL...well, now you know! :-)



"Miss (Brown) M&M" & WEAVE a WEB To Ensnare Her

**In AnyWAY Possible (lol)**


"Help Me, Lord." :) WHAT?! **Smh**


"Dr. PMS" (lol),


"Dr. PMS":

It's too early for me to be laughing out loud, Lady Cassie!!

I'm still in smile only mode...laughter comes around 9:00 am...

you have thrown my laughter clock off with that comment! LOLOLOLOL


An Announcement iREPOSTED On My FB Wall 10/02/12

(On Behalf of "Sis. Canteloupe")



"Lady Trina Jeffrie" aka "Sis. Canteloupe" Gotz Somethin' To

Share Wit' Ya, BABIEEEES! So, Listen Up, Hear? lol She Says:

"Thank you to all who have purchased my Classic Comedy Collection DVD combo. For those who haven't purchased it yet, go to my website: and order it for $20. Three of my favorite DVDs, Laffin' Out Loud With The Lord, Go Cantaloupe, Go! and Unbeaweavable in one combo pack for only $20!! ORDER YOURS NOW...!"

Okay...You HEARD da WOMAN! G'won Ova Yonda & Do What

"Sis. Canteloupe" Done Requested of Us To Do ASAP:

(A)s (S)oon (A)s (P)ayday! \0/<--Hello Here! Ya Got It?



:) xoxoxo

Lovin' Me Some "Sis. Canteloupe" MORE Than "Fruit Cake a la Mode"

(WHAT?! lol),


"Cassie" NOTE:

"You may also purchase it at Oak Cliff Bible FEL-INF, 1660 W.

Camp Wisdom Road, in Dallas, TX (214) 672-9119." ~Trina Jeffrie


From Me To

"Lady Psalmist Vanessa Bell Armstrong"

On Her FB Wall 10/02/12:


PEACE, BE STILL. Oops! NEVA Mind. We Gotz To



"Lady Psalmist Vanessa Bell Armstrong"!




\0/<--Hello Here!

**Cheerin' & Wavin' My Imaginary Pom-Poms &


Wit' LOTS o' Love & BEST Wishes & Stuff,


You Are Featured On The "Kingdom Spotlight VII"

Page of My Personal Website!

Enjoy & Be Blessed!

:) xoxoxo


"Lady Carmen Simmons" On da FB 10/02/12:

Original Country Clipart by Lisa Copyright © 1998-2012. All Rights Reserved

"...If YOU consider someone who is not "blood"/biological a part of your family, is it ok for someone who IS "blood"/biological to call them out for not being related to you? I know that I personally have extended family members who I am closer to than my "blood" and I am perfectly fine with that, but hey, that's me! What are your thoughts?"


It's OKAY If They Call 'em Out; But That DON'T Mean That My

NON-"Blood"/Biologicals Are Comin' Out!

I'm Just Sayin'! Shoot! LOL

Chile, Please.

iWas "Called Out" of da DARKNESS of Those Whose Eyes & Minds Are "Blind" (Spiritually) Into da Marvelous LIGHT of Christ, Whose Shed

"Blood" Inspires Me To Sing, "Blessed Be The TIES That Bind"!

Y'all DON'T Hear Me, Tho. But It's ALL RIGHT, Tho. ;) **wink**





"Lady Psalmist Vickie Winans McLemore"

On da FB Via Twitter 10/03/12:

I'm almost too embarrassed to tweet this! LOLOL!

Y'all remember when my computer fell outta

my bed on top of a bag of unopened chips and bursted the bag so loud I thought somebody

had shot in the house? Ok, what are the

odds of THAT happening again!


Well it did and just like Rambo I dropped down on the floor on the other

side of the bed and all you could see was my eyes over the mattress!

I do the dumbest stuff.


"Turch" (Touch), Lord, Even NOW,

In The "KaPOW'ful" & "BOMB-BURSTIN'"

Name of JESUS! Amen & It IS So. :)


Gettin' a CLEAR Visual o' This Here

Embarrass'n Recollection,


For More Info. Visit:


Sir Derrick Starks of "Derrick Starks-Music"

On da FB 10/03/12:

In the studio with My Sis. Karen Clark Sheard!!!

Lisa Page Brooks, Tamela Mann and

Karen Clark Sheard all on the same Project that

I get to produce...Wow! GOD is sooo Good!

All I can say is this is going to be

an Awesome project!!!!

Get ready, Folks!!


GET 'EM, Sir Derrick Starks! iAIN'T Mad Atcha...

I'm Glad Fo' Ya! ;) **wink**


Can HARDLY Wait...But iGOTZ To, Whilst iCelebrate (lol),



Sharing With da Folks On da FB 10/03/12:

Regarding da "Romney vs. Obama

Political Boxing Match":

You DON'T Have To "Like" NOR

Genuinely "Love" EITHA One of 'em,

If You Choose NOT To.


"Comedic Decency" To

(L)augh (O)ut (L)oud At This Here

"Classic Cartoon Clipart"!

I'm Just Sayin'. **Geez...Smh**

Fulfilling My Proverbs 17:22 Assignment On da Daily,



"Lady Evangelist Lillian J. Lloyd"

On da FB 10/04/12:

My cousin Roc


Woof! Woof! Woof!

Translation: "What's Up, 'Roc'?" lol

Celebratin' Yo' "Canine Cousin"

Right Along Wit' Ya,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"

On da FB 10/04/12:

PMS Confession #473:

I'm really low maintenance...don't like being at home...enjoy working

and making my own money...and will give my

live-in lover all the NFL time he can stand in

exchange for a new book or sheet music! LOL


Ahhhh...LOOKY Here At

"(P)erfect (M)rs. (S)immons"!

**DON'T Get It Twisted, Honey...

iDO Realize That It's The CHRIST In You That PERFECTS You.

\0/<--HELLO HERE! :)**

(P)resenting (M)y (S)ide o' da "PMS" Story (lol),

"Cassie" aka "Citizen of Phebe Island"

"Dr. PMS":

LOL, Lady are a beast with the English language...

just gifted!! Love your response! LOL


Again...DON'T Get It Twisted, Honey. It's The CHRIST In Me Too!

;) **wink**

"Dr. PMS":

I hear ya!!! Ain't God good?!


SHO' HE IS! Come On Outta Here! Lol

"Lady Ingrid Bisor Anderson":

You are pretty darn awesome, Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons!

"Dr. PMS":

Why thank you, Ingrid...for noticing all my awesomeness...

I've been telling my live-in lover that for's all my awesomeness

that caught his eye all those years ago! LOLOLOLOL


"Lady Don Denise Reed" On da FB 10/05/12:

World Smile Day!!!

Let me see you smile!



'Cause JESUS Is da REASON Fo' ALL o' This CHEEZIN',



Sir Bishop Donald Thompson On My FB Wall 10/05/12:

Daryl Coley - Jesus Saves

Vintage Daryl


Da Dynamic "Dare-Ya-To-Deny Da Dunamis Power's Direct Dealings

Upon Da GOSPEL MUSIC WORLD'S Dearest Song-Deliverer"

Sir Daryl Coley! Wheeeew! **Smh**

Thanks a LOT For Sharing, Sir Bishop Donald Thompson! :) xoxoxo


One of a Plethora Die-Hard "Daryl Coley Fans" 4REAL Tho,



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" Sharing a Quick Quote

On da FB 10/06/12:


**SLAM!** 'Tis Done, Sis.

iActually Closed MORE Than "a" Door,

Honey. iCouldn't Stand TOO MUCH of

The Cool/Cold "Draft Wind" Blowin'

Throughout The SPECIAL Place of

"My SACRED Space".

I'm Just Sayin'.

In The "KaPOW'ful" Name of


Get Thee & STAY Thee BEHIND Me,

Satan! **BAM!** iCommand Thee To

(B)ust (A) (M)ove

& DON'Tcha Come Back No Mo'...NO MO'!

Amen & It IS So.

AIN'T Returnin' To "Peep Through da Keyhole" NEITHA (lol),

"Cassie The Overcomer" & "Candy's S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. 4EVA"


A Surprise FB Post On My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.'s FB Wall 10/06/12:

On This Blessed & Bea-YOU-tiful PRE- BIRTHDAY Weekend, Leading UP To OCTOBER 8th, In The Year of Our Lord 2012, iCassie Do Hereby CELEBRATE

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton," Whom iFREQUENTLY & AFFECTIONATELY Call My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. or







(E)ncourage &


**God DID That "Thang,"**

Sis, iTake More PLEASURE & DELIGHT In You Than iDo a GOOD ol' Fresh Cup o' Hot Coffee or MOUTH-WATERING Chocolate Pudding! lol Thank You, HEAVENLY FATHER, For The WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY To Convince Her of How Much Her Life Is Truly WORTH LIVING! **Joyful Tears Here...Sigh** HAPPY BIRTHDAY Weekend, Sis! Surely, By Now You're Quite Used To This. ;) **wink**

Givin' ALL iGOT & NOTHIN' LESS, "Cassie"

(Yo' S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Too...UNlike ANYone

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Wow! No, I'm not used to this! You remembered! I wasn't Gonna say anything. Yes, this is my Birthday weekend and I'm so happy to have you a part of my _ _ years of life. I would be sad without you in my life. You make me smile for real. Enjoying the done, nails done... whatever I want to do! Thank you! You're the first to give Birthday greetings to me! I love you Much!


Uhm...How iz I'm Gon' EVA 4Get, If I've Been "STUCK" Wit' a Sista

EVA Since We FINALLY Met?! Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr.

God Bless Yerrrr & iLove Yerrrr! :) xoxoxo


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da FB 10/08/12

**Her B-Day**

AWWWWWWW...This is what my Baby...

GB (GrandBaby) put on my computer

while I was getting dressed!

I'ma teach her how to Spell

Birthday! LOL

"Lady Ramona Derrick":

Oh, how sweet is that!

Happy Birthday, Candy Clinkscale Morton...

-The Derrick's

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thank you much, Ramona!

"Lady Candice Morton":

That's my baby! I will teach her how to spell. lol!

Me/"Aunt Cassie":

Now "C" There...Y'all MISSED It, People!

What "Li'l Miss Camery" Was "Tryna" Convey To Ya Was This:

"BREATH DAY" (Abbreviated, Of

In OTHA Words, "Madam/Grandma 'Cee Cee'"

aka "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton," If You're Yet BREATHIN',

Then "HAPPY BREATH DAY!" Ya Got It? GOOD. Keep It Up, Hear?

;) **wink** #InhaleExhaleAndRepeat

Translator For My "Great-Niece-In-Christ Camery,"

Her "Kingdom Aunt Cassie"

"Candy Girl": The "Birthday Girl"...

Yet Celebrating As The "Gold Stars"

Around Her Twirl!

;) **wink**

Glad To Be a Part of Your World,

"Girly Girl" (lol),


aka "Yo' S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S." & "Yo' Girl"


The CUTE Li'l Pic That My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Used

As Her FB Timeline Cover On 10/09/12:

**w/Sister-In-Law "Dee Dee" Clinkscale**

"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman":

Alright now!



If Ya AIN'T Ready Fo' 'em, TAKE COVER

IMMEDIATELY To Avoid Experiencing a

SUPERnatural TKO (Technical Knock-Out) &

Stuff! You Have Been FOREWARNED!

Trust Me...iKnow ALL About It, Honey!

**Takes Off Runnin' Wit' da QUICKNESS,

Down da Street, Around da "CornTer,"

Through da Alley & OVA da Chain-Linked

Fence, Into Some Bushes! WHAT?!**


Waitin' 'Til da COAST Is CLEAR & "E'rythang" B4 Comin' Out,



"Lady Marion Quinney-Coleman" On da FB 10/10/12:

"Lady Sharon 'Cookie' Hearn":

Pretty Marion.


This Look Says: "SNAP! CRACKLE & POP!"

With a Side Order of "KaBOOM!"

\0/<--Hello Here!

GET 'EM, "Lady Marion Quinney-Coleman"!

**But I'm NOT SURE If "They" Ready Fo' Ya,

Tho. I'm Just Sayin', Tho...Smh**

Aiming To Make You SMILE

"Up In This Piece" (lol),

"Cassie" aka "Yo' Fellow-AOW Teammate

"Lady Marion":

Thank you, Sharon, and to my same born day (Sept. 26th) friend

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley LOL!! THANK YOU.