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Kingdom Spotlight

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

~St. Matthew 5:13-16 (King James Version)~

"If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others."

~Philippians 2:1-4 (King James Version)~

On Tuesday night, November 9, 2010, the One-n-Only Evangelist-Missionary Janice Craig of Dallas, TX HERALD the message of HOLINESS at the 103rd Church of God in Christ HOLY Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri! HONEY...**smh**...this woman let 'em HAVE it! Did ya HEAR me? She and H.G. (the HOLY GHOST) HAD it goin' on, y'all! Wheeeew! :)

At the conclusion of the message, after she "HURT 'em good" and HAD their HEARTS "burnin' within 'em"-n-carryin' on, "Lady Jan" walked off and left da folks "HANGIN'-n-HUNGERIN'" wit' a cravin' and a "HANKERIN'" fo' MORE! She HAD just told 'em t' turn around and tell three (3) people, "Be HEALED, be delivered, and be set free!" HA-HA! Come on HERE! Don't HATE on a sista...celebrate wit' a sista! LOL

HALLELUJAH to Jesus the Christ, the HOLY Lamb of God...the HOPE of Glory! Uhm..."HOLD my mule" whilest I HAVE my "HAPPY 'Shondo' Moment" right about now, will ya? Thanks, and God bless! HEEEEYYYY! **takes off wit' da quickness, giving God ALL the glory and HONOR that's due HIS name!** :)


Apostle Donald Thompson/"Triple A Preacher":

"Almighty God said, 'Your Heavenly Package is ready for delivery.' Yes, Ma'am, while bending knees in worship, lift your hands, begin to sing, as you worship the Lord with all your heart. He will infuse you with 'Fine Tuning Ability.' O how He loves your genuine worship. Not that marketing rat-race, rather stand forth, release His beauty into the atmosphere. Healing is in your singing. Amen."


\0/<--(wit' hands upraised in worship-n-praise) **Singing**

"Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy, tried and true.

With thanksgiving I'll be a 'living sanctuary' for You."

Receiving divine healing while my knees and my heart are kneeling,



You know you are my gurl for life!! LOL!! Thank you so much for being a part of AOW ("Ascriptions of Worship") and sharing your blessings with us at "Evening Worship 2010." Your ministry is second to none. Continue to be who God made you! The best of Cassie is yet to come. Look out world!

Me/"Cassie": Thank you SO "ver, ver" much, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"! I "hear the JOYFUL SOUND," and I am answering "the CLARION CALL"! I love you, Sis...see ya at the TOP. Oh, and REMEMBA:

"The 'sky' is NO LONGER the limit...GOD is!" MUAH! :)


Apostle Cedric (Adams)...lemme see how t' say this: You are one o' da most "ROCKINEST" Bible scholars that I'z EVA (ever) had da pleasure o' listenin' to, Sir! I mean that, too - no foolin' wit'cha. LOL To you and "Lady Tonya (Adams)": Thanks for serving as two (2) of God's finest Kingdom representatives in the earth. We love you! :)

Sir Cedric (in reply): WOW, I am not sure how to receive that except for as humbly as I know how. This is an incredibly high compliment. Especially coming from one of the "SANGINEST" sistas in town!

**NOTE: "Cassie" is blushin' usual. :)**


"We don't fall out of line, nor do we break ranks--Be All You Can Be!" (a slogan for the U.S. Army) Let your works be where you put your mouth...Other than, you're just another fallen soldier with plenty of excuses...~A-W-O-L~ LF ("Lady Lisa Fikes")

Absent WithOut Leave. Military term, you should be at work, but you're not, so you're AWOL, and in deep TROUBLE, if you don't have a good excuse. If you're absent when you're supposed to be shooting the "baddies," then you could be arrested for desertion or something.

Even in times of peace, a soldier who is AWOL could be arrested. BE A DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT ONLY A HEARER...You're either with us or against us...Choose this day whom you will serve. GIRDLE UP!

Unity is the glue in the Body of Christ that allows us to be ONE. Even with all the differences...different perspectives, races, experiences, denominations, worship practices - we can celebrate these differences and still work together.

The three (3) components associated with unity are:

agreement, harmony, and oneness.

Realistically, all do not agree, able to be in harmony, or on one accord. So, you must always remember it's a battle to spread God's Love, and Hope of Glory.

Jesus didn't do anything but teach and spread the Word; but we lose focus, if we don't fight the good fight of faith, teaching us how to stay on one accord. A house divided can't stand. A military of soldiers for the Lord can't stand if we're divided, now can we? ;-)

Me/"Cassie":**Saluting-n-shouting** MA'AM!!! Yes, MA'AM!!! Got my "girdle" on, MA'AM!!! (along with the other "armor of God," of course.)

Not just a "hearer only,"


"Lady Lisa": Cassandra - You know that's why I love you right...Too real for television...LOL


"There's SUN in YOU, let it SHINE."

--Broderick 'The' Empowertainer--(© 2010)

Me/"Cassie": JESUS CHRIST the SON is also in ME, and does SHINE ever so BRIGHTLY! Thank you, Sir Broderick (E. Rice). Nice "BRODcast" on the FOREcast! ;) **wink**

Lettin' my li'l-but-BIG "Light" shine,


"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee!"

~Isaiah 60:1 (King James Version)~

NOTE: Special thanks to "Lady Velma Smith" for submitting the Holy Scripture. :)


"Lady Pastor Sheryl Brady"

(From 10/12/09):

**After da "CraZy" Post that I had sent to her on da FB**

"You are tooooo funny! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I hope you have a blessed and Highly favored week!" 2010...

Me/"Cassie": Yippeeee! Ride 'em, cowgirl! Yeah...lasso that ol' mangy devil, and remind him that JESUS is STILL LORD! Whoo-hoo! LOL

Classy "Cassie" the Cowtown Christian Cowgirl :)


Worship Warrior: Sir Myron Williams

Me/"Cassie": Indeed, I am SO "Thankful" unto God for fitting Himself inside of you, to operate through you the "one-of-a-kind ministry" that is MOST DEFINITELY you! The Book of II Corinthians 4:16 reminds us that "...though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day."

God is WELL AWARE that you have what it takes to make it, Sir Myron, because the GREAT I AM resides in you. So, keep doing what you do with the One Who gave it to you.

Then GREATNESS will have no choice but to "FLOW" through you. :)

Here on assignment to inspire and encourage you,



"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis":

(A Champion Among Other Mighty Women of God!)

"May the blessings of God be with you, and thanks for your kind words. Remember in the midst of this 're-joy-cession' ("Cassie" NOTE: "rejoice session") God's people are being 'conditioned for the position.' I speak favor coming your way!"

Me/"Cassie": Yes, Lord. Thank you SO much! I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ. Amen...and it IS so. :)

"Lady Patricia":

It is so...


Evangelist Shane Perry, Sr.:

(One o' da "Baddest"/Best White "Soul Brothas" I Know! lol)

(An FB Post): "Let us celebrate another day. No matter what type of morning you may have had, you have time to allow God to turn it around. Breathe, relax, and understand that the attack is

a future testimony about to be birthed."

Me/"Cassie": Don't CRACK under the ATTACK... 'cause God's got yo' BACK, and in Him you'll "NEVA" LACK! :)

Reiterating, "PREACH, white man, PREACH!"

(per YOUR instructions, of,



"Chairlady Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers" is da "bomb," da "missile," da "rocket," da "torpedo," da "dynamite," da "TNT," and WHATEVA ELSE kinda explosive that you can think of! Okay? LOL Below is a "ver, ver" special birthday greeting I posted on her FB (Facebook) page, November 13, 2010:

"When that 'DEMONIC GIANT' found out that ALMIGHTY GOD willed and predestined for YOU - 'Joyce Rodgers the GIANT Slayer' - to live and evangelize ANOTHA year, it caused ALL o' dem DEMONS t' shake wit' fear-n-tremblin'! They wuz like, 'Aw...naw! NOT 'anotha' year o' torment from HER, throwin' dem 'smooth stones' covered wit' JESUS' blood and in HIS name, too! Ugh!' **smh** Oh, well...DON'T feel sorry fo' 'em, Sis. BUST 'em WIDE open! Whoo-hoo! God bless ya, and we love ya!" :)

Celebratin' yo' BIRTHDAY and cheerin' fo' ya ALL da WAY,



Sir Dr. Rickie G. Rush

For those of you who went to "sleep" on this man, and you're STILL "asleep"...WAAAAKE UUUUP, PEOPLE!!! DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT go to "sleep" on him EVA (ever) AGAIN! Ya got it? GOOD! :)

On September 26, 2010 (my 47th birthday), my "hubby" Walter, my son Xavier, and I attended the 11 A.M. worship service at the Inspiring Body of Christ (IBOC) Church in Dallas, TX, where Dr. Rush is the Senior Pastor. I decided that I didn't want NOBODY...nope, uh-uh...not a soul, including my good longtime friend, psalmist "Lady Tommye Young-West," to know that I was there (although my "hubby" said that I should have - lol). was my birthday! I just wanted to come, be in the midst of my other brothers- and sisters-in-Christ, and be blessed, which is EXACTLY what happened on that bea-YOU-tiful Sunday morning. ;) **wink**

O-to-da-M-to-da-G! If iTELL you that I ain't mad at this man and what God is doing through him and his VISION for NOW & da FUTURE...please BELIEVE me! Wheeeew! **smh** I was just TOTALLY "blown away" wit' it, because I could so DIVINELY relate to it! He taught about, "Planting and Harvesting." Absolutely IN...CREDIBLE! I couldn't write notes fast enough! I thought to myself, "Shoot! Forget it...I'll just get the DVD after service." BABIEEEES, allz I can say to THAT in a nutshell is, "The End." You'll have to get "The Beginning" and "The Middle" for yourself. :)

Proudly, yet humbly saluting one of God's "Great Men of Honor"...

Wit' lots o' love-n-BEST wishes-n-stuff,



Ladies and Gentlemen...My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

Undoubtedly, in spite of ALL that she's been through, God has His hands on this "ver, ver" bea-YOU-tifully crafted young lady, whose heart is open to His divine will for her life. Why...even now, in da Spirit realm, He's got somethin' "hot," delicious, and "fanger-lickin' good" simmerin' in His HUMONGOUS "Spiritual Crockpot" t' bless her taste buds t' da point that her lips will be smackin' LOUDLY...right in da devil's face and in "bof" (both) o' his ears! PRICELESS, I tell ya! :)


Sisters Keeping In Touch To Love, Encourage & Support


Looooong live Sir Myron Butler! I SO love him! Deep down I believe that he is a real man after God's own heart. Whenever he ministers in word and/or song, I can see and hear God. :)

While watching and listening to ANY of God's gifted vessels of honor, it is crucial that our MAIN focus REMAINS focused-n-fixed upon "God the Gift-Giver." From what I've observed and heard, Sir Myron has always made it perfectly clear that ONLY God deserves the glory for the GREAT things - and even the li'l things - that He has done and IS doing in the life of His humble servant. As a member of "The Concurring Committee," I concur. Yes, Sir!


Okay, LOOK: I have three (3) words fo' ya (well, I actually have MORE than that, but ya know)...LOL


"The One-n-Only Lady San Franklin":

"Hey, your website! Be blessed!"


**Blushin' "as all get out"** :)



Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.

aka "littleman bG"

Christian ~ Author ~Motivator ~ Speaker

I see this "littleman" as a "brilliant GENIUS,"

because this "littleman" reflects a "big GOD."

He is my brother-in-Christ and friend for life.

I love you, "littleman"..."be GOOD"! :)


<---- This is "Lady Cynthia Diggs"...**Smh**

I'm just gon' be STRAIGHT-UP wit' ya, okay? If you are NOT 4Real about MINISTRY, do NOT...I NOT call on this woman of God! There. You have been FOREWARNED.

"Lady Cyndi" loves GOD 4Real, y'all, and she will hurt you ova some JESUS, honey! LOL Wheeeew! I'm "tryna" tell ya. So, come t' her CORRECT; otherwise, she WILL put somebody "in CHECK"! Please don't let it be YOU, hear?

Now that THAT is understood, you may return to your regularly scheduled programming. :)


Uhm...Prayer Warriors, where y'all at? (my dad would say, "Behind that preposition 'at'" - lol) I need you to point your hands in the direction of my OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY brother-in-Christ:

Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley, I

He is a "Royal Mess"...but in a GOOD way. Do you know what I'm sayin'? To KNOW him is to LOVE him; howEVA (ever), you've gotta seek da LAWD to UNDERSTAND him. ;) **wink**

Proverbs 4:7 (King James Version) clearly says,

"Wisdom is the principal thing;
therefore get wisdom:
and with all thy getting
get understanding."

Thanks fo' da laughs, Sir "Rev." We love you!


To "Lady Sylvia Cunningham" (04/13/10):

(Overseer-Elect for 2011)

Indeed, you are a...

Servant of



Victoriously while

Incorporating His

Anointing in all that you say and do.

Please know that your living SHALL NOT

be in the Lord. Be encouraged, my sister-friend. I love you! :)

Calling it like I SEE it,


"Lady Sylvia": You are SOOOOOO beautiful, Cassie. Inside and out! You indeed have the heart of God! I LOVE YOU!

"Cassie": **Gettin' my smile on...** :)


 Keep an eye on this young, progressive pastor:

Sir Rev. Brian Randolf Nelson, Sr.

"Unless your life is activated by a sustained purpose, it can become a depressingly haphazard affair."


Yes, Sir...

Purpose-activated and Word-motivated.

Now, THAT's the life for me! :)

Sustained and NOT strained, "Cassie"


I CANNOT express enough thanks to GOD for...

The Remarkable

"Lady Evangelist Jacqueline 'Jackie' Hill":

"Thank you for your love, prayers, inspiration & support! Love you lotz!"


Today and always you are in my thoughts

and prayers, "Lady J"...BELIEVE THAT! Kingdom-connections has its benefits, ya know? Continue to be blessed, be encouraged, and I will DEFINITELY be in touch. :)


Brief Testimony From a Living, Breathing, Walking & Talking Miracle:

Sir George L. Clinkscale, II

"Want to pause and simply say, 'Thank You' (God), for allowing me to see one more year. A few months ago I did not know if I would see 10/28 (birthday) ever again. But you came to visit me and left the greatest gift I've ever received...Another Chance. Just wanted you to know how GREAT I think you are and I'm glad to be yours. Glc2"


CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES to you, Sir George! The devil "thought" he had you. Ohhhh...but uh-ra...Oops! upside his BIG ol' ugly head! MORE THAN A CONQUEROR, that's who you are, Sir! Today (10/28/10) is the first day of the BEST days of the REST of your life. Do it up, live it up, and keep it up 'til God "scoops" (raptures) you up! We love ya, man. Now...get t' steppin' in Jesus' name! :)

Celebrating the God in you...excited for what He's about to do,



To My Sensationally Elegant Sister-in-Christ:

"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson"


"Cassie" (too), is there anyway that I can have you in a spray bottle...and just spray you on "errrryday"?! LOL I can't describe how blessed and how truly grateful I am to have this Kingdom-connection with you; but just KNOW. Okay? Thanks, Sis. I love you! :)

"Lady Cassandra":

HAHAHA! Spray bottle? Girl, you are funny!

How 'bout we just cherish each other?


**Cheezin'** :)


This "ver, ver" cool guy is EXCELLent @ being...

Sir Excell Amos, Jr.

(On da FB, November '09): "Cassandra, I was just watching the COGIC on the Word Network. Bishop Porter was preaching, and I saw you in the audience. can give me your autograph when you come home. lol I pray you had a great time."


Thank you, "Sir E"! You're a mess...but I lovez ya anyhow! LOL I am having a WONDERFULLY GLORIOUS time in Memphis, TN. God is doin' what He do best - showin' out! :)

**Other FB Posts below.**

Sir Excell (May 24, 2010):

"You can make God's ears perk up by praising Him now

for the answers that are on the way."


YES, Sir! Not only did God's ears perk up,

but He sat straight up, inhabiting my praise,

while dispatching His angels to make good on my prayers.

WHAT?! :)

Majoring in APA "Advance Praise Academics" (lol),


Sir Excell (September 15, 2010):

"If you want a product to work, you have to obey the manufacturer's principles of operation."


Yes, Sir! Either OBEY or GIVE IT AWAY! 'Cause somebody else knows what it TAKES...since ignorance does NOT a smart person MAKE! Wheeeew! **smh**

STICKIN' BY-n-FOLLOWIN' ALONG with 'The Principles,'




**Tears o' joy all up on my lenseses!**

"Lady Dr. Margaret Pleasant Douroux"?!

(On da FB?)

I just want you t' know that my mom ("Madam Carrie Roberson") and I speak of you quite often! The songs that God writes through you are "what THAT is!" (don't know if you know what that phrase Thank you for touching our lives in a very REAL way.

May God bless you even the MORE, and we love you even the MORE! **bowin'-n-curtsyin'-n-carryin' on** MUAH! :)

Respectfully...wit' lots o' hugs-n-kisses,


Dr. Douroux:

You know I don't know how God gets music in me. He just does. I've concluded that He will use a Jackass (: I'm always amazed to know that God sends blessings through the music that He puts in my heart. I was such an average music student and I learned every lesson slow. God just hides the music in my heart. I can not take credit for it. I'm just glad that you and your mom are blessed by it. God gets it in and out of me to bless others. It's amazing.


I hear ya, Dr. Douroux! "NEVAtheless," ANYWAY God chooses t' do it, we WILL be satisfied...I GUARANTEE ya! Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb! Keep ROCKIN' on Christ "THE SOLID ROCK." We celebrate you BOTH! :)

Today and always,



This "Brave Young Warrior for God" has literally SURVIVED life's STORM...

both naturally and spiritually:

Sir Mike Frazier

I APPLAUD him for allowing GOD to

turn "Mike's DISAPPOINTMENT" into "HIS APPOINTMENT" - courage to persevere, strength to endure, and hope in CHRIST:

the ONLY Foundation that is sure.

(Full story at:

Wishing God's BEST for continued SUCCESS,



"Lady Teshania Blackwell"





Authoritatively with


Integrity, and


From every crevice of my heart, I thank you. :)

Celebrating the GOD in YOU,



Uhm...ya might oughta watch out fo' dis one!

I'm just sayin'.

Sir Pastor Jay Moss

Preachin' on da FB (10/12/10):

"We can't keep preaching nursery rhymes and not deal with the real issues in the Church. Somebody had better stand up and take authority over it. Because while the Church is busy shouting, having preaching and worship contests...we're losing an entire generation."


JUDGMENT is coming SWIFTLY to the "Household of Faith" about this very thing, Sir Jay. We'd better WISE UP or get CAST DOWN, people! This is NOT A JOKE but a "Rhema" WORD which GOD SPOKE!

Lower the volume of your music-n-musicals, in order to hear lost souls crying out for HELP. The "Big Clock" is tickin'; so, let's straighten up, and GET BUSY!

Keepin' my OWNself "in check" to protect-n-save my OWN neck,


.......KS....... this "Wonder Woman of God"

gorgeous or what? Well, GORGEOUS, of course!

**rebuking the spirit of jealousy out there...even now!**

"Lady Vickie Winans McLemore"

Because of THIS precious woman's encouraging, divinely-inspired, and intensely anointed debut recording of the classic gospel song, "We Shall Behold Him" (written by the Late Dottie Rambo), I am MORE awestruck at how MIGHTILY God moves in the midst of every funeral/home-going service that I've been requested to sing it for. The lyrics alone are POWerful enough; but to VISUALIZE what is being VOCALIZED is a "WHOLE NOTHA SOMETHIN' ALTOGETHA"! Wheeeew! **smh** Thank you, "Lady Vickie"...I love you SO much, Sis. MUAH! :)

From MY heart to YOURS,



BABIEEEES...let the literary record show that immediately following behind "Mama Joyce" (uhm...that is, Dr. Joyce Meyer), here sits my ALL-TIME second FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) Christian author in da 'tire wuhl (the entire world):

Sir Dr. John C. Maxwell

Reading is my #1 pastime, y'all, and next in line is writing. Okay? Give me some peace, some quiet, a comfortable chair, my Holy Bible, and "ANYTHANG" written or co-authored by the Great Dr. Maxwell, and I'm like a li'l kid that's roaming around FREE inside of a candy store! WHAT?! lol 

Father God, I know I've told You this a gazillion times before, but I simply MUST say it again: You are TOTALLY AWESOME! **sniff-sniff (eyes beginning to leak that "clear liquid substance" called "tears")** Thank You, Sir. You know I love You, too, right? Awww...I see You blushin'. :)


Speaking of "Mama Joyce": Here she is, folks!

"Lady Evangelist Dr. Joyce Meyer"

What you see IN her is what you get FROM her, which is an IMPERFECT servant glorifying the ONLY PERFECT God. Having a TRUE "heart for missions," I support her ministry as well as my home church, because I Love & Trust them both.


For an...






Here's yo' man:

Sir Apostle Oscar T. Benton, Jr.

He's a "young man with an old soul."

Unless you're ready fo' some sho' 'nuf churchin',

DON'T book him! :)

See? I'm gettin' "crunk" just thinkin' 'bout it! lol


"Lady Evangelist Esther Smith":

(On da FB 12/09/10)

"WOW...THIS IS A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY! 73 FEELS GREAT (SMILE)! Let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of LOVE! The greatest part of today is when I think about the fact that 65 of these years, I've lived for HIM...JESUS! All I know and all I want to know is Jesus. I love each one of you and consider yourself being hugged right now. Again, THANKS!"


Okay. Uhm...wit' all due respect and "errrrythang," it ain't nice t' lie, "Evangelist"! LOL Just kiddin'. I believe ya, 'cause my mom is 76 years young, defyin' her age as well. Ain't God is good? SHO' He is!

\0/<-- Now, lift those sanctified hands, and give Him praise! We love you, "Queen Esther"! MUAH! **bowin'-n-curtsyin'-n-carryin' on** :)

Wishing you da BEST "Happy Birfday" EVA (ever),



Just The Beginning

Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers

The specially-anointed gospel composition that you hear playing...ministering unto us, "the children and citizens of God's Kingdom," is a POWerful "Carrtune" by none other than:

Sir Kurt Carr


Givin' it a gazillion kudos and two thumbs up,