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Kingdom Spotlight III

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

~St. Matthew 5:13-16 (King James Version)~

"If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others."

~Philippians 2:1-4 (King James Version)~

In the "Kingdom of God" both women AND men become "pregnant" through having an "intimate relationship" with God, Who IS the FATHER of the "unborn child". The "most popular names" given to the "newborn baby" prior to giving "birth" and at the time of "delivery" are:

"Dreams," "Visions," "Destiny," & "Faith" -

all sharing the "same last name," which is:


Therefore, unless God's "seed" is planted and remains inside of you, you are none of His!

(Read I John 3:7-10.)

That's TOO "deep" fo' some of ya...I know; but "it IS what it IS."

Hello! ;) **wink**

"Lady Dr. Judith Christie-McAllister"

(Affectionately known as "The First Lady of Praise & Worship")

Jehovah Unveils Divine Intimacy Through Her

Musical Creativity:

Amicably &



Instrumentalists &

Singers by


Exhortation &


I have ALWAYS had the UTMOST respect and admiration for you, "Lady Judy". You ROCK! :)

Standing FOXY in PROXY fo' ya,




Sir Luther Barnes


The Red Budd Gospel Choir

The "floodgates of Heaven" burst WIDE OPEN each time I hear this "tear-jerker"-of-a-song pullin' at my "heartstrings." May it minister to your heart as well.

Thank you, Sir Luther Barnes. God bless you, and I love you!

OMGlasses! **tearin' up even now.** :)

From MY heart to YOURS,


Spirit Fall Down

Luther Barnes & The Red Budd Gospel Choir: Somehow Someway


The Incredibly Gifted...

"Lady Lisa Page-Brooks"

On da FB 12/17/10:

"If you are in God's will (purpose, plan) for your life & walking in obedience to his word, it's always your season! Have a wonderful day! Love."


Correcto mundo, "Lady Lisa"!

Each NEW "day" comes with its own brand-spankin' NEW "mercy," which God uses to "season" our "Plate of Purpose." Not only does He allow us to "see" it, but to "taste" it as well. "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." ~Psalms 34:8 (King James Version)

For this "I Wanna Say...Gotta Say, 'Thank You'" right along with you, Sis.

God bless you, and I love you! :)

Seated at The Master's Table,



My "Ver, Ver" Special Childhood Friend...

"Lady Tamela Mann"

**Pictured here w/hilarious "hubby" Sir David Mann**

Back in the Mid '70's "Tam" & I sang in both the Youth Choir and the Sanctuary Choir of Holy Tabernacle COGIC, under the pastorage of her Uncle Robert L. Sample. At that time my mom, Madam Carrie Roberson, was the Minister of Music/Choir Director, and "Tam" was "wreckin' shop" even then! Yes, Suh! LOL

Occasionally, "my homegirl" and I would stand in front of the console, which was in the living room of my parents' home, and we'd sing along with The Late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark & The Clark Sisters' LP albums (rememba dem?)... sometimes waaaayyyy ova into da midnight hour! **smh** She'd pretend to be Karen Clark, and I'd pretend to be Mattie Moss-Clark and/or Dorinda Clark, while leading the songs that they lead. Oh, what FUN we had! **reaches fo' da Kleenex box...sigh**

Thanks for the memories, "Tam." Both The Roberson Family & The Holy Tabernacle COGIC Family salute you for becoming the GREAT gospel artist that you are! We love you, Sis. MUAH! :)

Walking according to God's "Master Plan,"



"I Don't Know Why"

Written By...

Sir Billie Miller On da FB 12/19/10:


"I don't know why You LOVE me

But I'm so glad You do

I don't know why You CHOSE me

But I'm glad that I chose You

I don't know why You FORGAVE me

But I'm so glad You did.

I don't know why You CHANGED me

But that's why I live."


You're messin' me up, Sir Billie! I just thought I'd let you know that, Sir! UGH! **smh** I am an "Official Basket Case" right now. Thanks a LOT, hear? I'll deal wit' YOU later...I'm out! **sniff-sniff**

Scrambling fo' da Kleenex box wit' da quickness,


Sir Billie:

Cassandra - Yes, Yes, Yes! I bumped into the Holy Spirit, and He stepped on my toes. So, I stuck out the rest of them so He can step on them, too. He rubbed me the 'right' way. ;-)

I'm glad we're connected. Stay Up, and Stay Blessed.


The Phenomenally Versatile...

"Lady Gaye Arbuckle"

(The woman can just FLAT-OUT "SANG," y'all!)


**Screamin' at da TOP o' my lungs-n-carryin' on**


In your "cornTer" howEVA (lol),


"Lady Gaye":

Tooo funny! Luv ya back!


I love this li'l guy! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I realize that he might have "a few loose screws" up in that brilliant head o' his, but it ain't NOTHIN' that God "CAIN'T" fix! What do ya think "The Blueprint" is for, huh? God Himself is the "Chief Architect." Let's just move around, and give Him some space to do what He do! Sheesh! **smh** Be encouraged, Sir Kirk. :)

"No matter what may come your way,

your life is in God's hands."

CraZy enough to believe what He says,



The Lovely Prophetess/Evangelist

For Such a Time As This...

"Lady Tonya S. Hall":

"Renew your mind...YOUR ignorance is the greatest adversary you are ever going to face...*GET IN THE KNOW*...increase the POWER in your life...through the knowledge of who you are in HIM...let's KNOW...what He SAID...and live life in HIS reality...nothing can stop us NOW."


YOU iz...uhm...I mean, "are" MY kinda people, "Lady Tonya"!

There is absolutely NO excuse for IGNORANCE...from ME and NOBODY else. If our GOD is ALL-KNOWING, surely we oughta at least have an ABUNDANCE of it our OWNselves! Ya think? **smh**

Thanks for sharing, Sis. I love you! :)

One o' da "Redeemed" sayin' so...because GOD said so,



Sir Pastor Donald James

I chose to put this amazing man of God in the "Kingdom Spotlight," because from my own personal observation of his undying love and unmistakable commitment to his darling wife, The Late Evangelist Trinia James, I gained a whole new perspective on "marriage God's way."

Sir Donald, as you further pursue the divine purpose for which you've been called, please know that a "great cloud of witnesses" are cheering you on, and you will never, ever be alone. God bless you, Sir! :)

With lots o' love and my deepest heartfelt sympathy,



The Electrifying & Spiritually Edifying...

"Lady Brenda Ellis"

(In reference to her book, "The Heart Of a Psalmist")

"God does not take a person's individual worship and compare it with that of another person; however, He measures your worship against the attitude of your heart...It's our place as worshippers to storm the very gates of hell, regain the lost dominion, and stand in the place vacated by Lucifer's fall, leading the angelic host in everlasting praise, and worshipping our Most High God."

WOW! How can you NOT love this magnificent woman of God, huh?

Come 'ere right NOW, and gimme a hug, "Lady Bren"!

I'll risk experiencing a li'l "shock" from the embrace. :)

**"electricity"...get it?**

From the heart of one Psalmist to another,



The superb Dr. Myles Monroe is what I call:

"Excellence Personified"!

I am STILL "chewing" on his "ver, ver" OUTSTANDING best-seller book entitled,

"Understanding The Purpose and Power of Woman"

(a book for women and the men who love them)


**my BEST description of it!**

Get a copy, hear? K, thx.

(That is all.)

Because I now KNOW who I really AM,



This is my beloved "White Soul Sista"

(in Christ), in whom I am well-pleased...

"Lady Martha Munizzi"

"Kingdom Kinfolks" are multi-racial and interdenominational...but "cain't" ya see da resemblance betwixt me-n-my sista?

;) **wink**

"Lady Martha", thanks for writing-n-sharing with the world some of the most soul-stirring, POWerfully-anointed Praise & Worship songs EVA (ever) written! I love you, Sis. :)

"Because Of Who You Are" the Lord,



LOOKA Here, Why Dont'cha:

It's TWO (2) Gifts For ONE (1) God!

"Lady Mary Alessi"

(Martha Munizzi's twin)

Those bea-YOU-tiful songs of surrender, such as, "More" and "Filled With Your Spirit,"

are unanimous permanent fixtures on the P&W Repertoire of my church. Great, huh?

\0/<--(wit' uplifted hands) YAY! Whoo-hoo!

To God be ALL the glory for choosing you, "Lady Mary", to be among a plethora of gifted songwriters who seek diligently, hear accurately, and follow closely to the rhythm of His heartbeat. Way t' go, Sis...MUAH! :)

Happily applauding you for a job well done,



All Rise For the Incoming Of...

Sir Rev. Dr. Rance Allen



I needz ALL ushers on duty WHENEVA and WHEREVA there iz an appearance by this here "sangin'-preacha machine"! **smh** Whether it's on purpose or not, one is apt to be "slain" either during or immediately following ANY of his highly-explosive, jaw-dropping performances! I SO love him and God, his Creator, Who "gift-wrapped" him and sent him "special delivery" to bless the world and bring the glory back to Him! :)

Lovingly and Respectfully,