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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXIV

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Some of us block our own blessings...simply because we try to figure out the "how" of what God tells us to do! How big is your faith? If He tells you to do it, the path is ready...every platform, person, door, etc. is in place waiting for you. Now, go forth and be about the Father's business! :)


0/<--(Saluting-n-carryin' on)




"Lady Psalmist Sharon D. Jackson":

Amazing things happen when you

allow God to just be God!!


iAgree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you,

"Lady Sharon"!

Just as well..."Damaging-n-Damnable things happen when you DON'T allow God

to just be God!!" WHAT?!

Ain't "Tryna" Change or Cramp His Style

At All (lol),



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:

Somebody needs to hear this today: You don't have to DIG in the devil's trash can to REGAIN, RECOUP, RECUPERATE, REBUILD or RESURRECT what he stole from you! It's now TRASH - not TREASURE! Leave that contaminated, tainted garbage alone! STAND STILL, and wait on the GREATER manifestation!! God's about to give you "YOUR NEW STUFF!"


YES, MA'AM! I'll take my "NEW & IMPROVED STUFF" for FREE,

versus paying the UNnecessary COST of getting the SIN-INFESTED,

SICK-TO-DA-STOMACH STANK off of what the devil


Are you kidding me? PUH...leeeeaaaase!

He betta ask somebody wit' da QUICKNESS,

'cause iHave NO time or space for his MANGY (filthy) MESS!

Because my LATTER shall be GREATER,



Sir Bishop James H. Bowman, Sr.:

I believe everything the Bible says

about any subject!

It's not open to debate...

It's the Word of God!!!


Yes indeed, Sir Bishop...

10-4, Roger That, OVA-n-OUT! :)

Without any debate, dispute or further discussion about it,



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 12/05/11:

Click flier above to enlarge.

The cat is out of the bag...The official announcement was made at 11:30 this morning. Guess who has joined the Family!! THE LADY BELL!! Listen to me beginning Monday, December 12th, Monday-Friday, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., bringing you 2 hours of the best in Praise & Worship/Gospel Music, interviews with local and national/global personalities, guidance for your worship development, etc. Welcome to THE LADY BELL SHOW...come on in where the Spirit of the Lord is....


**After a "gazillion" others'**

Oooo-to-da-weeee! Don'tcha see? Don'tcha see? Behold the MIGHTY WORKS of G-O-D! It's PART of the PROMISES once PROPHESIED to thee, "exceeding abundantly above ALL we can ask or think..." If thou canst BELIEVE, then say with me: "iAm a PRODUCT of Ephesians 3:20!" ;) **wink**

Loving, Celebrating & Appreciating You,



As a Threat To The Kingdom of Darkness, You "cain't" Toil & Tussle with jive Turkeys, "Tryna" Tough Things out on The enemies' Turf, while being Timid & Two-faced at The SAME Time! They can see right Through That & WILL Turn you SLAP OFF! So, DON'T Trip! Faith-Talkers back up The Word of God with Tenacity & A "NO-Tolerance For FOOLISHNESS Policy"! The Just KNOW in Whom They Believe & Put Their Trust.

Therefore, EVERY Trivial & Tremendous Test & Trial

Begins & Ends in Triumph & A SMILE!

Now...Take That! :)

"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

LOL!!! JIVE TURKEYS (Flatlined)____________love it!!


I'm just sayin', Sis.

Of course, "it IS what it IS" too! lol

"Lady 'Cym'":



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

Cry loud, sis! Realness!!

That's why I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZING!! POW!! ZAP!!!!!


(B)ust (A) (M)ove, people! lol

Sir Fitzgerald Davis:

Enjoyed you the other night, along with your mother, at Griggs Chapel.

You are truly a singing vessel.


Thank you EVA (ever) so kindly, Sir...

Madam Carrie Roberson, tho she IS my mama, is also my "Shero"! :)

"Lady Evangelist Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":



Watch out there, Evangelist...

You gon' make me pass you da mic,

and they SHO' ain't ready fo' YOU, Sis! lol

"Lady Shawn":



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On My FB Wall 12/06/11:

Blessings to you, Singing Angel of The Most High, Long time supporter of AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship) and true friend of mine!! You got it going on in the Lord with your personal ministry, and you STILL make the time to share your gift with us and support another work, and never have an excuse for anything. That says volumes about you! I praise God for the day I met you, and He has connected us ever since. Friendship that lasts throughout the years is definitely God-sent. Love you much!


"Lady da WANDAful Bell," THAT is the Truth ALL DAY LONG! Hear?

Thank you SO "ver, ver" much for accepting me into your life,

as I READILY did with you. The God in you ROCKS continually,

which means iAm here (with you) to STAY! ;) **wink**

iLove you, Sis! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

4Life & 4EVA,



Sir Tom Battle On da FB 12/06/11:

PSA (Public Service Announcement) ~

Take it as a COMPLIMENT when the devil KEEPS throwing stuff in your way, on your way to your BLESSINGS and your DESTINY. He knows your POWER. ~ REMEMBER: He don't fight NOBODIES, and IT'S a FIXED fight that God has ALREADY given you VICTORY. ~ TRUST HIM.


Amen...and it IS so, Sir Tom! Thank You & God Bless You! :)

On Your Team & In Your "CornTer" (lol),


Sir Tom:

Thanks, sis. Keep me in prayer.


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 12/06/11:

It is CRITICAL in this season to have the proper spiritual covering, leadership, guidance, mentorship, teaching and impartation whom you can have hands-on access to, with an anointing that supersedes where you are right now, and great enough to impart wisdom, knowledge, understanding and meet the needs of your spiritual being. Your life, salvation and ministry depends on it.

The sound you hear will be the sound you produce. The DNA of the spirit you encounter will be that which you produce. What profit is it to be covered by those you will never talk to, never speak to their office, or they will never know your name? What profit is it also to be covered by those who cannot impart anything GREATER than what you have right now?

If I cannot connect to you as my covering SOMEHOW in my distress...

so that you can aid me, assist me, come to my rescue, counsel me,

or speak into my life...then I am a "naked preacher!"


Ephesians 4:11-12

~King James Version~

"And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:"


**Midway several others' comments...**

"Amen" UP one side and DOWN the other of this HEAVEN-SENT Word from the MOST HIGH God! Everyone on this thread has voiced what, iBelieve, the Holy Spirit has LED you to speak, regarding the Apostle's post. Yes, even in the midst of ADVERSITY & OPPOSITION, we must ALL be RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE to the True & Living God FIRST, then to our "Assigned Covering" on the earth. That's the way God ORDERED & ORDAINED it. To LIVE & ABIDE contrary to it dreadfully DISPLEASES & DISHONORS God to His face. NOT a good thing at all.

Thank you for sharing such SOUND DOCTRINE, "Lady Sylvia."

It is certainly accomplishing that which it was sent out to do,

and to God be the Glory!

Lovingly & Respectfully,



From Me To Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham

On Her FB Wall 12/06/11:

(S)is, (Y)ou (L)ook (V)ery (I)ntelligent & (A)dorable

on this here profile picture.

iAlready commented on the (FB) Photo Album.

NEVAtheless, iWanted to say what iJust said...

so, iDid. ;) **wink**

"Happy Triumphant Tuesday" to you!

iLove you! :) xoxoxo

Thinking of you (as ALWAYS...of course),


"Lady Sylvia":

Love you soooooo much!!!!


"Lady Minister Cynthia 'Cyndi' Diggs" On da FB 12/08/11:

My song of the morning!

Now Behold the Lamb- Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin && Family


YES! iAm BEHOLDING & iAm CRYING! Bless GOD & Hallelujah to



An Official "Basket Case" right about NOW,





Now...lemme "Break It Down" For You:

STOP For a Moment to Realize that the ALMIGHTY GOD, In ALL of HIS Glory, Majesty, Dominion, Power, Loving-Kindness, Mercy & Grace, has Favored You with ANOTHA Opportunity to SEE & SEIZE a Day that You've NEVA Seen before! Take a LOOK Around & Absorb HIS Wondrous & Mighty Works that are On Display EVERYWHERE You Turn! GIVE THANKS "In" ALL Things & "For" ALL Things. Then WATCH, FIGHT & PRAY. Why? There's a Song that says, "The devil DON'T like it, 'cause I'm BLESSED LIKE THAT!" Ya Got it? GOOD. :) #KaPOW!


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 12/08/11:

Oh, how blessed we are to enter the chambers of WORSHIP. This is where we commune with God and where He speaks to us clearly without distractions. Leaders, especially, need to go there often. There is a quiet place where He does speak to our spirit. Selah.

"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

Yep, it's not always about praise! Worship is a must! That's why there are so many one-sided praisers walking around not able to hear from God! Praise is where we speak to God. Worship is where He talks back to us! Communication is key even with God.


Ahhhh...YES, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

The "chambers" is "The Secret Place" of God's "Tabernacle,"

where He & "The Remnant" of His Kingdom can FREELY Dine & Dwell.

In ALL sincerity, there is NO BETTER place I'd rather be. :)

Basking In The Overflow of The Afterglow,



"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On Her FB Wall 12/08/11:

Jan Carroll ~ That "Chaos (2011) Before Order (2012)" just hit my spirit...

GLORAAAAYYYYY!!! Thank you, woman of God!!!


"Lady J" & "Lady Jan" two (2) gon' STRIKE A MATCH & START A FIRE up in here, on da FB! But the GOOD THING about it SPREADING is: It's a CONSUMING FIRE that won't leave you CLUELESS about what's NEXT IN LINE. Touch yo' neighbor and say, "A NEW THING is about to SPRING UP, and da devil "cain't" do NOTHING about ANYTHING but SHUT-TO-DA-UP!" lol

Goin' To GET What's To Be GOT,


"Lady Jan":

Oh, bless His name!!! And it's almost over.

I thank God that He sustained us in the chaos

and is prepping us for order!

Thank you, Jesus.


Sir Bishop James H. Bowman, Sr. On da FB 12/09/11:

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under

the shadow of the Almighty." (Psalm 91:1)

Whatever happened to the song,

"In The Word of God, I've Got a Hiding Place"?


See, Bishop, uhm..."what HAD & HAS happened WAS & IS" this:

ONLY "The Remnant" who are ACTUALLY "In" The Word of God - reading it, studying it, eating it and living it - can TRUTHFULLY sing the song (if they even know the song) in the first place. Otherwise, they'll just be flat-out singing a LIE, "tryna" get somewhere and HIDE "from" God, rather than be HIDDEN "In" God. #iKnowthewordsandlivethelife

Still Dwelling, Abiding, Singing & NOT Jiving,


Sir Bishop:

Cousin Cassandra, you know you are on point with that comment!

I love it! Blessings to you, and much love to you and family!


Jehovah Jireh Has Let Us Borrow

The Time & Space of Today & Tomorrow.

Use Them Wisely, Carefully & Productively.

For "If You Snooze, You Lose" The Favorable Blessing of Opportunity. :)



Finely Tuned & Solely Fit For His Will & Way,


Joyfully & Tastefully On This Glorious Day! :)

Hitting "THAT NOTE" That He Likes,


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes indeed!! Good morning, Lady Cassie! :)

"Lady Tarra Woodson":

Hello, Sis. Cassandra. How are you?


"All is WELL, because in Christ I DWELL." :)

Psalm 95:1-3

~King James Version~

O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.


"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill"


We are not ignorant of the enemy's attacks; been under attack since preaching a 3-night revival, but the DAMNED DEVIL IS "ALREADY" DEFEATED...and GREATER is HE that is in us, than he that is in the world!!! Thank you, God, for souls, deliverance, breakthrough, hope, increased faith, iron sharpening iron...






ALREADY, "Lady J"! Be EVER MINDFUL that the DEVIL has an ACUTE CASE of AMNESIA and has to be OFTEN REMINDED that he is a LOW-DOWN LOSER from here to eternity! Keep it FOREVER FRESH, Sis, because GOD is getting the GLORY out of this! AMEN...and it IS so.

Praying CONTINUALLY & CONFIDENTLY on your behalf,


"Lady J":

@ Cassie: Yes, ma'am, you're right about it!

May our lives forever GLORIFY HIM!

Draw us nearer, GOD, in the mighty name of Jesus!

"Lady Goldie Shelton":

Amen. :-)

Sir Tabydrick Scott:

Amen, Biggg Sis!

"Lady Phallen Lemons":

Jackie Hill, he's mad, because of the blessed future that God has for you. You are a threat to his defeated kingdom, so he's trying to distract you by attacking the things that pertain to you. You are a true warrior in the body (of Christ) and the almighty God has given you the power to trample the enemy! He can try whatever he wants, but it's already a fixed fight. God has already determined the end from the beginning, and within the Span between the two times God has ordained you for such a time and has declared you victorious!

"Lady J":

@ Phallen, glory to GOD for power to trample the..."already" defeated enemy! I thank God for a renewed mind and boldness to stand stronger, bolder, greater, and more prayerful, "Dressed for Success" in the whole armor of God. May God's blessing continue to come upon you and overtake you in this season and all that is to come!

"Lady Phallen":

Minister Jackie Hill, I receive it in the name of Jesus!

Have a super blessed Sunday, and continue to give the devil a black eye!

Sir Don Turner:

Love is the magnet that draws believers together

and attracts unbelievers to Christ!

We stand with you!

"Lady Jerri P. Beasley":

You already know! That he has to try and get you off course because God used you to get others back on the right course! It's good to know that even the fruit of your womb is blessed. That means your children and that they are covered under the Blood. Everything and everyone assigned to you is covered under the Blood! The enemy has to test it to see for sure. Now, with that said, No weapon Formed against you and yours shall prosper! And any and all attacks of the enemy are canceled in Jesus' Name! I thank God for restoration of peace, energy and joy! I bind any and all retaliating spirits in Jesus' Name!

"Lady Amanda Littrell":

I got you, sis! Every last assignment and attack MUST come under submission! Love you...praying with you and for you!

"Lady Jan Carroll":


the vital statistics of a defeated foe!!!

You blessed me, Hill.

"Lady Evangelist Nicolette Hines":




"Lady J":

**The very next day...**

Thank you Lord for tailor making this S.A.S.S.Y.

(Sober, Alert & Standing Strong in Yahweh) armor!

Grateful for the whole armor of God, which enables us to stand against

the wiles, tricks, schemes, hatefulness, threats, etc. of the enemy!

It's one thing to declare it, it's another thing to wear it!!!




To Bring The LONELY & LOST IN:

Let Your SAVED LIFE Be a SONG That Draws Others From The Clutches of SIN. It's the Most Vital HEART TONE of The GREAT COMMISSION (St. Matthew 28:19-20) - Our Kingdom Purpose & Assignment - Because We're "BORN AGAIN" To WIN.

St. Matthew 28:19-20

~King James Version~

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman":

Love this!!!!!!!


And iLove YOU, "Lady Kathy"! Let's GO! :) xoxoxo

"Lady Kathy":

Sending you a basket of "Love Nuggets" right back atcha! ;-)

"Lady Idashelly Arnold":

Cassandra, I RE-POSTED from your (FB) wall. This is awesome and oh, so true. Our lives should be a PRESENT to EVERYONE, as we present ourselves to a dying world by the way we live. So we must WATCH what we are PRESENTING in our daily walk. Thanks, Sister.


**All Smiles**


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham

On da FB 12/13/11:

Chills, Fever, Cold, Coughing, Aching,

Sneezing, No Voice. Ugh!!

Gotta stay in this bed all day again today.

Praying this is not the flu.



**After several others' "Well-Wishes"**

In "Keepin' It REAL & NATURAL" Before We "Rightly Divide" or DEAL w/da SPIRITUAL: Often MEN & WOMEN OF GOD (including m'self, since iAm in NO wayz exempt) tend to OVER-EXERT ourselves while MINISTERING to the VAST NEEDS of others and UNintentionally OVERLOOK the necessary "break-time" that our OWN minds and bodies require to function properly, consistently and effectively. Do what you MUST do, "Lady Sylvia," and may God's gifts of SERENITY & TRANQUILITY be the reward for your continued STABILITY. In the precious name of Jesus iPray. Amen...and it IS so. Be blessed, and know that you are loved. MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Your "Kingdom Sista-Friend" 4Life,



A Quote Shared by "Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":


"God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

but to save the world through Him." -John 3:17


Oh, YES, "Lady 'Cym'"! Jesus KNOWS: He's #1 of All My HEROES! :)

Flyin' With da REAL "SUPERMAN" (Up, Up & Away!),


"Lady 'Cym'":

Mine too!


The Explicit & Exquisite "E" Exposed

iEncourage Everyone, Essentially,

To Embrace The Excellency of El Shaddai Especially &

Emerge Enthusiastically As One Empowered To Effect

Change Exponentially. Then, When Evil Is Eradicated,

Eventually, Experience Life's Greatest Reward Eternally! :)

Enjoying "The Previews" Extensively & Ecstatically,


"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

I wish there was a LOVE button to click. I love this.


Wish granted in da Spirit, "Lady Lynda"!

So...LOVE it IS, and iThank you! ;) **wink**

"Lady Vanessa Brown":

I love this, Cassie ~ "tongue twister"


iKnow, right, "Lady Vanessa"? Uhm...iz yo' tongue alright now?

Hehehehe! :)


"Lady Debora Clark" On My FB Wall 12/14/11:



Awww...THANK YOU, "Lady Debora"!




"Lady Paulette Huewitt-Fecunda"

On My FB Wall 12/14/11:

Good Morning on this Wednesday!!!

Just stopping by to let you know you're being thought of today!

You are very special and loved!!!



Smooches & Stuff, "Lady Paulette"!

\0/<--iAm Surrounded by SO Much Love 'til iKnow What To Do!

(((((BIG HUGS))))) & Kisses All OVA Yo' Face!

MUAH! lol xoxoxo

"Lady Paulette":

Lol!!!!!!!! I can feel them. Lol!!!! It's a blessing to be loved!! :)


"Lady Psalmist Stephanie 'Queen' Dotson":

In my trailer/on the movie set, taking it all in!

Thanks for the prophesy, Bishop.


Ahem..."Your Royal Queenship,"

if thou wilt be SO kind, gimme dem cheeks;

iGotz somethin' fo' 'em right quick! :) xoxoxo

Lovin', Celebratin',

Bowin' & Curtsyin'-n-Carryin' On,


"Lady Stephanie":

Thanks, lady.

Sir Ken A. Williams:

Queen Diva!


"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On Her FB Wall 12/14/11:

Never forget the folks that prayed you through!


No Way, No How, No Dice, Nada!

Neva, Eva will iLeave home without 'em!

Thank you, "Lady J": My Dear "Kingdom Sista"!

A REAL Friend don't mind hangin' in there

wit' ya! ;) **wink**

Me ALL Day...Come What May,



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham

On da FB 12/14/11:

God had to PUSH YOU, PULL YOU, SHIFT YOU, SNATCH YOU UP & GRAB YOU OUT OF some PLACES, CONNECTIONS & RELATIONSHIPS that looked good and felt good, but all the was only a SET UP to KILL YOU! (BUT GOD....)


Hmph...and ALL THIS TIME those

"unsuspecting chumps"

(they KNOW who they ARE)

thought my Heavenly Father was just being

MEAN to me (for allowing it to be)! Ha-ha!


Thankful & Grateful But NEVA Distasteful (w/Good Reason),



"Lady Katrina Garrett" On da FB 12/16/11:

**Regarding the birthday greetings received

on her FB Wall**

Thank you FB family for all of the well wishes.

It has been an awesome day (12/15/11)!

A special thank you to my husband Ben

for an elegant evening and my daughter Talissa

for the greatest b-day celebration ever!

Love you all. Be Blessed.


God's CHOICEST Blessings Be Upon You, "Lady Katrina"! Thou hast done GOOD in the years PRIOR; now you're on your way to GREAT, by going just a li'l bit HIGHER! Congratulations & BEST Wishes, Sis! :) xoxoxo

Lovingly & Sincerely,


"Lady Katrina":

Thank you, Cassie. May God Richly Bless You. Love Ya!


"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" On da FB 12/15/11:

The people around you will determine your destiny.

Make sure you are walking with people who celebrate you,

not just tolerate you.


GOT 'EM & GONE WIT' 'EM, "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister"!

Thanks for the reminder, NEVAtheless. :) xoxoxo

Continuing to SOUND THE TRUMPET on da daily,



Sir George L. Clinkscale, II

On da FB 12/16/11:

There is a smile out there...


iSmile :)

(S)howing (M)any (I)(L)ove (E)verybody,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"

On da FB 12/16/11:

So, let me tell you about my expectancy moments know how I expect great parking spots and drive-thru lanes open and waiting for me, right? Well, I had three "drive-thru" stops to make...two banks and a pharmacy...all during the lunch hour...I was able to drive up to each and be the first in waiting!! Whoo-hoo!!! Just start expecting... :)

"Cassie" NOTE:

The Quote Above Reads: "Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible."

"Lady Mary Libby Hannah-Williams":

God is concerned about what concerns us.

He's just awesome like that.

"Lady Phebe":

And that's the truth, Mary Libby! I know it for myself!!


iSuspect that after making known our Request, we should Expect to Collect when allowing the Lord to Direct, as we set out on our Quest to see what happens Next. Works for me, "Lady Phebe"! Have a "Happy FUNtastic Friday"! ;) **wink**

Going To Get What's To Be Got (lol),


"Lady Phebe":

Absolutely, Lady Cassie!!

I couldn't have said it better myself...

really, I couldn't have said it

you've got the gift! :)


You bring out the Best in me,

because you have that kind of Effect

on me! :) xoxoxo

"Lady Phebe":

Awww...thanks, Sis. One of these days, we must meet face-to-face...

and we need to co-author a book!! :)


Whoo-to-da-hoo! Let's do da do! lol


Well, I (W)ant To (E)xpress

My Wonderful Weekend (W)ishes To (E)veryone

Whose Willing & (W)ise (E)nough To

"Work The (W)orks" Into (E)xistence For Him

Who Has Strategically Sent Us: To Proclaim & Seek

Justice On Behalf Of Those Who Are Voiceless!

Can (W)(E) do it? "Yes, (W)(E) Can!"

And Because God Has Spoken, (W)(E), the Church,

Say, "Amen." ;) **Wink**


Cassandra Roberson-Kelley Directing The Holy Tabernacle COGIC

Mass Choir On Sunday, 12/18/11

Photo by Barbara Frederick-Sample

(Click to enlarge.)

Thanks for sharing, "Lady Barbara"! Oooo-to-da-weeee! Your Father-in-Law, The Right Reverend Superintendent First Administrative Assistant Pastor Robert L. Sample, KNOWS "right good" that he let the Lord USE him on THIS here day, talkin' 'bout "Peace" (from Isaiah 9:1-7)! Hats off to da HTC Mass Choir, even tho iDirected only once...then H. G. (Holy Ghost) moved on da Pastor to COME "With" It & GO Forth "In" It! WHAT?! lol Just AWESOME, iTell ya! To God Be The Glory! Amen...and it IS so. :)

Love, "Cassie"


St. John 14:6

~King James Version~

"Jesus saith unto him,

'I am the way, the truth, and the life:

no man cometh unto the Father,

but by me."

MANY people desire the Truth.

SOME, of course, can't HANDLE it.

Still...a FEW, unfortunately,

have made a SCANDAL of it.

That's why it's IMPERATIVE for you, BELOVED,

to take INITIATIVE to seek guidance from God ABOVE.