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Rated CS-U 6: Cassie Straight-Up! Part 6

Image Above Posted By My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On Her FB Wall 01/25/13


**In My BEST "Sofia" (Played By Oprah Winfrey In "The Color Purple"

Movie) Voice** "ALL my LIFE I had to FIGHT...Girl, child, ain't safe in a family o' identified & (U)nidentified (F)ools & (O)ffenders aka UFO's {she actually said, 'Mens', but this here is MY}, but I ain't NEVA thought I had to FIGHT in my own 'HOUSE o' PAIN'! {she only said, 'House', but it's da same 'thang'} I LOVES 'my peeps' {I know she said, 'Harpo'}, God knows I do, but I'll kill 'em {'him', as in 'Harpo'} DEAD **Not LITERALLY, of course, 'cause iCassie AIN'T goin' to jail fo' NOBODY! lol** before I let 'em BEAT me!" Etc. Etc.

THE END (of THAT Round...Rrrrring! Rrrrring! lol)


Just Gon' KEEP Fighting da GOOD "Fight o' Faith" 4LIFE,

"Cassie" aka "CHAMPION For CHRIST"

I Timothy 6:12

~King James Version~

"Fight the GOOD fight of faith, lay hold on ETERNAL LIFE,

whereunto thou art also CALLED, and hast professed a

GOOD profession before MANY witnesses."


Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham Speaks:

You have the power AND authority to open up

your mouth & speak WORDS that will cause

WALLS to come crashing down!!


What iGot Outta da LESSON Is This:


"AUTHOR POWER"! \0/←Wait a Minute.

Now, "WHO, Pray Tell, Is AUTHOR?"

You MIGHT Ask.

Here's The CORRECT & FINAL Answer: JESUS,

The AUTHOR & FINISHER (Remember HE Said, "It Is FINISHED.")


Honey, HE Not Only WROTE The Word, But HE Is "The LIVING Word".

Did You Hear The WORDS That Just Came Outta My Mouth, "WALLS"?

You Are Coming Down...Ready or Not! Amen & It IS So.

**Suddenly, a "Crashing Sound" Echoes In da "Far Distance" & Becomes

Significantly LOUDER As It Swiftly Approaches "Closer To Home"!**

In OTHA News:

iLOVE You, "Dr. SWC", Wit' "EVERYTHANG" iGot!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo


4EVA ME, "Cassie"

"Lady Rev. Diane Noble":

**In my FB "Message Center" shortly thereafter...**

Good Afternoon Sistah - I just wanted to let you know that I clicked on

the web page that you have on Sylvia Cunningham's comment,

and it was absolutely Awesome! May God Continue to

Bless You and Yours! -Rev. Diane Noble


Thank You EVA (Ever) So Kindly, "Lady Diane"! But Uhm...

iTake NO Responsibility For It WHATSONEVA; 'Cause GOD Did It!

\0/←HELLO HERE & Let's Be CLEAR! I'm CraZy SHO' NUFF,

But iKNOW What's UP & That Would Be HIM! :) xoxoxo

At YOUR Service & For HIS Glory,


Hebrews 12:2

~King James Version~

"Looking unto JESUS the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith; who for

the joy that was set before HIM endured the cross, despising the shame,

and is set down at the RIGHT hand of the throne of GOD."

St. Matthew 4:4

~King James Version~

"But HE answered and said, 'It is WRITTEN, 'Man shall not LIVE by

bread ALONE, but by EVERY WORD that proceedeth

out of the mouth of GOD.'"

St. John 19:30

~King James Version~

"When JESUS therefore had received the vinegar, HE said,

'It is FINISHED': and HE bowed HIS head, and gave UP the ghost."


Through The Discipline & Consecration of


FINAL Conclusion That Contrary To

What My FB Counterparts & Other Constituents May Believe of Their Own FREE-WILL, iAm a FIRST-PLACE WINNER By "Choice" Because of The HOLY GHOST, Who Spiritually Serves

As My FIREWALL Conscious or INNER "Voice".

**Definition: a "Barrier" Intended To "Thwart" The Spread of a Destructive Agent & In THIS Case, "Cancel" The Assignment of ALL Demonic Forces, Etc. Etc.**

A Life-Changing Quote By An Anonymous Author:

"I choose to live by choice, not by chance; to make changes, not excuses; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to excel, not to compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others."


"I Can Do ALL Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me."

~Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

Careful For Nothin' While Kindly SHARE'n a Li'l "Somethin'-Somethin'"

(Called: "A Charge To Keep I Have"),


"Cassie" NOTE:

Partial Lyrics (First Two Verses) To "A Charge To Keep I Have"

Hymn By Charles Wesley (1707-1788)

"A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify | a never-dying soul to save,

and fit it for the sky. | To serve the present age, my calling to fulfill;

O may it all my powers engage to do my Master's will!"

Based on Matthew Henry's Commentary On Leviticus:

"We have every one of us a charge to keep, an eternal God to glorify, an immortal soul to provide for, needful duty to be done; and it must be our daily care to keep this charge, for it is the charge of the Lord our Master, who will shortly call us account about it, and it is our utmost peril if we neglect it. Keep it 'that ye die not'; it is death, eternal death, to betray the trust that we are charged with; by the consideration of this we must be kept in awe."

Philippians 4:6-7

~King James Version~

"Be careful for nothing (or don't be anxious); but in every thing by

prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests

be made known unto God.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your

hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."


Sir Minister/Psalmist Myron Williams Sharing a Li'l Reminder...

Just a Reminder...SUCCESS: It's not

always what you see. Most of the time

it's what you Don't see that

makes it Success…

Sir Ian Craig:

**Musician and a son of Supt. Charles Craig

& Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig**

This is good stuff, ain't it?

Strength is never surface material.

It's the things underneath the surface that you are made of!

Sir Myron:

See all that at the top is Stellar awards, Dove and Grammy's. All that at the bottom is District Meetings and State Meetings!! Awh, come on and lift those Chocolate and Cream of Wheat Hands and thank God for Sunday School, Revivals and State and National Choir Rehearsals!!

Sir Ian:

With no pay. Organs with keys missing and pedals

don't work. Getting kicked off the organ/drums at

the district and state musicals. Waiting for your

ride 'cuz you old enough to be the evangelist's

musician but still too young to drive.

Sir Myron:


Sir Ian:

Churches with no organ and a keyboard with speakers on top.

Sound systems with no treble. People singin' one congregational song

for 10 minutes. In A-natural. Then the next song is sang in E-natural.

Vernard Johnson asking you to play for him until Chad McCree

walks in, then he kicks you off in mid-song! lol

Sir Myron:

LOL!!! Bottom Part is: "Your Will Lord!"

Top part is: "I Never Knew That Favor Be This Way!"

Sir Ian:

Man, that tune is epic!

Is that a Myron Williams flow records original?

Sir Myron:


Sir Ian:

Wow. Divine Download. Simple, but sufficient.

"Lady Mariah LaChelle Scott":

That is awesome!!!


**Opens a BIG Ol' Bag o' Popcorn & Commences To

Start Crunchin' & Carryin' On**

Ohhhh...THIS FB Convo Betwixt Sir Minister Myron Williams & Sir Ian Craig Is So "Ver, Ver" Entertaining, SPIRITUALLY & TRUTHFULLY

Speaking! You Two Absolutely ROCK HARD As a ICEBERG!

**Get It? The Pic? Sigh...NEVA Mind...Smh**




"Kingdom Greetings" To You & You & You: In OTHA Words:


(S)howing (M)any (I) (L)ove (E)verybody,



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

Quotin' & Puttin' Folk "In-Check" On da FB 01/23/13:

"I might not be perfect, but neither are you...

So, go and check YOUR mistakes

BEFORE rating MINE."


"Boo"...Oh, NEVA Mind.

**iWas Gon' Give Ya, At LEAST,

An "A-" (minus) Anywayz...

WHATEVA. lol**

Goin' On UNTO Perfection (NOT There YET. See Hebrews 6:1),

"Cassie" aka "Yo' Imperfect-But-Confident S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy":



Did iEVA (Ever) Tell You That I LOVE YOU?!

:) xoxoxo

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Yes, even with my imperfect self....


EXACTLY! **Sigh...Smh**

"Lady Priscilla R. James-Everette":

Well said.

Hebrews 6:1

~King James Version~

"Therefore leaving the principles (elementary stages)

of the doctrine of Christ, let us GO ON UNTO PERFECTION

(maturity, being fully grown and complete in Christ);

not laying again the foundation of repentance from

dead works, and of faith toward God,"


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 01/23/13:

Good morning, family!! I'm up early giving God the praise! And this dropped in my spirit; I want to share it with you. When God is your source, and your faith is sure - the provisions have already been made. That's a short statement, I know, but knowing this will take you a long way. Have a tremendously blessed day!! Love you much!!


**Amongst otha's comments, of**


In The PERSON of "God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire",

Trumps ALL OTHA RESOURCES! You, Of Course, Know This

FIRST-HAND, 'Cause HIS Divine FAVOR Gotchoo

What MAN'S MONEY Couldn't "Buy" You!

**You'll Catch That Momentarily.**

MUAH! :) xoxoxo



"Cassie" NOTE:

That DOOFUS DIMWIT Low-DOWN DEVIL "Thought" he HAD Us, But As

DIRTY & DUMB As he IS, he DEFINITELY DIDN'T "See" Us Comin'!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" SHARE'n a Quote

That She Can Relate To On da FB 01/23/13:


When "They" DISRESPECT "You",

(R)(E)(S)(P)(E)(C)(T) "Them"


(R)ip '(E)m (S)idewayz IF (P)lain (E)nglish

(C)ain't (T)alk 4U! The End

Just "SHARE'n" a Bit o' WISDOM &

Parental COMMON Sense,



Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 01/23/13:

PRAYER is the most Important conversation of the day!


Yep, "Dr. SWC", Just a Li'l TALK/CONVO/DIALOG With JESUS

The CHRIST Makes It ALL RIGHT...ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT! :) xoxoxo


Because HE is My BEST Friend WITHOUT End,



"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" Shares This

"Boat-Rockin'" Quote On da FB 01/23/13:

Ain't this the truth!

Sir Marquis Jones:

Lol funny, but the truth. Sometimes you have to be careful for nothing.

There are a lot of Judah's waiting to betray us and a lot of

Peter's denying their character.


Oh...iSEE 'em, Sis. & GOD The "ALL-SEEING EYE" Does Too!

BAM! They BETTA (B)ust (A) (M)ove, If They Know What's BEST

Fo' 'em! I'm Just Sayin' & Warnin' 'em, Honey.

LOVE Ya, Tho. :) xoxoxo

Singing, "Row, Row, Row Yo' BOAT Gently Down Da Stream",



BUZZ'n Around da FB Wall of "Lady Jackie 'JC's Lady' Nelson"


"Kingdom Greetings" To You,

"Lady Jackie JC's Lady Nelson"!

On Behalf of "Cassie": GOD'S "Kingdom Scribe"

& "Kingdom Busy-Bee" (lol), Thank You For

Signing The GUEST BOOK On The Website!

As You Can "SEE"...There's MUCH MORE Where

That Came From! Brace Yourself & WATCH

For It! :) #KaPOW!

"JC's (Jesus Christ's) Lady":

U -->Cassandra Roberson-Kelley are very welcome, my sistah!

By da way...I hope u don't mind dat I've started using one of

your ™expressions...\0/-->raised hands!

Dat is soo unique/creative,

luv it!! :~}


It's ALL GOOD, "Lady Jackie JC's Lady Nelson"! THAT's How da

SAINTS o' da MOST HIGH GOD "Get Their Praise On", Honey:

\0/←(UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY! See What iMean?

;) **wink** #Let'sGO!

'Cause AIN'T NO Shame In Praising HIS HOLY Name,


"JC's Lady":

Lol...thx, sis...loving ur spirit!!

Thanking God 4 Kingdom Connections...ladies who Both luv God &

DON'T have a problem rep'n JC (Jesus Christ)! JC's Ladies, dat We Are!!

Luv ya, sis & have a blessed nite!


Yes-To-da-MA'AM & Hallelujah To The LAMB!

Nitey-Nite, Sis! MUAH! :) xoxoxo


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" In Prayer-Mode

On da FB 01/24/13:

RePRESENTing The...

Blessings, and GM (Good Morning), Fam!

Praying this morning, especially for every person who has accepted

the Call and taken the position to represent the Gospel in any and

every capacity. Let's possess the Power and not the form.

I'm in the Book...II Timothy 3:5


THAT's It, "MADAM MENTOR"! Stay RIGHT There...

"In The GOOD Book" & Represent St. James 1:22! :) xoxoxo


Holy Ghost POWER-Possessed & TOO Blessed 2B Stressed,

"Cassie": Your TEACHABLE Mentee

II Timothy 3:5

~King James Version~

"Having a FORM of godliness, but denying the POWER thereof:

from such turn AWAY."

St. James 1:22

~King James Version~

"But be ye 'doers' of the WORD, and NOT 'hearers' ONLY,

deceiving your OWN selves."


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" & The Trust Issue

On da FB 01/25/13:

Trust God...He won't let you down!



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton".

It Is NOT ONLY a "Fact" But The WHOLE

"Truth" & NOTHIN' BUT... :)


Henceforth, My PERSONAL Advice

To ALL of US Is:

Keep GIVIN' It & LIVIN' It From THIS Day Forward.


As TRUSTworthy As iAm CraZy About JESUS (Hello Here!),



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On da FB 01/26/13:

Dr. John Delley and "The Lady Bell"

last night (01/25/13) at one of the

greatest choir concerts thus far in 2013. GTOD (God's Tabernacle Of Deliverance)

and the Lord's Church combined choirs with special guest Professor James Hall

of Brooklyn, New York.

A Man of God he is...


**Staring Awe-Struck "As All Get Out"**

Two of My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite & Just "Right For Favor"

"Kingdom Kinfolks" In da WIDE "Wuhl" (World):

Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley & "Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" aka

"MADAM MENTOR" (To Me)! Wheeeew! **Smh** iAm SO Blessed 'Til

iKNOW What To Do, Honey! LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

**Knocked SLAP OUT, Under The Anointing That Comes

From a DOUBLE-DOSE of The Holy Ghost!**

Yeah...iThink I'll Call 'em: "Da DOUBLE-DOSE Duo". How 'Bout That?

Poor, Poor "Earthlings" Who AIN'T Even Ready Fo' ALL o' This Here

POW'r. Oh, Well...BAM! Either (B)ust (A) (M)ove & Get With

THIS Groove or Get Outta da Way Fo' Those of Us

Who Will! :) xoxoxo #KaPOW!

Sending LOTS o' Hugs & Kisses & Well-Wishes & Stuff,



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 01/26/13:

God blessed us with an amazing night!! The Spirit blessed every single person to do a great job!! A special thanks to all of AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship), Pastor Benjamin Garrett, Apostle Venissa Jackson, Bishop Cardell Booker, Sr.; Frankie C. Wilson, Jr., Shanon Jay (of KHVN); Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, Maurice Brown, Ronnie Bell & CM3, Ryan Brockington; my daughter Aria Bell, and Shardae (camera); Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to support!! It really meant a lot!! Can't wait for Feb 4th for the first episode to show!! Next...the plans for February's taping with some more great DFW artists!! TGBTG (To God Be The Glory)!!


**Amongst othas' comments, of**

Let The "Kingdom Record" Show That iCassie Am Yet On a "Spiritual High" To The Point That "I Believe iCan Fly!" \0/←(Jesus Be a Pair o' Wings!) EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY Was Just "Fantabulously GOSPELicious"! Oooo-Weeee! & That Host Pastor Benjamin Garrett "Preached da Poop-Stuffin's" Outta That "KaPOW'ful" Interview Betwixt He & Thee, "Lady Wanda Bell"! If He Had Gotten UP From That Chair, iProlly Woulda Had To Lie Down, Prostrate On da Flo'! Wheeeew! **Smh** EXCELLENT! & To God Be The Glory 4REAL & 4EVA! Thanks & Be Blessed! :) xoxoxo

"Finna" Take This Here "OVAflow" Right On To HTC

(Holy Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ),


Sir Nicholas J. Moore:

Madame Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, You were awesome.

That's one of my Favorite Clark Tunes ("Center of Thy Will")

and You SANG IT to the glory and Honor of God.


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On My FB Wall 01/27/13:

Songbird!! Songbird!!!

What words can describe how you

ministered through song tonight!!??

You got it, girl!

Thanks for being you!!


Thank You SO "Ver, Ver" Much, "MADAM MENTOR"!

As Long As "God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire" Was GLORIFIED &

Every Attendee EDIFIED, My "Kingdom Mission" Was Accomplished &

I'm Completely SATISFIED! iAppreciate You For The Opportunity

To Share God's "MUSIC MINISTRY GIFT" With The World.

iLoves Me Some You & Him! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

From MY Heart To YOURS,

"Cassie" da "Songbird" (Tweet-Tweet! lol)

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

Omg, mother!!! I'm sooo sorry I wasn't able to make it!

But I see that lives were changed. lol

\0/ The globalness has begun!

Love ya!!

"Lady WB":

Tears of joy are flowing this morning, to think of how we have served for

YEARS and YEARS; just saying how we have sowed and now God has

opened a door for our ministries to be visible all around the globe!!!



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

In ALL Her "Royal Ivoryness" (lol), On da FB 01/27/13:

Click On Image To Enlarge.

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Looking like a true COGIC Girl....


**"Straight-Up"...Rememba? lol**

"MORe TONs" of "CANDY" to go to the

"CLINK" (jail cell/prison) for, after

the Judge weighs in with the

"SCALE" of Justice.

We, the Jury aka "JustUs", came to a UNANIMOUS decision that U R

a "Natural-Born KILLa" (as in "Dressed To Kill") and NEEDz to be

"locked UP in lockdown", 'cause U R a "DANGER" to

"FB CANDYLAND" and society as a WHOLE.

Case Closed. -Juror #12, "Cassie"

"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Cassie...Lol. Too funny. Thank you. Only you come up with such stuff.


Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley On da FB 01/29/13:

I smell "due season"...


**Inhales, Then Exhales.** Ahhhh...YES!

iSmell It Too, Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley!


**Just Like iLike It!**

;) **wink**

Well Worth The Wait & Herein Is NO Debate.

:) xoxoxo #Galatians6And9



Galatians 6:9

~King James Version~

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season

we shall reap, if we faint not."


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" Sharing The Aforementioned

FB Post via "Rev. Dr." John Delley On Her Own

FB Wall 01/29/13:


Me/"Mama Cassie":

\0/←(UPlifted Hands)

Oh, LORD JESUS, It's a "Due Shower"!

iDON'T Need NO Umbrella or Nothin', JESUS!

I'm DANCIN' & ReJOYcin' For My LIFE!"

**In My BEST "Sweet Brown"**

"Lady Crystal Renee'":


"Mama Cassie":

Uhm...Was It Somethin' iSAID, "Boo"? #ija (I'm Just Askin'

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

LOL! Where is the (anointed/blessed) oil?

and personalized sheets? smh

"Mama Cassie":

LOOK Ova Yonda & See If They Were Left In da "Amen CornTer",

Under da First


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell On da FB 01/29/13:

Well, coming out of prayer, having seen the faces of a few people who God is shifting to higher places in Him, I feel led to share this.

It may be for you too.

The next greatest step in your life just might be walking away from your comfort zone. There is always a spirit of anxiety when it comes to moving from your comfy place to the unknown or the greater. If God is telling you to "Go", hold tight to His hand and make the move. He is with you. He won't lead you to a place that will swallow you up. He has prepared a custom designed place for you.


"From" da COMFORT ZONE, "Through" da TWILIGHT ZONE & "Into"

da KINGDOM ZONE! \0/←(UPlifted Hands) Yes-To-da-MA'AM &

Hallelujah To The LAMB! #Let'sGO!

Chosen & Custom-Designed For Royal Priesthood Citizenship,



"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On da FB 01/29/13:

The Potential Within You!

Remember everybody is not going to approve of what God has instructed

YOU to do. Furthermore, don't waste precious time trying to explain it to people. You do not owe anyone an explanation of God's plan for you. Push pass the criticism and maximize the potential within U!


Thanks a "Gazillion", "Lady Cym Hughes"! REMEMBA Also That

"Everybody Did NOT Willingly SUFFER, BLEED, DIE & Then CONQUER

DEATH On MY Behalf NEITHA. Therefore, iOwe "Them" NOTHIN' But

To LOVE 'em. Henceforth, Let Us REDEEM The Time, Pleasing

"An Audience of One", In The Person of "The One" Who Will

Soon RETURN For Us. His Name Is JESUS.

Amen & It IS So.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged & I'll Be In Touch. :) xoxoxo




"Lady Psalmist Angela Blair"

On da FB 01/29/13:

People don't mind you doing well, as long as you're NOT doing better than them. Unfortunately, It blesses people when you lose your house, car, relationship, marriage, etc. and never sent out a hand to help you up. You may have even cried all night Friday, some Saturday, but tell your enemies that Sunday morning is coming! You are a survivor. Time for them to put up that measuring stick, because YOUR favor is immeasurable.


Girrrrrrl, If YOU Don't Come Through This Here Computer Screen &

Lemme Hug Yo' Neck! \0/←Come 'ere, "Lady Angela Blair"! On Second

Thought: Let's Just EMBRACE Each Other In The SPIRIT REALM.

How 'Bout That? **Ain't Nobody Got Time To Be "Tryna" Buy

ANOTHA Computer Monitor. WHAT?! lol**

Keep ROCK'n, Sis...MUAH! :) xoxoxo

An AVID Lover & Supporter of The WHOLE Truth (KaPOW!),

"Cassie": God's "IMMEASURABLE GIFT" To The World


From Bishop Charles E. Blake (Sr.)'s Facebook Page,

Shared On da FB 01/29/13:

"Have you ever been through any life shaking experiences? Have you ever had to encourage yourself? Evangelist Joyce Rodgers says that in the year 2013, 'God is about to put your head above your enemies. [In 2013] God will take you into another level!"



**Singing: "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?"**

\0/←YES, LORD! iAm ALL UP IN This "Thang" 4REAL,

"Lady Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers" aka da "GIANT-SLAYER"! If GOD

Said It "Through" YOU & We Just CraZy Enough To BELIEVE It

"By" FAITH, Then...WHAT The Problem IZ?!


Encouraging My OWNself In The LORD,



From a KELLEY To a DELLEY On da FB 01/29/13:

**"Tryna" SETTLE Down Long Enough To

SHARE** Let The "Kingdom Record" SHOW

That iCassie Loves My BIG CraZy-But-Anointed

"Kingdom Brotha", In The Person of

Sir "Rev. Dr." John Delley!

"God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire"

Moved Upon da "Right Reverend" To Minister

Some "Kingdom Nuggets" With "H.G." (Holy Ghost) Sauce On 'em

**Made-To-Order, of Course…lol** For His Li'l "Kingdom Sista",

In The Person of "Me". \0/←(Uplifted Hands) HA-GLORY!

This "Man of God" Gotz To KNOW "Right Good" That He BLESSED a

Sista via da Phone Lines, SEALING & SHUTTING It Down With

a "KaPOW'ful" Closing Prayer! Wheeeew! **Smh**

Listen: There Is SO MUCH MORE That Awaits SERIOUS-Minded

"Kingdom Kinfolks" Who Will "Tap Into" What Is STIRRING, SHIFTING

& SHAKING SUDDENLY Within The Triumphant "Kingdom of God"!

If We Make It a Daily PRACTICE & PREREQUISITE To Seek God's

FACE Like Never Before, Then With His "Right" HAND He Will Open

Unto Us ALL Kinds o' SUPERnatural Doors!

iDare Ya To TRUST Him & BAM!

(B)ust (A) (M)ove, "KICKIN' DUST"

While You're At It!

But If You're STILL NOT Ready,

Just DON'T Hinder "Me"! Ya Got It?

GOOD. :) xoxoxo

Sending LOTS o' SMOOCHES & BEST Wishes & Stuff,

"Cassie" N'em

Sir "Rev.":

Thanks, sis...I love u too!


"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On da FB 01/30/13:

Today I want to encourage someone and say, God keeps His promises!

No matter how long you have been waiting,

in Your set time it will happen!!


"Due Season" Is SET In "God's Perfect Timing".

So Have iLEARNED & So Shall iLIVE. Thanks...AGAIN, Sis. :) xoxoxo

Encouraged To KEEP Walking While STILL Waiting,



"Lady Missionary Su-San Cannon Spain"

On da FB 01/30/13:

Listen...It is not secret that the enemy

has launched an attack on the

"Called and Chosen"

people of God.

His devices are confusing, cunning, deceiving, disguised, distracting, destructive, and enticing; but they're also attractive, charming, elegant, eloquent, entertaining, fashionable, feasible, self-gratifying, and instantaneous...and structured to keep your focus off of living a Holy, Clean, Pure, Saved, Sanctified, and Holy Ghost Filled life.

We've been warned by the Word of God, that Satan is a Liar. (John 8:44) Remember, he tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, with what he thought was an alluring package, because he knew Jesus had been fasting. When Jesus, rejected him, He tried 2 more times but this time, by using the Word of God against the Son of God. (persistent and dumb) But each time, Jesus put the enemy back in his place (underneath his feet) with (true connotation of) the Word of God.

So, what are you saying Su-San? I'm saying the

enemy knows the Word of God and just as he

TRIED to use it to manipulate Jesus, he will do

the same thing to you. BE NOT DECEIVED by

the tricks of the enemy. Keep yourselves clean!

Consecrate yourselves and pray continually!

These are perilous times. Men are lovers of themselves. Wars and rumors of wars are on the horizon from coast to coast and nation to nation. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, have no respect for one another. We're seeing and witnessing more and more of the "great falling away." False prophets, teachers, and preachers are tickling and scratching the itching ears of many who are running to and fro, from church to church, seeking a (so called) word that will appease their lifestyles more than it speaks and teaches true doctrine. (2 Timothy 4:3-4) Churches (the people) are rising up on every corner, all calling on the name of the Lord, professing to be called but have yet to be saved. (Matthew 7:22-23). People, BE NOT DECEIVED...

Again, I say...Get in the WORD of GOD!

Ask Him to give you understanding and clarity. CONSECRATE yourselves.


...KEEP YOUR FOCUS...and KEEP YOUR SHIELD on (Armour of God) so

that you may be able to STAND FIRM against the wiles of the enemy.

God bless you! ~ Preparation IS Essential


#KaPOW! If ANY One of US Is LOST In "The End",

It AIN'T Because "The Truth" HADN'T Been REVEALED In "The Now"!

Hearing SOUND DOCTRINE, As Well As Exemplifying HOLY LIVING

Is What's MOSTLY LACKING In "These Last & Evil Days".

Indeed "Preparation IS Essential"; OTHAwise,

Deception Will BE Detrimental.

Thanks For Sharing, "Lady Su". God Has FAVORED You & iLOVE You!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo



"Lady Su":

Bless you, Lady Cassie (Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)!

God gets ALL the glory...I love you too!

II Timothy 4:3-4

~King James Version~

"For the time WILL come when they WILL NOT endure SOUND DOCTRINE; but after their OWN LUSTS shall heap to themselves teachers, having ITCHING ears; And they shall TURN AWAY

their ears 'from' THE TRUTH, and shall be



Sir Larry Clark On da FB 01/31/13:

(Son of Dr. Denise Clark-Bradford & Grandson of The Late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark)

What do you say? If somebody asks you,

"How are you doing?" but you aren't doing well and

it is a personal issue on your plate.

What is your response?


"GOOD On The Way To GREAT!"

**Thinking From The Heart of My INNER Voice: "I'm Calling Those

Things That Be NOT As Though They WERE; For As Often






Sir Leon Lacey On da FB 01/31/13:

Forgive yourself, God knew what he was doing when he made you, he knew you would do one or two things...Trust him and his philosophies and be successful...Or you would make enough mistakes, and then you would finally get sick of hurting, crying, giving up...then you would appreciate what he already meant for you to have.

BUT if you don't FORGIVE YOURSELF you're gonna waste more time... Living way beneath your privileges...FORGIVE YOURSELF, then forgive others...(Cliché) "the best is yet to come". (JEREMIAH 1:5 he knew you before you were born) he already knew you would do either one or two things...If you don't abort "yourself" YOU WILL "Live to see his word come alive in your life". Goggle up, it's flying season. :) Love you.


\0/←Let's GO, Sir Leon Lacey! Up! UP & AWAAAAYYYY!

EnJOY'n The "NEW Scenery" From GOD'S Point of View,

"Cassie": The EAGLE With KINGDOM Vision

Sir Leon:

Cassandra! Looking mighty nice from up here, don't you agree?


"Yepper-Stepper"! Oops! **We FLY'n...NOT Just STEP'**

iMean, "As HIGH As The SKY!" :) xoxoxo


On THIS 1st Day of FEBRUARY, In The Year of Our LORD 2013,





Confidence, Tenacity & Integrity. Though NONE of Them

Were PERFECT, Their Transparent Flaws Reveal

a "LIFE JOURNEY" That Has Been

Well WORTH It.

Giving Back To GOD What HE So Graciously Gave To ME,



"Prayer, Preparation, Process, Persistence & Patience Will Pay Off

Phenomenally." -Cassandra Roberson-Kelley



Lettin' The Holy Spirit Speak For Himself...

"Sometimes you are DELAYED where you ARE, because GOD knows

there's a STORM where you're HEADED. Be GRATEFUL."


Geared & Ready, Anchored Together & Ever Faithful Until Loosed


Oh, How iAbsolutely Love & Appreciate The SUPERnatural Leading of

The Holy Spirit; 'Cause HE AIN'T NEVA LOST, Honey! lol

**You'll Catch That Momentarily.** :) xoxoxo

Eternally (G)(R)(A)(T)(E)(F)(U)(L),



"Lady 'SMACK-DOWN Evangelist' Cynthia Diggs"

On da FB 02/02/13:

How in the world can people NOT spend time with God; not studying His word (I don't mean reading a scripture every now and then either), no prayer life (I don't mean talking to Him when you need something), never fasting (eating up discipline)..and will be the first to tell you what God said? How did you hear from Him? Where did you hear His voice? I promise you, that was NOT God!


Yes, Ma'am & "They" Say THIS KINDA STUFF Is The Equivalent of

"Being Deep". Really? Well, How 'Bout The (Holy) Spirit SEARCHETH

The "Deep" Things of God? Put Yo' SNORKELING Gear On,

So-Called SAINTS...We're "Launching Out Into The Deep" To


"Treasures That Abound Without Measure"!

Join da "SMACK-DOWN Evangelist 'Cyndi' Diggs", Along With Myself &

Getchoo Some, Why DON'Tcha! \0/←(Ready To "Dive In")

HA-GLORY! :) xoxoxo

Hearing From God 4REAL,


I Corinthians 2:9-12

~King James Version~

"But as IT IS WRITTEN, 'Eye hath NOT SEEN, nor ear HEARD, neither have entered into the HEART of man, the things which GOD hath prepared for them that LOVE him. But GOD hath REVEALED them unto US by his SPIRIT: for the SPIRIT SEARCHETH ALL things, yea, the DEEP things of GOD. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save (except) the SPIRIT of man which is 'in' him? Even so the things of GOD knoweth NO man, but the SPIRIT of GOD. Now we have RECEIVED, not the 'spirit of the world', but the SPIRIT which is of GOD; that we might KNOW the things that are FREELY GIVEN to US of GOD."



"Nothing But"!

In PRAYER & FASTING Mode & Lovin' It,



"Lady 'Queen' Esther Womack" On da FB 02/04/13:

Good morning. Up early and being showered by God's glory. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. God's handiwork once again is on display. So grateful to be in the land of the living and can't help but to say "Yes, Lord." Speaking new life into situations that seemingly have been lying dormant. Speaking blessings and uncommon favor into the atmosphere.

Something good is happening today and manifestation will be throughout.

God bless you and this day!!!


SAME 2 U, "Queen Esther" Womack"! :) xoxoxo



"Cassie": ANOTHA One of "God's Handiworks On Display"

Psalm 118:23

~King James Version~

"This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."


Prolific Songwriter: Sir Donald Lawrence

On da FB 02/04/13:

What a busy year 2013 will be!

Working on new music with some great folks

this year...Edwin Hawkins for "Love Alive VI",

Karen Clark-Sheard, Lalah Hathaway, and

Latice Crawford...and I'm also working on

music to celebrate my 20th year in the Gospel

music industry! I thank God for all that's

about to go down!! Get ready!


**Amongst a plethora of others, of course...**

Congrats To You, Sir Donald Lawrence aka

"The Epitome of Class"!

Realistically Speaking, Being Called & Chosen

of "God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire"

Can Be Extremely Challenging &


The Effects Thereof Are Both Exhilarating & Captivating!

iApplaud You For Your Musical Contributions.

Thank You & Be Blessed!

\0/←Clappin', Cheerin' & Carryin' On In Classic "Cassie"-Fashion,



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 02/04/13:

"Cassie" NOTE: Also find this flyer on the "Upcoming Events" page of my website.

People see you on the outside but they don't know what you've gone through to be able to stand strong today; and they sure don't know your heart like God knows it. I am in tears as I am typing this. All I can say is like Ray Lewis (of the Baltimore Ravens Football Team) said last night, "If God be for you...." AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship), I am so proud of you!! God is making our ministry visible to the world and we are humbled. Thank you Supt. Benjamin Garrett and Elder Maurice Brown for being our special guests tonight on internet tv. If you missed it you can go to 24 hours a day and find it under the playlist tab saying Wanda Bell TV | "E-D-I-F-Y". Thanks to everyone for their support. View in again next Monday, same time 7 p.m. CST for another brand new show. TGBTG (To God Be The Glory)!!!!

"Lady Jillian Ann Sniffen":

Proud of you!

"Lady Debora Clark":

I'm looking at it again!! WOW!! So Proud of you, Elder Wanda Bell.

"Lady WB":

Praise God!! I am proud of you all just the same!!


\0/←(((((BIG HUGS))))) To YOU & My AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship) Teammates, As Well As My OTHA "Kingdom Kinfolks"! BRACE Yourselves For The Next FRESH WIND That Will BURST THROUGH Into a "BREAKTHROUGH"! Honey, If You're ANCHORED In JESUS, You Can WITHSTAND & UNDERSTAND The UNDER CURRENT of The OVERFLOW. We're Going HIGHER In The LORD & The View Is "BREATHTAKING" Fo' Sho'! ;) **wink**

"Cassited As All Get Out"

Concerning The DESTINATION We're Headed To,


"Lady Debora":

Love you too, Cassie!!

"Lady WB":

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley...The COGIC songbird...coming soon!!! LOL



"Lady WB":

The mascot for All Nations Tv is the ANT...get it?? They like it because the ant has proven to be the strongest insect on the face of the earth. It is able to carry a grain of rice on its back, which is 10x its weight. Somebody ought to give God a praise break right there!!

"Lady Debora":

Jesus, Jesus, said a mouth full right there!

Elder, don't you make me get that grain of rice now.

My God, My God!!


Hmmm..."Cassie The Ant". Okay, iAccept! #KaPOW! lol


WELL-KNOWN FACT: In The Previous & Present-Day GENERATION, a "Countless Multitude" of REVOLTING SINNERS aka "An UNHOLY Nation of REBELLIOUS People" (See Isaiah 30:9-11) May Have "Regularly" ATTENDED The PHYSICAL "Church Building of Brick & Mortar". Unfortunately, They Do NOT "Substantially Represent" The RECONCILED "Bride of Christ" (See Revelation 19:7-9).

LITTLE-KNOWN TRUTH: In Contrast, Through The Process of SUPERnatural REGENERATION, Only a "Chosen Few" RIGHTEOUS SAINTS aka "A HOLY Nation & ROYAL Priesthood" (See I Peter 2:9) Are "Eternally" GRAFTED Into The SPIRITUAL "Church Without Spot or Wrinkle" (See Ephesians 5:25-27).

"Subsequently & By Spiritual Inheritance", Their SPECIFIED Names

Are Written In "The Lamb's Book of Life" (See Revelation 21:27). #LetThatMarinate24HoursADay

Liberated By JESUS The CHRIST:

The WAY, The TRUTH & The LIFE (See St. John 14:6),



Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 02/05/13:

ALL of HELL is breaking loose

right now...but I PROMISE you...



The Lord dropped this Word in my spirit

for SOMEBODY!!!!!


**Again...STRAIGHT-UP Wit' It!**

If JESUS The RESURRECTED LORD & KING Is ALL-POWERFUL Enough To "Go Directly" DOWN INTO HELL & Snatch The "KEYS" To DEATH, HELL & The GRAVE Right Out of The FIERY & FILTHY Hands of Satan, Then GUESS WHAT? ______________ (Fill In The Blank, "Boo"!) #KaPOW!

Singing: \0/←"I'm Coming OUT With My Hands UP!"

"Cassie": Sis. SOMEBODY Among My OTHA "Kingdom Kinfolks"

Revelation 1:18

~King James Version~

"I am He that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore,

Amen; and have the KEYS of hell and of death.

I Corinthians 15:54-55

~King James Version~

So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, 'Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?' The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."


Speaking of REAL LIFE From A To Z...

Ever Been (A)bandoned, (B)etrayed, (C)riticized, (D)isrespected, (E)ncumbered, (F)orgotten, (G)ypped, (H)urt, (I)gnored, (J)eered, (K)nocked, (L)abeled, (M)isunderstood, (N)eglected, (O)stracized, (P)estered, (Q)uestioned, (R)idiculed, (S)candalized, (T)hreatened, (U)nwelcomed, (V)ictimized, (W)ounded, (X)cluded ("X'd" Out),

(Y)anked & Then, On TOP of THAT, Called a (Z)ealot?

Honey, I've Got "GOOD NEWS" aka The GOSPEL TRUTH For Ya! JESUS,

The RIGHTEOUS SON of GOD, Knows About EACH ONE of These Things

ALL TOO WELL! "For WE 'Have Not' An HIGH PRIEST Which 'Cannot' Be

'Touched' With The 'Feeling of OUR Infirmities'; But Was In ALL POINTS

Tempted Like As WE Are, Yet WITHOUT Sin." ~Hebrews 4:15 (KJV)

In St. John 16:33b (KJV), The LIVING WORD HIMSELF Says,

"In The World 'Ye' Shall Have Tribulation: But Be of GOOD CHEER;

'I' Have OVERCOME The World." Moral of The Story: You'll ALWAYS

Be a Reigning CHAMP, When You CONQUER Life's Difficulties

Through JESUS The CHRIST! The End

With My "Eyes FIXED On The Prize"...

Even When My Opponents REFUSE To Recognize,


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Wow!! Got my eyes on the prize!!! Yes indeed!


iSEE Ya, "Overcomer"! ;) **wink**


Sir Derrick Huggins "Straight-Up SKOOL'n" On da FB 02/07/13:

R.P. (Reflection Point) for February 7, 2013:

[SUBJECT]: Cut your losses EARLY!

[COMMENTARY]: Sometimes, making a cut in an area of your life can prove difficult, especially when there is a matter of sentiment to contend with! That being said, we must train ourselves to cut our losses early on in the process in order to mitigate long-term damage. This is applicable in just about any aspect of life including, but not limited to, relationship of all stripes. The trick is discerning early on that something/someone will not work for you. WHY would you continue to feed the beast when it will only keep trying to devour you? HELLOOOOOOO?!!!! Who does that?!!! MOST of us know when we need to leave it alone, but we keep trying to pursue it HOPING against hope that things will change, but alas.....they DON'T!

We use sentiments like "love," "like," & "potential" as the reason (excuse) for staying with it, when in the end, we're only kidding ourselves. STOP IT! Instead, use that energy to focus on something that will PRODUCE the desired outcome! Re-direct your focus to that which you are assured to benefit from, and make sure that you don't care for the affairs of others at the expense of your own! We all make choices that sometimes don't prove to be fruitful or beneficial, but as soon as you recognize that you're coming up short, CUT YOUR LOSSES EARLY! #beencouraged

"Lady Rachel L. Proctor":


"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

My gawd today! You have also confirmed for me today as well!


YES! **Grabs a Virtual Pair o' SCISSORS & Commences To


Encouraged BEYOND Description,



Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley Shares A Memorable Pic

"Fo' da Record Books":

The Bishop J. Neaul Haynes & Myself...

(Saintsville) District Meeting

"Cassie" NOTE:

Held at Abundant Life COGIC In Dallas, TX

Click On Image To Enlarge.

Sir Jason Erby:

Bishop Pops!!!!




NEED'n Stock In da KLEENEX Company 4REAL,



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 02/09/13:


Slap the person next to you and say,


Well once again, I won't be experiencing

the "sleep in" ministry, but I'm so grateful to

experience the "brand new day" anointing! #inallthingsgivethanks

Happy Saturday to everyone!! :)

"Lady Jan Bennett Birks":

You got your humor honest. (From yo' mama)

Me/"Mama Cassie":

Shhhh..."Lady Jan Bennett Birks"!

\0/←WHY You Gotz To Put Crystal Renee' Kelley's Mama

ALL UP IN da Equation & Stuff, Huh?!

I'm Just Askin'...Shoot! **Smh**

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz AGAIN (Sigh),

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On da FB 02/11/13:

What a beautiful day this is!!

The things that are unfolding in our lives is

God's way of saying "Child, you held on and

stayed in there!!" God rewards the faithful!!

Quitters will never see what would have been!!

Don't you dare quit!!!

"Lady Debora Clark":

I needed that more than you'll ever know!!

"Lady WB":

Yes, know we've been through hell

and back...but our God kept us in the race!!

It's worth it all!!!!

"Lady Debora":

Amen, Elder Bell!!


Right & DON'T You Worry NEITHA!

NEVA a "Quitter"...'Cause "Kingdom Warriors" Are "Winners",



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" Shares The Following

Quote On da FB 02/11/13:


GOD: Our Very "First" Priority & OTHERS: The Very "Least" In Authority


Lovin' GOD & Lovin' YOU,



From Me To Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell

On His FB Wall 02/11/13:

Kingdom Greetings, Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell!

iWantcha To Know...It Took "EVERYTHANG"

In Me NOT To Eat Up This Here "Ver, Ver

Special B-Day Gift" BEFORE Sending It

Waaaayyyy 'Cross Cyberspace, FLY'n OVA

"FB Candyland" & PEEK'n In On Sir "Rev. Dr."

John Delley, Then STRAIGHT Down To You! lol

\0/←Getcho Hands UP & Tell GOD, "Thank

Ya!" Aw...You Know You Can Do Betta Than THAT, Maaaan! Tell HIM,

"THANK YA!" Now THAT's What I'M Talkin' 'Bout! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Yo' CraZy-But-Lovin' "Kingdom Sista-Friend Cassie"


From Me To "Lady Evangelist Ruby Holland Hutchins"

On Her FB Wall 02/11/13:


EVER SINCE The Beginning of Time &

BEFORE The Formation of Living Creatures

of ANY Kind, Did YOU Know That YOUR "Value" Is FAR ABOVE What An Actual

RUBY Is Truly "Worth"?! Okay…

Lemme Put It THIS Way:

WHO Made EACH & EVERY Single Gem

Found ANYWHERE On Planet EARTH &


Uh-Huh. iKnow YOU Know. Come On Outta Here,

"Lady Evangelist Ruby Holland Hutchins! BAM! (B)ust (A) (M)ove &

Give "GOD The CREATOR of The ENTIRE Universe" HIS Due Praise!

\0/←(UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY! :) xoxoxo

Celebrating The GOD In YOU...Today & Always,


Evangelist Ruby Holland-"Testify"

Evangelist Ruby Holland testifies at Holy Convocation [email protected]


Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 02/11/13:


then whose tending to the FLOCK?


Answer: JESUS The GOOD & The CHIEF Shepherd of HIS Flock (Psalm 23rd Chapter; St. John 10:1-16 & I Peter 5:4). LEADERS In The Earth Realm Are "UNDERshepherds" Who Are UNsurprisingly Known & Prone To POLLUTE & CORRUPT The "Innocent & Naïve" Which Follow Them Religiously.




"Lady LaRoya Brackins" On da FB 02/11/13:

Pulled this nugget from a convo with my Mommie and thought

it might help someone else:

Treat them well even when they mistreat you. Your ministry is a threat to those you would think it would be an encouragement to. Don't go to bed with anyone else's issues. Just make sure you and God are square. Grit your teeth and treat 'em right. #CoalsOfFire

Sir Benjamin McPherson, III:

And sooner or later, the very ones who tried to bring you down

will have to celebrate your success!!! #JustKeepSmiling

"Lady Natasha Pinkston":

Wow, I really needed that! God is so good.


\0/←(((((BIG HUGS))))) &

LOTS o' Kisses To Yo' Mom!

PLEASE Be Sure To Give 'em To HER

On MY Behalf, Sis! MUAH!

Thanks & That Is All.

:) xoxoxo

HEAP'n "Coals of Fire" LEFT & RIGHT

(Jesus Be a Fire Extinguisher...STAT!), "Cassie"

"Lady LaRoya":

Babaaaay...she got me right on together. #Wisdom


Honey, MAMA's ROCK 24/7 & Ain't a "Thang"

WE Can Do 'Bout It NEITHA! lol

Sir Patrick D. Joubert:

MAMA...!!!...Yes, Lawd.

"Cassie" NOTE:

The Reference Scriptures below iCAPITALIZE to RE-EMPHASIZE.

Proverbs 25:21-22

~King James Version~

"If thine ENEMY be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt HEAP COALS OF FIRE upon 'his' head, and the LORD shall reward 'thee'."

Romans 12:17-21

~King James Version~

"Recompense to NO man evil for evil. Provide things HONEST in the sight of ALL men. IF it be possible, as MUCH as lieth IN you, live PEACEABLY with ALL men. Dearly beloved, avenge NOT yourselves, but rather give place to wrath: for IT IS WRITTEN, 'Vengeance is MINE; I will repay,' saith the LORD. Therefore if thine ENEMY hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing 'thou' shalt HEAP COALS OF FIRE on 'his' head. Be NOT 'overcome OF evil', but 'overcome evil WITH good'."


Sir Pastor Tavares Gardner On da FB 02/11/13:

My Bishop rebuked me today, as well as the Holy Spirit on yesterday, for trying to apologize for the message God had given me to preach. It wasn't a popular message, but it was a message of correction for the body of Christ. My point: When you can accept rebuke and not get offended but learn from it, that's real growth!!! Can u stand to be rebuked?!! If u can't, then you're not a legitimate son or daughter and no wonder why we have so many spiritual bastards and so much mess in the body of Christ, because we can't stand correction by our spiritual parents.

"Lady Ebony'e McGee":

Woah (Whoa)...Selah!

"Lady Chasiti Miller": that is Powerful. Too many times we get so offended by criticism that we miss and/or lose everything:

the point, the message, and the blessing.


A-To-da-Men (Amen) & da Women, Too! So, Then, The "Gazillion-Dollar Question" Becomes: Which "Method" Doth Thou Prefer...CORRECTION That Will "Save Thy Sin-Sick Soul" or SUGAR-COATED Messages That Will SURELY "Send Thee Straight To Hell"? It's a NO-Brainer. Thanks To REAL "Spiritual Parents" EVERYWHERE Throughout The Kingdom of God! iLove You...MUAH! :) xoxoxo

Humbly & Respectfully,

"God's Kingdom Daughter Cassie"

"Lady Dimetra Hambrick":

Pastor T, it may be tight, but it was sho nuff RIGHT.

II Timothy 3:12-17

~King James Version~

"Yea, and ALL that will LIVE GODLY in CHRIST JESUS shall 'suffer persecution'. But 'evil men and seducers' shall WAX WORSE, 'deceiving', and 'being deceived'. But CONTINUE thou in ALL things which thou hast LEARNED and hast been ASSURED of, knowing of WHOM thou has LEARNED them; And that from a CHILD thou hast KNOWN the HOLY SCRIPTURES, which are ABLE to make thee WISE unto SALVATION through FAITH which is in CHRIST JESUS.


and is PROFITABLE (beneficial) for 'doctrine', for 'reproof',

for 'correction', for 'instruction in righteousness': That the 'MAN of GOD'

may be PERFECT (mature; fully grown and complete),

'thoroughly furnished' unto ALL GOOD works."


**Peep Game** When You're


Either Both The TEACHER & Additional Students Are "Running LATE" or

You're FIRST-Class, Honey.

**You'll Catch That Momentarily.**


Just Sharing TODAY'S Lesson

"Straight Outta Heaven"

(You're Welcome...That Is, If You

Care To JOIN Me), "Cassie"



By "Lady Psalmist Cher D. Winkley" On da FB 02/11/13:

"Cassie" NOTE:

iUnderlined certain words to point them out more clearly.

Contrary to the declaration of this popcorn and unrealistic "gospel", which is to suggest that believers are excluded from sacrifice, temporary hardship(s) and suffering, pruning, etc, greatness REQUIRES such!! And before I give the impression that blessings and favor are damnable or foreign - please note that I believe in such, immensely, for they belong to the heirs and joint heirs!! But to think that you are excluded because you've been included is not a realistic perspective!! Don't believe me? Ask JESUS!! Calvary doesn't last forever, but you can't be excused from it, because it's a necessary prelude to the Empty Tomb; so, handle it like a servant ("Thy will be done") and let your Resurrection prove your Sonship ("all power")!! Blessings!! #allmylove

"Exalt. Embrace. Empower."

© 2013 Cher D. Winkley Ministries

"Lady Penny Carson":




CAMPBELL SOUP. hmmmm hmmm good.


0/←POWER To God's Kingdom PEOPLE! Be NOT Deceived. PROMOTION Comes "After" Being PURPOSELY PUT Into a "PIT"-Like Experience & ImPROPERLY ImPRISONED, In PREPARATION To "Run Thangs" From a "TOP POSITION" At The PALACE! **You'll Catch That Momentarily.** #AskJosephN'em

Lovin' Me Some "Lady Cher D. Winkley"

(One of My "Kingdom Kinfolks"...Hello Here!),


"Lady Chan Horton":

Awesome word!

I Peter 5:8-10

~King James Version~

"Be SOBER, be VIGILANT; because your ADVERSARY the devil, as a

roaring lion, walketh about SEEKING whom he may DEVOUR: Whom

resist STEDFAST in the FAITH, knowing that the SAME afflictions

are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

But the GOD of ALL GRACE, who hath CALLED us unto HIS eternal

glory by CHRIST JESUS, after that ye have 'suffered a while',

make you 'perfect', 'stablish', 'strengthen', 'settle' you."