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The Photo Gallery 2

Below Are Some "FUNtabulous" Pictures That iAbsolutely

LOVE Sharing, For Your Viewing Pleasure.

"Enjerrrr"...iMean, ENJOY! :)


WOW, Eyeglasses, What a Difference Betwixt THEN &

The Pic of Sir Ben Tankard & Myself (Above, Left) Was Taken Many

"Suns & Moons" (Years) Ago, During One of COGIC, Inc.'s

Holy Convocations In Memphis, Tennessee!

How 'Bout This Pic To da Right,

Featuring The Legendary Psalmist

Vanessa Bell-Armstrong & Myself

At Her Product Table, During da

Same Week? iKnow, Right? :)

"Cassie" NOTE:

It's a Li'l Grainy-Lookin', But It's Us,

Nonetheless. ;) **wink**


...::The Cute-n-CraZy Roberson "Sista Ack" (Act)::...

Striking a Pose After Having Lunch &

Fellowship, At The Conclusion of

The Broadway Musical Hit:

"Sister Act" In Dallas, TX

June 8, 2013

(From Left To Right)

"Lady Sheila A. Phillips"

"Lady Vanessa L. West"

"Lady Cassandra Roberson-Kelley"

"Lady Melissa C. Harden"


You Couldn't Tell Us NOTHIN', Hear? lol

**Lawd, Hamercy. Please, Sir Jesus.**


Oh Jesus (Featuring Pastor Darrell Blair)

GOD TALK: Sounds of a Sanctuary - V. Michael McKay

You need Flash Player in order to view this.

Chile...Let da "Kingdom Record" Show:


In "Jesus"! #NuffSaid


Celebrating My Baby Boy Xavier Darnell Kelley...

In All His "Bubbliciousness"! lol

'Tis Been a Wonderful Privilege &

Bea-YOU-tiful Experience, Being The

Blesséd Mother of This "Dark Chocolate"

Man-Cub, Who Turned 15 On This 20th

Day of July, In The Year of Our Lord 2013.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, For Choosing

Him To Be One-Third of My Precious Offspring, Whom iCelebrate Daily As

a Real "Bundle of Joy"! :) xoxoxo

With Heartfelt Gratitude For This

"Older & Taller" Dude (lol),

"Mama Cassie"

"Da Kelley Babies" Then: 2006 & Now: 2013

(From Left To Right)

Sir Xavier Darnell Kelley

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

Sir Vincent Jerell Kelley

"Lady Crystal Renee'":



"Lady Vertisha Harden Craig":

Lord Jesus...Xavier is taller

than Vincent?

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

ikr (I know, right)?! & be bragging about it too! lol smh

"Lady Jacqueline Jenkins Johnson":

Did Xavier grow up to be taller than all of you guys?

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Yep & my daddy prophesied that too! lol

Since we would get him (Xavier) all the time...haha!


LOOK'n GOOD In da "KELLEYHOOD" 07/26/13:

Behold, My Handsome Middle Offspring,

Vincent & His Gorgeous & Fun-Loving

College Sweetheart, Morgan, Who Says

That She Is So Happy To Be Accepted Into

The Family. When Vincent Told Her (In So Many Words) - Prior To Meeting Me - That

She Is Mushy & Sentimental Like Me,

Morgan Immediately & Kindly Replied,

"I Like Her Already!" ;) **wink**

AAANNND, May iAlso Add, She Has a

Specially DeLIGHTful & UNpredictable

Sense of Humor...Kinda Like Me.

So, Uhm...What The Problem Is?

Answer: NONE.

After Morgan Sent This Picture To Her Mom via Text, Her Mom Said That

iLOOK Like iCould Be Vincent's Sister. **Hello?! Thank You, Jesus. lol**

iAm "Ver, Ver" PLEASED To Report That Morgan & I Are

GET'n ALONG Just Fine. :) xoxoxo

Simply & Cooperatively LET'n GOD Be GOD,

"Mama Cassie"  

Vincent's Proud Father & My

Beloved "Hubby" Sir Walter Kelley

Psalm 127:3

~King James Version~

"Lo, children are an heritage of

the LORD: and the fruit of

the womb is his reward."

Amen & It IS So.


My Mom, Madam Carrie Roberson, Singing: "Fill My Cup, Lord"

At The Texas Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction's

Holy Convocation In Lubbock, TX 07/25/13:

(This Is a View From The Choir Loft of Agapé Temple.)

Accompanist: The Anointed & Skillful "Lady Michelle Echols",

Minister of Music At Holy Tabernacle COGIC, Fort Worth, TX

(Mom Sang The Sermonic Solo Before Speaker, Supt. Robert L. Sample.)


Dad Posing With My "Hubby" In The Summer of '09. They Still

Look da Same In 2013! Ain't God Is Good? Sho' He Is!

Sir Varney Roberson & Sir Walter Kelley:

Sweet As Chocolate Peanut M&M's! WHAT?! lol



Musical Tribute To My Dad,

Songwriter For The Song:

"I Praise Him"

(Correct Title From The 1991 Album,

"I Will Let Nothing Separate Me")

Lead Vocalist:

Madam Carrie Roberson

Choir Director:

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley

Thanks To Masterful Musicians:

Sir Carnell Murrell, Sir Jerome Allen

Sir Mark A. Sample, Sir Paul Jackson

& Others For Your Assistance! :)

I'll Praise Him - DFW Mass Choir

This is from the 1991 album "I'll Let Nothing Separate Me". Soloist: Carrie Roberson

Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!

August 10, 2013


GOD'S "Gift of You"...MUAH! :)

~Your "Big Girl"

Listed Below (In Alphabetical Order) Are The Names of SOME of Today's

"Masterful Musicians" Who KNOW My Dad Personally or By Association & MOST of Them - To The BEST of My Recollection - Have Played The

Organ, Piano or Keyboard Along With Him On SEVERAL Occasions Down

Through The Years. The Remaining FEW That Are NOT Listed (At The

Time of This Writing) Are Either Deceased or Unknown; But "You"

Know Who You "Are", Right? Of Course, You Do. :)

On Behalf of My Dad, iWish To Extend a Heartfelt "THANK YOU!"

For Sharing Your Special "Gifts & Talents", As Well As Your Personal

Greetings To Him During This MEMORABLE MILESTONE Birthday!

The Blessings of The LORD Be With You ALL,

In The Precious Name of JESUS iPray.

Amen & It IS So.

With GREAT Respect & SHEER Admiration,


Sir Excell Amos; Sir Carl Calhoun; "Lady Cynthia Crochet"; Sir Mark Davis, Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley; Sir O. V. Dixon; "Lady Michelle Echols"; "Lady Avis Michelle Fisher"; Sir Min. Kirk Franklin; "Lady Ernestine Green"; Sir Kenneth Haliburton; "Lady Carol Ann Hambrick"; "Lady Brenda Harden"; Sir Kirby Harden; Sir Kirby (Donnie) Harden, II; Sir Pastor Anthony Wayne Harrison; Sir Pastor David Haynes; "Lady James Etta Hughes"; Sir Pastor Jevon Jackson; Sir Paul Jackson; Sir Pastor Gary Johnson; "Lady Pamela Johnson"; Sir Isaiah Jones; Elder Levi Lenley; Sir Min. Anthony Lenzy; Sir Pastor G. Craige Lewis; Sir Michael Looney; Sir L. D. Mackey; Sir Elder Chad McCree; Sir Min. Carnell Murrell; Sir Glenn Nixon; Sir Pastor Alvin L. Pope; Sir Steve Reed; Sir Jeffrey Richard; Sir Mark A. Sample; Sir Finis Smith; Sir Henry Smith; Sir Wayne Stewart; Sir Rev. Willie L. Stewart, Jr.; Sir Elbert Taylor; Sir Pastor John E. Taylor; Sir Bishop Isaiah Thomas; Sir Prophet William (Bill) Thompson; Sir André Washington; Sir Pastor David Watson, Sr.; Sir Kermit Wells; Sir Tony Wilburn; Sir Min. Fredrick (Skeeda) Williams; Sir Min. Myron L. Williams; Sir Jimmy Wyatt (Total: 50)

"Cassie" On a PERSONAL NOTE:

If iMISSED Someone, iPROMISE It Wasn't To SLIGHT Anyone.

It's Just a Simple "Human Error" or OVERSIGHT.

Alright...I'm Done. ♥ ;) **wink**

Personal Birthday Greetings From Sir Mark A. Sample 08/10/13:

Thanks SO much, Cassandra, for letting me know about this,

this is awesome! I definitely celebrate with you and appreciate your dad

for the great inspiration and encouragement. I dropped a little clip here

in my reply to you for your dad. I wish him a blessed and prosperous

birthday and many, many more to come! Love and appreciate you and

the great anointing that rests on your life!

-Mark Sample :)


Awww...Sir Mark, The GOD In You ROCKS, Sir!

Thanks For Replying...I Am SO Godly Proud of You, Sir!

Now That You & I Know The "Heart" of Each Other's Personal Music

Ministries, Let's DO This & "Watch God Work"! How 'Bout That?

"Kewl!" lol Talk To You Soon!

With LOTS o' Love & BEST Wishes & Stuff,


Sir Mark:

You are so very welcome, Cassandra. Your dad is such an awesome

Man of God, Writer, Minister of Music and mentor. I couldn't pass up

the opportunity to pass on birthday wishes for your dad, whom we

all have great respect for. He and your mom have been such a great

encouragement (not to mention yourself) over the years, and I greatly

respect you and your hubby also. I've always been so inspired with

the gifts and talents we all have, and have used together

to bless The Lord and the kingdom.

So in the midst of my somewhat crazy schedule (and diligently working

on my own material for the past year), it was a great pleasure

to take time to give a shout back to you for your dad.

Love you much, praying for you and your continued success!!!



...::Dad's Personal Response To Sir Mark 08/11/13::...

Bro. Mark Sample:

Thank you for sending me a birthday salutation. I gave the Lord thanks, as I do for each day He blesses me to see. I am not taking longevity for granted. Over the duration of 80 years, I've had some "bad" days and some good days. But, mathematically, the good has out-weighed the "bad".

I am delighted to know that I may have had a role in inspiring your music interests. You always impress me when I hear the melodious sounds coming from the instruments. Thank you very much for your friendship and relationship.

-Bro. Varney

Above Quote By Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875): Danish Author & Poet


...::Celebrating The First Son of My Loins On August 24, 2013::...

Photo On The Left: Vincent Receiving

His High School Diploma

With Honors In 2009


(22 Years Old), Dude!

Whoo-Hoo! :)

With LOTS o' Love & BEST

Wishes & Stuff,


Sir Vincent:

Lol Thanks, Mom.


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 08/31/13,

After Celebrating Her August 29th Birthday:

Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their schedule to celebrate with me!!

Your presence meant very much!! Every single ministry was absolutely awesome!! Thanks to my daughter, AOW, Pastor Renee' Fowler Hornbuckle and the Agapé Church Family, the audience of friends, new FB friends, other artists who came to show support, our radio announcers, and our special guest from Baton Rouge, LA,

Michael A. V. Mitchell. You made me smile!! I can only list so know who you are!! Most of all TGBTG (To God Be The Glory)!!...coming out of these 6" heels now...whew!!


**Among Others' Comments**

And "Thank You", Anointed



For Being You In Spite of WHATEVA.

Determination, Tenacity, Faith & Obedience WILL WORK "WANDA's"

For Ya...If Ya DON'T Give Up & Let GOD Fix It. One Question:

"WON'T HE WILL?" **In My BEST Anita Wilson**

WATCH Out Now! MUAH! :) xoxoxo

AOW-ite 4LIFE & 4EVA,



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 09/06/13:

**Photo of Madam Carrie Roberson**

Dear Lord who sits high up & looks upon

your servant this day, if you can just give

me a double portion of the swag anointing

that my granny it for

YOUR glory & MY closet! \0/

Signed, My churchy way of saying

my granny has an awesome

wardrobe collection! lol

"Lady Mashona Brook-Bryant":

Mother got it going on.

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Yes!!! I was on the phone & stopped

talking to take that pic. lol!!!


"Lady Helena Shawn Lewis-Norman":

Gone, momma, with your "bad" self.


\0/←(UPlifted Hands)

Shababa-Hiya! Eeee-Ca-Na-Robo-Ko-


LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

Aspiring To Be...(Oh, NEVA Mind...Sigh...Smh),

"Carrie, Jr."

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Really, mother? Where is the interpreter?! lol!

"Lady Hollie Sample":

lol...sounds like another episode from self ministries, ha ha ha. lol

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

See? I knew somebody recognized! lol!!!

"Lady Hollie":

Yes...yes...yes - the Lord spoke to my spirit the moment I read it!

Lmbo!! But ya granny really is super!!

"Cuz'n Monique Ross":

You bedda work (it), Aunt Carrie!!

@Cuz Cassie, you got that spelling in tongues down to a science!!!

"Lady Vanessa West":

Girrrl!!! Don't let her hear you. It will be

"Lady Jacqueline Jenkins Johnson":

You're in my prayers. Mother looking good though!

"Lady Melissa Harden":

Ain't no 78 like THAT one!! By the way, I'm praying with y'all

for Crystal's MOTHER!!! lol


Da Madam Turned 79 Years Young On September 18, 2013. KaPOW! :)


Two of The Most Influential "Septemberites" In My Spiritual Life:

Left To Right: District Missionary Sharon Denise Livingston Oliver

(Born September 7th), My Very "Bestest" Friend Since May of 1989 &

The Late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason (Born September 8th),

Founder of The Church of God In Christ aka COGIC, Inc.


Sir Minister Myron L. Williams, Late Night On da FB 09/10/13:

My Grandma is the greatest...Goodnight, guys...

Myron Williams Grandma Flow

Myron Williams Hanging out with his 83 year old Grandma Williams


**Among Several Others' Comments, of Course**

\0/←LAWD, "Can The Clock Be 'Rewind'"?

**As Asked Once Upon a Time In Song By The Clark Sisters...Sigh**

Wit' EVERY "Thang" iGot iLOVES Me Some Mother Ruth Williams!

Thanks For Taggin' a Sista (That Would Be So iWouldn't Miss

This Memorable Post, Sir Myron Williams. iAm TOTALLY Inspired,

Encouraged & Spiritually UPlifted By This PRICELESS, One-of-a-Kind

Seasoned Saint of God. Smooches & Stuff...MUAH! :) xoxoxo

'Bout To Be An OFFICIAL "Basket Case" Right About Now (Smh),

"Cassie": Future Investor In The Kleenex Company


"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On da FB 09/12/13:

Fort Worth, Stand up! This next artist is THE epitome of a minstrel! She is a worshipper, a minister, an atmosphere changer!!! She don't play no games when it comes to ministering to God's people!!! She stands and ministers under the pure anointing of God, with no apologies for allowing Him to be fully experienced! She will make you wanna Shout when she ministers! She inspires, supports and is sooooooo humbleeeee!!






DFW, Help me celebrate THE ONE AND ONLY Kirisma Evans!!

#DFWaintplaying!!!!! #Faints!!


**One of a Gazillion DFW-ites & LOVE'n It!**

Uhm...Excuse Me,

"Lady 'Cym' Hughes", With ALL DUE

Respect (Since iHave Witnessed da Phenomenon Fo' My OWNself):

This KraZy Woman, In da Person of

Kirisma Evans, Excels In KICK'n

Demonic Butt STRAIGHT-UP &

Out da Atmosphere, While

Musically RePresenting

GOD'S Triumphant KINGDOM Here, There & Everywhere!

So, iSuggest Y'all KEEP Yo' Distance, If Ya KNOW Ya KAIN'T

Hang Wit' It! LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! &


Got Some KLEENEX Fo' a Sista? :) xoxoxo



"Lady Kirisma":

Wow!!!!!!! Cym Hughes, you didn't have to do this!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!! Everyone, I am trying to get it together

to do new music!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!

"Lady 'Cym'":

@ Kirisma, You mean the world to us!! We celebrate ya, sis!!!

Can't wait for the new album to drop!!!!!!!!!


In Loving Memory of COGIC's Greatest (M)inister (O)f (M)usic of ALL Time: Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark aka "Dr. MOM", Who Was Born On MARCH 26, 1925 & Then Left Her "Earthly Tabernacle" On SEPTEMBER 22, 1994. Notice The Extreme Irony, In The "Fact" That The Late Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson of COGIC, Inc. Was Born On SEPTEMBER 22, 1939 & Then Left His "Earthly Tabernacle" On MARCH 20, 2007. iAin't "Tryna" Be DEEP, Honey. I'm Just RIDE'n This GOSPEL FLOW. "Truth" Is:

GOD Is STILL In CONTROL & That's a GOOD Thing To KNOW. :)

For a Timeless & Heart-Touching Tribute In Honor of "Dr. MOM", Visit

The "MMC Mania" Page of My Personal Website & Be Blessed! ♥

An AVID Moss-Clark Fan Since SEPTEMBER of 1975,



Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham,

In ALL Her Kingdom Royalty, WEAR'n RED & TURN'n HEADS!

"Lady Syl Reynolds Williams":

Very Nice Pic, Apostle. You are a

True Glamour Girl! Thanks for all

you do in The Kingdom...



The TRUTH, Which Says:


"Still" WORKS & Makes "Everything"


So...Get Back, Devil, 'Cause


Can NEVER Forget "Dr. SWC":

She ALWAYS Inspires Me,



Here's Another Black & White Picture

That iShall Always Cherish, Because It Clearly Speaks Volumes To Me, Personally.

BECOME'n a Spiritually Mature WOMAN,

STAND'n & LEAN'n Against This TALL,


Thing In Particular Comes To Mind

& From "The Holy Scriptures"

We Find & Read:

Psalm 1:1-3

~King James Version~

"BLESSED is the (wo)man that walketh

NOT in the counsel of the UNgodly, nor standeth in the (path)way of SINNERS,

nor sitteth in the seat of the SCORNFUL.

But his (or her) delight is in the LAW of the LORD; and in HIS LAW

doth he (or she) MEDITATE day and night. And he (or she) 'shall be' like

a TREE PLANTED by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his (or her)

FRUIT in his (or her) season; his (or her) LEAF also 'shall' NOT wither;

and WHATSOEVER he (or she) doeth 'shall' prosper (flourish)."


My "Homies": Alvin, Simon & Theodore aka The Chipmunks

PEEK'n In On a Sista (That Would Be During Her 50th Birthday,

Thursday, September 26, 2013. Automatically, iSmile. :)

..::"Show & Tell" Pics of My Unforgettable Birthday Weekend::...

Birthday Dinner At Charleston's Restaurant

(Left To Right: "Cassie" & Xavier; Crystal Renee', "Hubby", Mom & Dad)

Heartfelt Expressions From The "American Greetings"

Birthday Card My "Hubby" Gave To Me:

Front Cover: "Today the age Fifty will be redefined By someone who is

one of a kind..." / Inside Cover: "Not 'over the hill,' but 'on top of the

mountain' - That kind of youth doesn't come from a fountain, But flows

from a heart that is caring and giving, Dreams that are dared, a passion

for living - From tears and laughter with no room for regrets...

And a smile that says, 'You ain't seen nothin' yet!'"

Happy Birthday. -Love ♥ Walter

"Hubby" Treated Me To An EXHAUSTING-But-FUN "Opening Day"

At The State Fair of Texas, On Friday, September 27, 2013.

Oh, YES, Honey...iSHALL Return! lol

Spent a WONDER-Filled Saturday At da Park With My HTC Family:

(H)oly (T)abernacle (C)hurch of God In Christ, Along With

My Beloved Pastor, "The Right Reverend" Robert L. Sample!

**Same Day As Pastor's Wife's (Dollie V. Sample's) B-Day 09/28/13**

Deacon Gary Johnson,

You DID That, Sir! ;) **wink**

Paid a Li'l Visit To Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

In Dallas, TX On Sunday Morning, September 29, 2013.

Incredibly AWESOME 10 A.M. Message:

"Thank God For The Rain": The Witnessed Outpour

Scripture References: St. James 1:1-4 & Psalm 46:10

Dr. Karry D. Wesley, Senior Pastor |

Amongst a PLETHORA of Notes That iAttempted To Jot Down,

In da Middle o' da Sermon, da PREACHA Said:

"You are a SAINT because of your POSITION in CHRIST; but the


(Chile, You Coulda Bought Me For "0" Cent, Hear? lol)

Sunday Evening Climax Was Witnessed At The Verizon Theater

In Grand Prairie, TX: "How Sweet The Sound"

(Click on Images To Enlarge.)

Top Performing Choirs That "Blessed My Socks (iMean, Hosiery) Off":

God's Tabernacle of Deliverance United Voices aka GTOD

of Dallas, TX & St. Mark Sanctuary Choir

of Little Rock, AR...The End

Here's da "Icing On da 'Glorious Birthday' Cake":

On Monday, September 30, 2013,

iReceived a Special Phone Call From My Dearest Childhood Friend, Psalmist/Actress

Tamela Mann, Shortly After She & Nutty

"Hubby" David Mann Arrived In Atlanta,

Georgia. She Wanted To Wish Me a

(Belated) "Happy Birthday" &

Told Me That She Loves Me.

Indeed It Was Most Refreshing To Hear

Her Voice. Also, During Our Pleasant Conversation, iLet Her Know How Elated

iAm At This Point In My Life; Because

iRealize That Our Steps Are "Truly"



My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S., Whom iUnashamedly Love & Miss Like CraZy!

God Bless You REAL GOOD, Sis. & THIS Is Whatchoo Get,

For Being SO SWEET...MUAH! ♥

What Time Is It? CHECK da Wrist-CLOCK: BAM! It's CANDY Time! lol

"KEEP CALM"? REALLY?! Yeah, RIGHT! Trust Me When iTell Ya...

It AIN'T Happenin'! Okay? Now Let's GO, People!

EITHA Ya Gotta WATCH or Getcho Self One

(A)s (S)oon (A)s (P)ossible! #Tick-Tock


aka The "Sweet October Baby",


"Cassie" NOTE:

Click On The Center Picture Above & Scroll Down, To View & Read

The PRE-Birthday Greeting iPosted For Her On The "Rated CS-U 8"

(Cassie Straight-Up! Part 8) Page of My Personal Website. :)


Click On Image To Enlarge.

A Keepsake Photo of

"Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

With Her Brilliant Brother

Sir George L. Clinkscale, II &

Their Beloved & Adorable Mom

"Lady Almyra Battles"

"Mother's Day" 2013


Mom & Dad...Back On 01/10/12 lol

Pic To da Right: Mom & Dad

"Mother's Day Weekend" - 2013


Precious Photos of My Parents With Each of Their Daughters &

Their Granddaughter Crystal Renee' Kelley

**From Mom's "Pre-Birthday" Lunch 09/14/13**

"Lady Melissa C. Harden" & "Lady Sheila A. Phillips"

"Lady Cassandra Roberson-Kelley" & "Lady Vanessa L. West"

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

**After a Special 5k Walk**

iGotz To Make Mo' Room Fo' Da Upcoming "Thanksgiving Holiday" Dinner!

I'm Just Sayin. **Solicitin' da Prayers o' da Righteous Even**


Click On Image To Enlarge.

Loooonnnng Live THIS Incredible SANG'n Vessel of God!

Amen & It IS So. GET 'em, "Tam"! ♥


Image On The Left Is Me In My "Chill Mode", While On a Personal

Getaway Trip During The Weekend of November 8, 2013

The Image On The Right Was Shared With Me & Several Others

via "Lady Laquinta Kelly-Hart" On da FB 11/11/13


Ya Know What? You Are TOO Kind, "Lady Laquinta Kelly-Hart"!

NEVAtheless, iEncourage You To KEEP It UP. ;) **wink**

iLove You, Sis. & God Bless...MUAH! ♥ :)

"Safe In His Arms" 4REAL,


"Lady Laquinta":

Missionary/poet/songbird/greatest directress eva/Lady Cassandra,

you are welcome!

This Here Is What iCall:

"Black Church Folks In Black Dress Code Violation"! lol

"Lady Stephanie Ridley Dowd", "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" &

Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley, Attending The COGIC 106th

Holy Convocation On Sunday Evening 11/10/13.

One Question: Where Da "Po-Po" (Police) At?!

Exodus 20:13 (KJV) Specifically States: "Thou shalt NOT kill."

I'm Just Sayin'. **Love Ya,** ♥


Homegoing Celebration For Mother Odessa M. (Brewer) Newman,

Held At Holy Tabernacle COGIC In Fort Worth, TX 11/16/13

Superintendent Robert L. Sample, Host Pastor

And Master of Ceremonies

January 16, 1927-November 5, 2013

"Cassie" NOTE:

She Was The First District Missionary of Fort

Worth Central District, Under The Leadership

of Superintendent Robert L. Sample, As Well As

a Former Supervisor of Women For TNE (Texas Northeast) First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Under

The Leadership of Bishop J. Neaul Haynes.

I Always Admired Her Humble Spirit, Coupled

With a True "Servant's Heart", Which Ministers

The Love of God & Light of Christ To All Men.

Far Left: Mrs. Pia Haynes Williams, State Supervisor of Texas Northeast

First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Far Right: My Mom Ministering In Song,

Superintendent Jimmy Glenn, Eulogist (Seated In The Background)


Celebrating Five (5) Years As a Monthly Partner & Supporter of

Joyce Meyer Ministries!

iReceived The Following "Thank You" Card (Posted Verbatim,

Including Capitalization) From Dave & Joyce Meyer

On November 18, 2013:

FRIEND is someone who encourages you, trusts you and believes in you.

You are such a friend. It was FIVE YEARS AGO this month that you first

contacted our ministry, and since that time, YOUR FAITHFULNESS

HAS MADE THE DIFFERENCE for many hurting people. THANK YOU

for being a true friend...THANK YOU for your faithfulness...and

THANK YOU for caring about others and GIVING TO

SEE LIVES CHANGED for the glory of God.


Dave & Joyce


To YOU & YOURS...From ME & MINE,

"Cassie" N'em


Behold..."Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

Women can be beautiful & classy...

with clothes!

"Cassie" NOTE:

Here's da STRAIGHT-UP Version: Ya DON'T Have To PRANCE Around HALF-Dressed & ALMOST Naked To Radiate PURE Beauty!

Ya Got It? GOOD & To God Be The Glory

ALL DAY Long, Honey! KaPOW! ♥

"Major Love". ;) **wink**


**Faints On da SPOT...In da MIDDLE o' da Flo'!**

THINK'n In My Mind: "WHY Did iLOOK Ova 2 Seconds?"


"Lady J":

(Replying To Her FB Friends'/Fam's Comments of Her Pic On 11/27/13)

Y'all are too kind! :) Thank you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

lol @ Cassandra Roberson-Kelley



In da Key of "G"

**In OTHA Words: "Gobbley-Gook" & What-not…lol**

An Animated TRICK Interpretation via Another Kinda TIME-BAKED

Improvisation: What In da TURKEY – Besides Cornbread Stuffin' – Do

THESE "JIVE TURKEYS" aka "Red-Comb Chickens" THINK THIS Is? THEY Betta Be THANKFUL It's NOT One of THEM In da TV/Oven,

ROAST'n Against THEIR Will! Hello &

Gobble-Gobble TO You TOO! lol


Just TALK'n a Li'l TURKEY During THIS THANKSGIVING Holiday &




Click On Images Below To Enlarge.



"When iLook Back Over MY Life & iSee ALL

The Things GOD's Done For ME…Been

Through 'Dangers' (NARROWLY ESCAPE'n

HIDDEN Snares), 'Heartaches' (iDIDN'T

Wanna Leave My LOVE'n Friends & Family)

& 'Trouble' (TRIP'n Ova Stuff While RUN'n

For Dear Life…lol). But iTHANK The LORD,

HE 'Rescued' ME. Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! iCould've


'Spared' MY Life.

Now iCan Say That 'I'M STILL HERE' & It's By The GRACE

The GRACE of GOD." **Etc. Etc.**

WONDER'n What "Lady Evangelist Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole"

Thinks About THIS "New" TWIST To Her



"Cassie" NOTE:

FEEL'n Compelled To Share The Above Post On da FB Timeline Of

Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham aka "Dr. SWC", The Status Below Is

What iFound ALREADY Posted. Wow! GOD Is "Somethin' Else"! :)

"Dr. SWC" On da FB 11/28/13:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FAMILY & FRIENDS!! As I look back over my life each year during this time...I am truly GRATEFUL and THANKFUL unto the Lord for keeping me & saving me. With major sickness & major surgery 8 years ago before the Thanksgiving Season, I SHOULD'VE BEEN DEAD & BURIED....BUT GOD....!!

OUT OF HIS LOVE & DIVINE PURPOSE for my life...HE KEPT ME, SAVED ME, & HEALED ME! I stand here in my kitchen this morning with tears in my eyes, grateful unto HIM for my LIFE, HEALTH, & STRENGTH. I stand here grateful for EVERYONE He has placed in my life & I am TRULY grateful for EACH & EVERY MOMENT & each & EVERY THING HE ALONE has done for me! I honestly cannot thank Him enough! Again I say, HAPPY THANKSGIVING family & friends! REMEMBER, Be thankful unto HIM and BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!! Love you all!


(Along With My Separate Post To Her)

What a "CO-DENSE-O-SENSE" (Coincidence)!

iTHANK GOD For You, Apostle Sylvia W. Cunningham aka "Dr. SWC"!




"Dr. SWC":

Love you so much and am so grateful

for you, Dr. Cassie!!!!



Do NOT...iRepeat: Do NOT

Make Me CRY "Up In This Piece"!

**Immediately Pulls Out da Kleenex. Smh**

"Cassie" NOTE:

By The Way..."Dr. SWC" Is a Saved & Sanctified Dallas Cowboy Fan &

Dem Babies DID That & WON On This Here THANKSGIVING DAY!

\0/←(TOUCH DOWN, COWBOYS!) Ya Heard Me?

Ya Betta! lol KaPOW! :)


While Praying & Undergirding The Family & Friends of

DR. PAUL F. CROUCH, Along With The TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) CHRISTian-based Organization, Be Comforted & Strengthened

In The Midst of His TRANSITION, Knowing That GOD The FATHER






NO Jesus, NO "Me". KNOW Jesus, KNOW "Me".

For He Is TRULY The GREATEST GIFT of ALL! Amen & It IS So. :)

Love, "Cassie"


Uhm...iGot THREE (3) WORDS Fo' Ya: "Get da CD!"

POSITIVE Words of Encouragement To PASS Along To The PECULIAR

PEOPLE & Royal PRIESTHOOD (See I Peter 2:9) Who POSSESS The

POWER To "Maximize" Their POTENTIAL In Life, By PLAY'n

The PARTICULAR Cards That They've Been Dealt:

JESUS The CHRIST Knows - From Direct or PERSONAL Experience - That The Very Moment You Were Born, Every Diabolical PLOT & Deceitful PLAN Devised In The PINT-SIZE Brain of That PATHETICALLY Insane Devil aka The PRINCE of Darkness, Was Designed & PRODUCED By Satan To Destroy Your Divine PURPOSE. But "If GOD Be FOR Us" (See Romans 8:31) & "NO Weapon Formed AGAINST Us Shall PROSPER" (See Isaiah 54:17), Then GO AHEAD & Do What You Were Sent On This Earth To Do, PRECIOUS! :)

One Day The Question Was Asked, "What Would JESUS Do?" There's Also a Song Out There That Says, "HE 'Laid' The FOUNDATION & 'Opened' Up The WAY. What MORE Can HE Do?" Well…Now "The Ball Is In Your Court, Boo!" iHope You're PACKED & In POSITION. If NOT, "Check It" Wit' da Quickness! ;) **wink**

Your Covenant PARTNER Throughout Christendom,



Psssst...From ONE "Cool Cat" To ANOTHER,

Have a GREAT Week Ahead. Ya Got It? GOOD. I'm "Cheering" For You,

Because iKNOW You "Can" DO It!

As "Christ" Is My "Constant" STRENGTH & "Closest Companion"

(See Philippians 4:13),


"Lady Sharon Denise Livingston Oliver":

**She's One Who's EXTREMELY Modest 4REAL.**

Thanks, nice picture.


You Are ALWAYS Welcome,

"Lady Sharon Livingston Oliver":

The "Coolest" Missionary/Evangelist


The End **Of Further**


"Lady Sharon":

1 tear, dare I say?


Yes, Ma'am. DO Say.

(A Li'l "Inside Joke" Betwixt "TRUE BLUE" Friends Like Us. KaPOW!)



A "Good" Man Who Sought, Stood, Spoke, Served, Suffered & Was Slain

For The JUSTICE of "Every" Man:

Sir Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968)

A Profound MLK Quote: "When 'evil' men PLOT, 'good' men must PLAN.

When 'evil' men BURN and BOMB, 'good' men must BUILD and BIND.

When 'evil' men shout ugly words of HATRED, 'good' men must commit

themselves to the glories of LOVE. Where 'evil' men would seek to

perpetuate an UNJUST status quo, 'good' men must seek to

bring into being a real order of JUSTICE."

"Martin Luther King, Jr. Day" (January 20, 2014) Is An American

Federal Holiday Observed Every 3rd Monday In January, HONOR'n This

Remarkable Man Who Possessed An Extraordinary GIFT From GOD,

To Revolutionize a NATION of Racial & Ethnic Diversity,

While MAINTAIN'n The Prize "Seat of Servanthood"

With Strength & Dignity.

Lovingly & Respectfully Submitted,



For More Information Visit:

Kingdom Kudos To The Entire COGIC Leadership Crew That Is Highly Capable &

Personally Responsible For Calling On TEAMWORK To Make The DREAM WORK.

iCommend Them For Consistently Operating

In a "Spirit of Excellence"! To GOD Be The



Amen & It IS So.

COGIC-Born & Bred,


...::BISHOP C.H. MASON 150th BIRTHDAY::...

(News UPDATE From

"In September 2014, the Church of God in Christ, Inc. will celebrate

the 150th Birthday of our founder, Bishop C.H. Mason. His birthday

has now been confirmed: September 8, 1864."

First National Celebration Event Hosted By The Texas Jurisdictions

During The COGIC Leadership Conference On January 20, 2014!


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da FB, Past Midnight, 01/23/14:

My Friend and I...The one and only

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley...

I call her Cassie...The Song bird...

At the Leadership Conference.


S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. x 2 = 4EVER, "Boo"!

iAm SO Glad iRan Into You! THANK YOU,

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton",



"Sweet Lady Candy":

It was so good to see you too.

And you sung very well tonight (01/22/14).


BLESS You, Precious & As ALWAYS, To

GOD Be The GLORY. Amen & It IS So. :)

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

Check you, mother!

Me/"Mama Cassie":

Heyyyy, "Crystal Re-Re": My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Daughter

In da WIDE Wuhl (World)! YES, iStand Here With My FAVOR-RIGHT

"Candy" In ALL da "Land" (CANDYLAND).

Get It? lol ;) **wink**

"Lady Evangelist Dr. Kathy Bowman":

That's her alright, the one & only! Heyyyyyyyy, y'all.

Hyaaaaa doing? ;-D #LoveUBoth


Smooches & Stuff, "Lady Evangelist Dr. Kathy Bowman"!

You iz (S)mart, You iz (K)ind & You iz (I)mportant "Kingdom Kinfolk"

Yo' OWNself. EnJOY da "SKI" Ministry, Beloved. lol

"Lady Kathy":

Lol! Thank u, sis, and right back atcha!


"Lady Evangelist Barbara Jackson Sago" On da FB 01/23/14:

Pictured Left To Right At The Sheraton Hotel - Dallas, TX 01/22/14:

Sir Dr. Rickey Payton, "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister",

"Lady Evangelist Barbara Jackson Sago" &

"Lady Evangelist/Pastor Kim Burrell"

Well, The Church of God In Christ 2014 Leadership Conference is coming

to an official end in a few hours. But please know that I had a ball being

w/my IMD Family: The greatest Departmental Leader anywhere,

my sister girl, Dr. Judith McAllister, the official COGIC

"Anthemologist," Dr. Rickey Payton & the incomparable

& "hilarious" Kim Burrell.

We are Better Together! I love you guys to life!!

"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister":

(International Music Dept. President)

It is SUCH an honor to share leadership

with this INCREDIBLE team! I love you

all and thank God for you and our spirit of


things he WILL do through us this year!




Deez Here "Kingdom Kinfolks" On Dis Here Pic Is "What That Is" & Then Some! iSO EnJOY'd My Li'l Self, In The Midst of ALL o' da COGIC Saints! Wheeeew! **Smh** THANK YOU For BE'n YOU & "MAKE'n It DO What It DO!" May "God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire" Continue To BLESS YOU & Please Know That MANY of Us Truly & Sincerely LOVE YOU! :)

LOOK'n To SEE YOU At AIM-2014 In Kansas City, MO,



Highlight Gospel Artists During COGIC Leadership Conference:

(Click On Images To Enlarge.)

"Lady Psalmist Tommye Young West" At The Pre-Musical Extravanza,

Singing a Gospel Classic, "Be Grateful", Written By The Late Bishop Walter Hawkins

**Conference Choir Under The Direction of "Lady Michelle Echols**

  • "Lady Psalmist Tommye Young-West", Featured Guest At The Pre-Musical Extravaganza (Held 01/19/14), With a Personal Testimony That SUPERnaturally SHIFTED The Program Into OVERDRIVE...Thanks To "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister", Who Promptly Followed The LEAD'n of The HOLY SPIRIT To "Sow a Financial Seed" Into Her Life's Ministry, While Countless Others Followed Suit.

"Lady Tommye" AFTER MIDNIGHT 01/20/14:

Dear God, for supernatural and Divine Favor with Great People,

I thank you! TOO OVERWHELMED to sleep!!


Like iTOLD Ya: "THAT's Whatchoo GET!" lol

Every Time You TURN Around, To Your Amazement You Find Out

That HE TURNED IT...Again! \0/←(UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY!


Lovingly & Respectfully, "Cassie"

"Lady Tommye's" Reply:

Cassie, that was funny! I came by you crying, as my sons were taking

me out so Lamont could get my car, and you said, "That's what you get".

I love you, Sweetheart! Don't we serve an Awesome God!

Thank you and Mother is Most Special to me and

always had been my Aunt Carrie.

  • Sir Minister Ian Craig, Presenter of The Song: "Change" (Is Here)

My Personal Messages To Sir Ian 01/20/14:

Yes, Sir! TAKE Yo' TIME & TESTIFY, Because It Will TOUCH &


iLove You, Sir & TRUST Me...THERE's More Where THAT Came From!

THE END ~Ova Here TAKE'n It ALL In, "Cassie"

My Subsequent Message AFTER MIDNIGHT 01/23/14:

THAT Song Should Be "SONG of THE YEAR" 2014, Sir Ian Craig!


Level & If YOU Lead The Way, Under The CONSISTENT & CAPABLE

Direction of The HOLY GHOST, of COURSE, There Will Be a LONG

LINE of LIKE-MINDED Folks Right Behind You, Sir.


In "Kingdom Covenant" Both NOW & FOREVER,


**A "Ver, Ver" COOL Flyer of Sir Ian & GidIAN's (Gideon's) Army!**


There Will Be An Obvious CHANGE In The "Atmosphere", a CHANGE In "Ammunition", a CHANGE In "Attitudes" & a CHANGE In "Address".

(As You'd Say, "CATCH It.") This Is Because You PRAISED "Adonai"

In "Advance"! To SEAL The DEAL, I'll Just "Add An 'Amen.'" :)

Sir Ian:

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, I luv your post always.

Hope to see your face April 7th!


Yes, Sir & You Shall, Sir.

  • Sir Derrick Moore, Minister of Music At Living Word COGIC In Waco, TX & Presenter of The Song: "Have Your Way" (In My Soul)

My Personal Message To Sir Derrick


Sir DERRICK, Always DO You & DON'T Hold

Back, My "Kingdom Brotha"! Your DEDICATION To

Music Ministry Opens Many DOORS of Opportunity

& DISCOVERY, Regarding The Fulfillment of

Your DIVINE DESTINY. Be Encouraged, Stay

DETERMINED & Continue To Let The LORD

"Have HIS Way In Your Soul".

Okay...I'm DONE. :)

~Love, "Your Kingdom Sista-Friend Cassie"

"Cassie" NOTE: iPresented My Original Composition of The Song:

"Praise Ye The Lord" (Inspired From Psalm 150:1-6)


Outstanding Music Coordinator For The

Texas Inter-Jurisdiction Conference Choir,

"Lady Evangelist Janice Craig", Speaks:

Shout out to Supt. Robert Sample, Bishop Corby Bush, and Supt. Everett Jones for offering their beautiful facilities to support the Inter-Jurisdiction Conference Choir. Supt. Michael Clerkley is a forever friend to the TNE 1st Music Dept. with open doors and support to events, rehearsals, singing lead with the choir and any request we have ever asked. What a blessing this psalmist priest is to the body of Christ!

Regarding The Pre-Musical Extravanza, Held 01/19/14

At Lighthouse COGIC In Dallas, TX:

(Host Pastor: Supt. Michael Clerkley)

What a blessing to serve with such a dynamic dependable group of singers as the Texas Inter-Jurisdictional Choir! You all did a sensational job in ministering and flowing with "Dr. J", even in impromptu singing. Apologies to those members who waited so long to get seated because the reserved seating was fully occupied with guests before you all could get into the stand at 5 p.m. We simply had no idea that God would cause such a stunning overflow. Thanks and love to all,

especially that tough band who enabled "Dr. J"

to flow in the Spirit.


It Was Truly An Exhilarating, Exhausting-Yet-Extraordinary Experience To Witness The GREAT MOVE of GOD That Swept Extensively Throughout The Pre-Musical Extravaganza! What Can We Expect During The Rest of The COGIC Leadership Conference? Well...We Shall See, Won't We? Answer: Exactly! ~Unexplainably Excited (WHAT?! lol), "Cassie"

From Me To "Lady Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig" &

"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" 01/24/14:

(K)eepin' (I)t (S)weet & (S)imple: "Thank You" For SHARE'n Your

"Kingdom Expertise". MUAH! :) ~Love, "Cassie"

"Lady Craig":

Cassie, I'm so glad you are my grands' aunt!

I decree somebody gonna have your sanging genes.


iHear Ya, "Lady C"! It's IN There. We Just Gotta Help Pull It

OUT of 'em...That's All. HA-GLORY! lol


Memorable Pic iPhotographed While In Attendance At

Westside Baptist Church In Lewisville, TX 02/01/14, During The

6 P.M. SUPERBOWL PRAISE Gospel Celebration:

Dr. Patrick Bradley, Minister of Music,

Directing The 200-Voice Men's Choir From Various Churches!

Look At The Field Goal: "Jesus Is The Goal!" KaPOW!

From The Website:


Remembering The Remarkable Child Actor & U. S. Ambassador

Shirley Temple Black

(April 23, 1928 - February 11, 2014)


Congratulatory BIRTHDAY WISHES From Me To

Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy" On da FB 02/11/14:


Like NONE OTHA...Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy":

iAm GRATEFUL For GOD'S "GIFT of YOU" - One Who's


~Love, "Cassie"

From Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy"

To His Birthday Well-Wishers On da FB 02/12/14:

I want to thank everyone for your beautiful Birthday wishes and

e-cards...I really appreciate you all so much. The love and true friendship

that you showed towards me on yesterday will never be forgotten.

Keep me in your prayers, for you all shall always be in my prayers.

The blessings of the Lord forever be yours.


Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham & Dr. Cindy Trimm

On The Evening of 02/14/14

The Transformation 2014: One Night of Transformational Empowerment

Venue: New Light Cathedral, 6232 Jefferson Davis Highway

Woodford (Thornburg), VA @ 7:00 P.M.


**Regarding The Photo On The Right...**

FYI: This Here PARALYZE'n PHOTO Is, Without Question,

a LIFETIME KEEPSAKE For Me, Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham aka

"Dr. SWC". Just So Ya KNOW. The End :) ♥

LOVE'n You & "Lady Dr. Cindy Trimm", Too,


"Dr. SWC":

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, thank you soooo much!!


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 02/23/14:

Baby, I have the baddest dressing granny period.

#theyaintready lol

Me/"Mama Cassie":

Myyyyyyy GAWDT Today, Tomorrow &

4EVER More!

It Is SO HARD To Believe That My Mom Will Be

80 Years Old This September. **Smh**

"Cassie" NOTE:

Mom Was On Her Way To Serve As The

Mistress of Ceremony For The Fort Worth Central

District Musical, Held At Greater Love

Chapel COGIC in Fort Worth, TX.

See Flyer Below.


Flyer Posted On da FB Via Sir Min. Myron Williams,

Who Tagged Several of His FB Friends & Family, Including

"Lady Bridgette Woods" & Myself:


Mom (Madam Carrie Roberson/Guest Mistress of Ceremony For

Fort Worth Central District Choir Musical) Filled Me In On What iMissed,

Since iWas Otherwise Committed To a Black History Program.

God's Choicest Blessings To Each of You. :)

~Love, "Cassie"

"Lady Bridgette Woods":

Yes, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley. You missed and I missed you!


Smooches & Stuff, "Lady Bridgette". Honey, If iHad Two (2) of Me,

One (1) of Me Woulda Been There. Ya Heard Me? lol

"Lady Lisa Brown":

Well, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley ~ I know you would have been there if it was at all possible....and I know you were there in spirit. And I know they have one grand old COGIC holy-ghost filled time in the Lord.

"Lady Bridgette":

I know, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley!!! Girl, I know.

Click On Photos To Enlarge.

An Abbreviated Version of "Lady Bridgette's" Comment:

**Pictured With Sir Min. Myron Williams Above, Bottom Right**

"OMG!!!! Is all I can say!!! The legendary Dr. Twinkie Clark was in the house and she was extraordinary!!! Missionary Carrie Roberson ushered the power packed event to another level with her anointed voice as she served as our Dynamic Mistress of Ceremony....

What can I say about Myron Williams? You really ministered to the people of God....continue to do what you do...yes you are a Gospel Icon...thank you Larry Clark for also sharing with us, you were really magnificent.

Much gratitude to my pastor Superintendent Jimmy W. Glenn, Sr. for his support, couldn't have pulled this off without you! When you are around greatness you must embrace it and become as a sponge trying to soak up every drop you can. Today I was given another opportunity to embrace greatness; Dr. Twinkie Clark you are one of God's greatest gifts to the body of Christ and the world...and we will be singing your songs forever. This was a great evening filled with the overwhelming presence of the Holy Ghost....oh and yes, we danced!!!. — feeling honored."


**Regarding The Photo Above, Bottom Left**

Awwww...There's My Mom (Madam Carrie Roberson) Sitting, In All Her

"COGIC Divaness". WHAT?! lol Dr. Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark...

Standing Strong & Steadfast. Love You, Precious.

~Sincerely, "Cassie"


"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On da FB 02/24/14:

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men!! This is so priceless to me!!! She is everything, and just to hear her call

me "Twinkie Jr." was the world to me!!! I absolutely adore and respect

her on so many levels!!!! She is full of so much wisdom, love and anointing!! She is my mentor @twinkieclark!!

Photo On da Right:

Sir Larry Clark (Eldest Son of Denise Clark-

Bradford & Grandson of The Late

Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark)

I can't wait to see what God does next!!!!

@Larry Clark, thanks for all you do!!

#TheWriterofallWriters #TheQueenofthe"B3"organ #IOwesomuchofmyplayingtoher #Thisweekendwaspriceless #EPIC!!!#LoveLoveLoveLoveher!!!


Wanna Know ANOTHA Li'l-But-HUGE Bonus In This, "Lady Cymien"?

NOT Only Are You "Twinkie, Jr." But Your Birthday (March 26th) Is The

SAME As The Clark Sisters' Mom, In The Person of Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark!

Now, Tell Me Again: HOW Blessed Are You, "Boo"? KaPOW!

Still In Celebration Mode (But WHATEVA,,



"Lady Dr. Jasmin Sculark" aka

"Dr. Jazz" Shares On da FB


No matter the set back, look for a way

to stage a comeback!

**Notice That da Woman Is Wearin' My

FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Color.

Okay? The End**


Done, My Dear!

Love, "Cassie The 'OVER' Comer"

Revelation 12:10-11

~King James Version~

"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, 'Now is come SALVATION,

and STRENGTH, and the kingdom of our GOD, and the POWER of HIS

CHRIST: for (Satan) the accuser of our BRETHREN (GOD'S chosen

people) is CAST DOWN, which accused THEM before our GOD day and

night.' And THEY OVERCAME him (Satan) by the BLOOD of the LAMB,

and by the word of THEIR TESTIMONY; and THEY loved NOT

(or prized less) THEIR LIVES unto the death.'"


...::My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Candy & My "Kingdom Niece" Candice::...

Click On Image To Enlarge.

Pictured Left To Right:

"Lady Candice Morton" &

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

"Sweet Lady Candy":

I love my daughter.

"Lady Nelda Rushton-Sims":

You both look beautiful!

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thank you, Friend....

"Lady Michelle Riser Coleman":

Too cute! Please tell your daughter

hello for me.

"Sweet Lady Candy":

I sure will, Michelle....

Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy":

Will you look at the gifts of God's love...

Grace and Gracious...Framed in the beauty of the Lord.

A picture the whole world should see....

Priceless! ♡♡♢♡♡

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Hugh/Sandy...isn't God good?

You know, Friend.

Sir Hugh:

"The gift looks good on you two and

you both wear it well...God has graced

you, and you wear it well."



Anotha "Keepsake" For The

"Sake of The Kingdom"...

Question: May iHave It Autographed, Tho? Pleeeeaaaase?

I'm Just Askin'. ~Love, "Cassie"

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Yes, Ma'am, my friend sure can. You don't even have to ask.

Sending Love your way.


\0/←(UPlifted Hands) HA-GLORY! My Day Has Been Made!

Carry On, Everyone. ;) **wink**

"Lady Candice Morton":

I love you too, mom.

Hi, Michelle Riser Coleman. It's nice to hear from you.

Thanks, Uncle Sandy and Aunt Cassie.


"Lady Psalmist Sharon Jackson" Celebrates Her Gifted Brother,

Sir (Maestro) Derrick Jackson: God's Masterful Musician!

YAY!!! My brother, the Maestro Derrick Jackson, made the cover of the COGIC Adult Quarterly Sunday School book for March-May, 2014. And to top it off, it's the special commemorative edition honoring Bishop Mason's 150th birthday!!


Chile, iGot My Sunday School Book & After BEHOLD'n Sir Derrick,

iSaid To Myself, "Self..." Myself Said, "Whattup, Girl?" iReplied, "LOOK At

GOD!" Interpretation: After SPEND'n Quality Time With The GIVER of

"Every" GOOD & PERFECT GIFT, You Begin To

SEE HIM Through da GIFT.

**You'll Catch That Momentarily.** :)


All To Myself (lol),



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" Adds More of Her Likeness

To Her Facebook Album 03/09/14!

Me/"Cassie": CAIN'T Respond, Due

To Being CAMPED Face-Down On da

CARPETED Flo' After An Unforeseen

Fainting Spell, CONTRIBUTED By

This Picture of CANDY. But

Who CARES, Right?

Surely Help Is Soon To COME. lol


OMG...Cassie...You are too funny. Thanks, Cassie...Smiling.


To The Texas Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

State Women's Department:

Thank You For Such Sweet Love, Superb Hospitality &

Special Support Shown To Me, During My Time of Service To You

Via The Ministry of Song In Amarillo, TX On Tuesday Evening

(March 11th) & Wednesday Midday (March 12th).

I Appreciate You & To God Be The Glory!

MUAH! xoxoxo

Sending More "Air Hugs & Kisses" To Each of You,



Still THINK'n of You, Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark aka "Dr. (M)(O)(M)":

Former (M)inister (O)f (M)usic & President of The COGIC (I)nternational (M)usic (D)epartment!

(March 26, 1925 - September 22, 1994)

MISS'n Your "Physical" PRESENCE & "Musical" EXCELLENCE,



The "Weight of HER Absence" HAD Produced a HEAVINESS That Only

JESUS Could HELP Me To Bear. HE HAS Filled The HOLE In My HEART

By Slowly HEAL'n The HURT Inflicted By This GREAT LOSS.


The Chosen ANOINTED. Yea & AMEN To That...ALL Day. :)

...::Sir Tomas Harris Shares ACCOLADES On da FB 03/30/14::...


"Li'l Lady Hailey" SPEAK'n Through Her Proud Grandmother,

In The Person of "Lady Frieda Porter", My Childhood Friend

Who Tagged Me On da FB 03/28/14:

I'm Just CUTE!!


This Picture of a "Pretty Li'l Person In Pink" Instantly Puts a Pleasing Smile On Other People's Faces. Perhaps It's God's Way of Presenting One of The "Simplest Pleasures of Life" To Temporarily Help Us Forget About Our Problems & Practice Praising Him For These Particular Kind of Blessings. What a Powerful Lesson. Thanks For Passing It On At This Point In Time.

**Even Tho You Didn't Know It Contained a Message To Be Peached...

But I Don't Mind.** :) ~Love, "Cassie"


Y'all, "Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" aka

"Lady J" Makes Me Sick! LOOKA Here At

This Picture That She Had The NERVE

To Share On da FB 03/31/14:


Okay…THIS Is The LAST Straw, Sis! Now

iGotta Buy ANOTHA Stack of 'em To Sip On

MORE "Cooling Water". **You'll Catch That

Momentarily.** Stop Making Me Sick! Ugh!

lol ~Still Love Ya Tho, "Cassie"

"Lady J":

Haha at Cassandra Roberson-Kelley.

Is there such a thing as 'too' kind?!

 ♥ (Love) you, my beautiful (inside & out) sis!


In Loving Memory of "Lady Charlene (Byrd) Johnson-Wilkins",

Who Requested That I Would Sing "We Shall Behold Him"

(Vickie Winans' Version From Her Album - "Be Encouraged")

At Her Homegoing Service, Held 04/04/14 At

Holy Tabernacle COGIC In Ft. Worth, TX

Sunrise: October 5, 1943 ~ Sunset: March 30, 2014

(Joined The Holy Tabernacle COGIC Family In 1999 With Her Mom: The Late Missionary Annie L. Byrd)

Pictured Above Left: "Sis. Charlene" During Her Earlier Years On Earth

Message Title: "Resting Until The Rapture"

(Pastor/Superintendent Robert L. Sample, Eulogist)

Scripture References: St. John 14:1-3;

I Thessalonians 4:16-18; I Corinthians 15:22-23; Acts 1:9-11

In Closing, Pastor Said, "If You Take The GIFT (of GOD),

You Shall Have The (EverLASTing) LIFE."

**Check Out St. John 3:16 & Romans 6:23!**

Mom's (Madam Carrie Roberson's) Most "Recent" Visit With Her

"Revealed" That Sis. Charlene Was Seriously "Ready" To Be With Her

"Precious Lord" & "Risen Savior". Shortly Thereafter, He Honored Her

"Personal Request" By Giving Her Sweet "Rest Beyond The River".

Let The Church Say, "Amen" & It IS So. :)

Lovingly & With Deepest Sympathy,


Click On Link Below To View Online Memorial.


"Lady Marye Mitchell Henderson" Shares Special Photos

On da FB 04/08/14:

Celebrating Jesus w/IAN CRAIG @ his recording last nite

(04/07/14) in New Breed Worship Center.


**Correction: New Breed Christian Center**


Left To Right: "Lady Evangelist Janice Craig", Madam Carrie Roberson (My Mom), "Lady Marye Mitchell Henderson", "Lady Melissa Harden" (My Eldest Sister), "Cassie" ( & "Lady Gazelle Craig"! \0/←(WAVE'n Imaginary Pom-Pom's & CARRY'n On) YAY, Team! GO, Team! We're ROCK'n On The LORD'S Team! Because We Are The CHAMPIONS (Don'tcha Know). MUAH! :)

"Lady Marye":

Fellowship with the best! I did!!


Thanks LOTS & MUCH Love To You, My "Kingdom Sista Marye"!

~From MY Heart To YOURS,


"Lady Marye":

Greatness w/greatness & a beautiful lifestyle 2 back it up!!


TRUE STORY! The End :)

"Lady Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig" Shares This Updated FB Profile Pic On Her FB Timeline 04/08/14:


You're KNOCK'n 'em Out Without Even TRY'n

To, "Lady Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig"!

NO Worries, Tho, 'Cause JESUS Is a


Come On Outta Here!


~Love, "Cassie"

"Lady Craig":

Cassie, you're so blessed, cuz you're so

encouraging to others. Just keep being you,

with your anointed self. Loving you

and you know it.


CELEBRATE'n One of My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite)

Anointed Praise & Worship Leaders...ANYTIME & ANYWHERE!

 ...::A Birthday Salute From Me To Her On April 15, 2014::...


On Your "Ver, Ver" SPECIAL DAY, iCassie Wish To Say:

"Happy Birthday, Lady Sharon"!

\0/←(WAVE'n Imaginary Pom-Pom's & CARRY'n On)

Whoo-Hoo! & GOD BLESS YOU! :)

"Let's Go Up!"

PRESENT'n The "GIFT of ME" (lol),


"Lady Sharon":

Thank you, Ms. Cassie!!! Nobody does it quite like you!!! Love ya!!


I'm TRYNA Tell 'em, But iDON'T Think They're LISTEN'n, Sis!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! MUAH!


"Cassie's L-3 Factor"

iLIVE, iLOVE & iLAUGH To "Dissipate" (Drive Away) DEAD

SITUATIONS, "Eradicate" (Destroy Completely) HATRED of ALL

NATIONS & "Integrate" (Combine To Create) WELLNESS For




What a "Distinct" HONOR & "Blessed" PRIVILEGE It Was To SHARE In a Day of KINGDOM FELLOWSHIP (Combining Music & Word Ministry) With "Lady Minister Sharon Simpson" - Hostess of "The Unveiling II Conference" - As Well As Other FEMININE TREASURES, Once HIDDEN Under The DEEP BLUE SEA of LIFE! United Together In KINGDOM COVENANT, We Can Decree & Declare With a "VOICE of TRIUMPH":

It Was LOVE That LIFTED Me. Now "I AM



This Very Thing, That HE Which Hath Begun a



~Philippians 1:6 (KJV) Amen & It IS So. :)

Truly WORTH The WAIT & Herein Is NO DEBATE (KaPOW!),


"Lady Minister Sharon Simpson":

Praise God and thank you so much for sharing and fellowshipping with us.

You just do not know for years from afar I have admired and been

blessed by your spirit and anointed voice. Thank you!!


You're Quite Welcome, My KINGDOM SISTA!


GREAT Pleasure, As Long As GOD Gets The GLORY!

The End ;) **wink**

Sir Bishop Donald Thompson:

Lord have mercy, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley whoosh thought I was

looking at this Songtress named Carrie Roberson...Lol :) my, my, my.

"You are about to achieve all your mother once

dreamed about for herself." Glory!!!! :)


Yes Indeed, Sir Bishop. Let The WORLD Know That My MOM Is

My "Shero" 4REAL, Tho.

Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell:

"Lady Evangelist Cynthia Diggs":

YOOOOUU blessed me,

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley!!!!


Mission Accomplished, Sis. It's What

iLive & Work For On da Daily.

MUCH Love & Respect!

"Lady Janice Jefferson":

You truly blessed us.


Thank You For Having a Heart To Receive, "Lady Janice".

Be Encouraged Today & Always. ♥


"Lady Minister Sharon Simpson" On da FB 05/04/14:

(Pictured Below, Second Row, Third From The Left)

The Unveiling II Team!!! You are THE BEST!!!


A+ To EACH One of You Ladies! VERY Impressive Display of

"Hospitality & Servitude". iLOVE You & Wish GOD'S BEST For You

The Whole Year Through! MUAH! ~Sincerely, "Cassie"

"Lady Sharon":

**On a Separate FB Post**

(Click On Images To Enlarge.)

I want to thank EVERYONE for your presence on yesterday (05/03/14) at The Unveiling II: "Bringing Forth Hidden Treasures". I am beyond words of thankfulness and gratefulness. Lives were Healed, Restored, Revived, Empowered and Delivered. God is so faithful and amazing. Thank you to all the speakers: Lady Faye Anderson ("You Are Not Alone"), Evangelist Linda (Johnson) Lee ("It's Ok To Wait! You Are Worth The Wait!"), Pastor Keaton Fudge ("Let It Go! God Says It's Over!"), Dr. Sheila Bailey ("Makeover With Leftovers") and Pastor Jackie Alexander ("Shine Sister Shine").

All the psalmists: Lady Deidra Sanford, Lady Vickie Favors, Lady Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, Pastor TaWana Stegall, and worship dance Evangelist Cheree Cooks and Ordered Steps Production, and mime worship Lady Lannie Carter, and spoken word Lady Debbie Humphrey, and musician Missionary Michelle Echols, and for the skit, Lady Kim Young and Minister Krystal Green. You all truly blessed us. Please know that I love you and appreciate you all!! God bless you real, real good!!! — feeling blessed.


Indeed EVERY Praise Is To Our GOD! Notice That The UNVEILING Is

REVEALING Things That Were Once MYSTERIES & There Is MORE In

STORE Behind ONE DOOR. Read St. John 10:9 & Find Out WHO HE Is!

**Hint: The NAME Begins With a "J" & Ends With An "S".** :)

"Lady Pastor Debra Sparks" Posts To "Lady Sharon's" FB

Timeline, Regarding Me Singing On 05/03/14:


**Excuse The Blurriness of This Photo.**

"Lady Alena Shelbia":

You know the one thing that I LOVE about Cassandra? In all my many years of observing her, she ALWAYS gets up and do what she is called to do.....minister in song.....then she humbly and gracefully, SITS DOWN! If only so many others can take a queue from her. I have a high level of respect for her for honoring God and her host! God bless you, Cassandra, and keep setting the example.

"Lady Sharon":

I have observed her - Lady Cassandra Roberson-Kelley - for many years

and yes, yes, the anointing that flows through her voice and

her spirit in talk and walk is AWESOME!!


In ALL Sincerity & HUMBLE Submission iThank You,

Lady Alena Shelbia & Lady Sharon Simpson. ♥ ~Love, "Cassie"

"Lady Pastor Debra Sparks":

You have a beautiful voice.

"Lady Gayla Johnson":

My first opportunity of being blessed by her anointing,

and it was a great blessing.


"GOD The GIFT-GIVER" & I Appreciate The Compliments,

"Lady Debra" & "Lady Gayla".


Singing "The Corinthian Song" At The Unveiling II Conference,

As Requested By "Lady Minister Sharon Simpson"

**Shared Via The Facebook Photo Album of "Lucy Re'nee"**


Awwww...BLESS You, My "Kingdom Sista"!


End of STORY. :) ~Love, "Cassie"


On This GRAND & MARVELOUS Weekend, As We Celebrate



MOST MEMORABLE & MAJESTIC MOMENTS In The Life of MORTAL MEN (Human Beings Collectively) Everywhere! MY "Personal Wish" To

ALL of The MAMA N'EMS Is That You & I Will MAKE It Our Business

To MAGNIFY The ALMIGHTY GOD, Who Specifically Chose Us To

"Birth & Raise" PERFECTLY IMPERFECT Offspring That MEAN

The MOST To Us, Having Been Formed "Inside" Our WOMB &

Finally MADE MANIFEST To The "Outside" WORLD.

Whether You SERVE As a "Natural or Spiritual" MOTHER, Understand

That Your GENUINE GIFT of LOVE Is What "Really & Truly" MATTERS.

Thank You For Leaving An "Indelible & Unforgettable" MARK Certainly

Like NONE OTHER Species Anywhere On Earth. In Conclusion,

MAY Each of You Enjoy The GREAT "Celebration" &

Be Blessed FAR Beyond Your "Imagination"! ♥

A Li'l MISTY-Eyed With Droplets of MOTHERLY Pride,



"The Way We Were" – iShare This As a MOMMY & DAUGHTER

MESSAGE In SONG – Specially Dedicated To MY MOTHER,


**She Calls Me Her "Chocolate Doll". Ain't That "Sweet"?

Well, GOD KNOWS iTry To Be…lol**





I'll Be PRAY'n Fo' Ya da ENTIRE TRIP. ~Love, "Cassie":


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":! THANK YOU AS ONLY YOU CAN DO. Love you

always. And I appreciate my unique and special Mothers Day greeting.

Hope to see you soon. Happy Mothers Day to you, Ladybug....


You GOT It, "Sweetums"! ;) **wink**